Creating CVCAs and DVs

When creating a CVC CA there are three CA Reference fields in the standard. In EJBCA these are mapped to a DN structure to have common handling in EJBCA.

The mapping is:

  • Country = C

  • Mnemonic = CN

For example, when creating a Country Verifying Certificate Authority (CVCA), select type CVC in the Create CA page and enter a Subject DN like: C=SE,CN=TESTCVCA.

For the CVCA, you select Signed by=Self Signed and Certificate Profile=ROOTCA.

Note that EJBCA only validates that country codes consist of two characters with value A-Z to facilitate testing with mock countries.

To create a Document Verifier (DV), select Signed by=Name of CVCCA and Certificate Profile=SUBCA. For more information, see Document Verifiers (DV).

You can import a CVCA certificate from another country as an External CA using Edit Certificate Authorities > Import CA certificate. When a CA has been imported, this CA certificate can authenticate CVC requests from foreign DVs.