EJBCA Change Log Summary

The following lists change logs for all EJBCA versions released.

For more information on a specific release, see the respective EJBCA Release Notes for details on issues resolved in the release.

EJBCA 6.14.0

Released on 7th August 2018

Technical Requirement

ECA-6978 - Implement Rest conventions

ECA-7022 - Specify license information for swagger dependencies


ECA-3298 - One Junit failure on DB2

ECA-4729 - getRequestServerName with ejbca behind a reverse proxy via ajp returns wrong server name

ECA-5416 - SoftCryptoToken used for database protection always debug logs stacktrace about PKCS12 keystore password

ECA-6292 - Common PKI CertHash OCSP extension should be a singleExtension instead of a responseExtension

ECA-6654 - PublicCryptoToken can't be used for database protection verification

ECA-6763 - EJB CLI still logs too much irrelevant info

ECA-6774 - Fix the active status logo in internal key binding.

ECA-6848 - Regression: 'Provide request info' hidden when only 'Select key algorithm' should be

ECA-6862 - CertificateDataSessionBean.findUsernameByIssuerDnAndSerialNumber declared final

ECA-6869 - Upgrade code for 6.11 creates access rules that are not normalized

ECA-6880 - fix unit tests for Commuity MariaDB+ubuntu+JBOSS711GA configuration

ECA-6887 - Return value for rejected approvals in EjbcaWS.getRemainingNumberOfApprovals(int) is incorrect

ECA-6895 - Refine behavior of ApprovalSessionBean.getRemainingNumberOfApprovals(int)

ECA-6901 - Handle non-DNs gracefully in CertTools.isDNReversed

ECA-6923 - Missed slashes in documentation links

ECA-6947 - Validator view not refreshed, editing Validators modifies cache content

ECA-6950 - Documentation: Custom certificate extension data link broken

ECA-6951 - Documentation links on Admin GUI overview page broken

ECA-6959 - Cache CA name lookup in RoleMembers page view scope

ECA-6997 - Database upgrade version comparison does not handle varying number if fields

ECA-7000 - Improve isFullQualifiedDomainName

ECA-7001 - ExternalCommandCertificateValidator handles stdout and stderr incorrectly

ECA-7004 - Public key blacklist validator fails match on RSA keys when not all algorithms are specified in validator

ECA-7014 - External Command Certificate Validator should fail on non-zero exit code

ECA-7015 - The enum constant UNKNOWN needs a corresponding case label in this enum switch

ECA-7016 - Unlikely argument problems in ACME implementation

ECA-7027 - WS API documentation has wrong URL

ECA-7031 - Documentation Link broken for 'Manage Publishers'

ECA-7040 - Regression: External RA (polling) does not work for Keystore Requests

ECA-7043 - Upgrade with long version number can fail

ECA-7057 - Fix documentation link from Public Web

ECA-7063 - Peer connector settings are not saved when creating a new peer connector

ECA-7078 - Jenkins builds failure for test EjbcaWSCVCTest

ECA-7079 - Jenkins builds failure for SystemTests of REST API

ECA-7080 - Jenkins builds failure for AcmeWorkflowTest of ACME

ECA-7083 - CaaValidator always succeeds when the domain ignore list matches

ECA-7084 - Fix Jenkins test error: Non unique method in RA Master API

ECA-7085 - Some JUnit tests don't run

ECA-7086 - Regression: Help labels and at least one option is gone from the CAA Validator

ECA-7088 - some REST-related unit tests are failing in EJBCA_TRUNK_UNIT_PUPPET

ECA-7090 - Swagger inputs in snakecase are not evaluated in REST method input

ECA-7094 - Error "Can't reset to root in the middle of the path" during `ant install` on JBoss ≥6.4.19

ECA-7099 - CRL generation as CRL Issue interval can miss some intervals

ECA-7100 - Revocation CA lookup for nonConflictingCertificateData does not use normalized DN format

ECA-7101 - EjbcaWS.getProfile leaks information about CA's and EEPs

ECA-7108 - X509CA.upgrade could upgrade CA Overlap Time wrong from ancient version

ECA-7111 - Troubleshooting missing from documentation

ECA-7112 - Fix test failure EndEntityProfileSessionBeanTest.testAuthorization

ECA-7115 - WS customLog call calculates CA ID wrong if caName is missing

ECA-7116 - WS customLog call swaps username and admin certificate parameters in log

ECA-7140 - Ignore Top Level Domains field in CAA Validators no longer work

ECA-7141 - orm entry for AcemNonceData incorrect for PostgreSQL

ECA-7142 - Documentation Link broken for under OcspKeyBinding Tab

ECA-7144 - RaMasterApi dispatches non-serializable objects

ECA-7145 - Invalid error handling for EjbcaWS.getProfile (remote)

ECA-7148 - Jenkin's job EJBCA_TRUNK_UNIT_PUPPET compilation failure

ECA-7149 - Jenkins job EJBCA_TRUNK_UNIT_PUPPET has failing unit test of RsaKeyValidatorTest.testRocaWeakKeys

ECA-7150 - Regression ejbca-db-cli crashes with ClassNotFoundException: AcmeNonceData

ECA-7155 - Manage ACME Aliases is linking to SCEP documentation

ECA-7157 - Fields notBefore and notAfter in the order object are optional

ECA-7158 - HEAD endpoint for new-order is missing and required for certbot compliance

ECA-7159 - REST API /expire offset and maxNumberofResults doesn't work on multiple nodes

ECA-7160 - HEAD endpoint for new-account is missing and required for certbot compliance

ECA-7167 - Regression: Cannot generate keystore with autogenerated password from RA

ECA-7173 - ConcurrentModificationException while editing end entity with custom, dynamic, extensions

ECA-7176 - Regression: RA Web upload CSR auto-parsing stopped working

ECA-7179 - Regression: RA Web cleanup deletes existing end entity

ECA-7180 - NPE in ProfileAndTraceInterceptor

ECA-7181 - CertBot fails due to null values in JSON

ECA-7182 - ACME Link headers are not encoded according to the standard

ECA-7183 - Fix ACME notAfter validation failure

ECA-7184 - Check for incorrect approval settings for ACME CA/profile fails

ECA-7192 - ziprelease excludes configdump.sh from release zip

New Feature

ECA-5711 - RA API call base for ACME

ECA-6750 - System tests: VA Publisher with Throwaway certs

ECA-6845 - Fixing unittests EJBCA_TRUNK_MARIADB_RHEL64_JBOSSEAP64_OPENJDK8 Jenkins build

ECA-6851 - Create automated test for ECAQA-3

ECA-6853 - Add Peer RA Protocol Rule for SCEP

ECA-6854 - Create automated test for ECAQA-76

ECA-6858 - Create automated test for ECAQA-67

ECA-6867 - Create automated test for ECAQA-24

ECA-6868 - Create automated test for ECAQA-62

ECA-6874 - Create module for REST API

ECA-6876 - Implement client certificate authentication for REST API

ECA-6878 - REST API call: List of CAs

ECA-6882 - Create JAXRS "certificate" endpoint in ejbca-rest-api module

ECA-6891 - POST service endpoint to certificatecontroller for requesting new server certificate

ECA-6893 - ACME: Implement dns-01 validation method

ECA-6896 - Create automated test for ECAQA-42

ECA-6897 - Create automated test for ECAQA-8

ECA-6898 - User documentation REST API

ECA-6902 - Create REST service for downloading CA certificates

ECA-6903 - REST method for revoking a certificate

ECA-6904 - GET method to get certificates that are about to expire

ECA-6934 - Add RA proxying of EjbcaWS.findUser(UserMatch) and EjbcaWS.editUser(UserDataVOWS)

ECA-6937 - Create a common exception handler for the REST API

ECA-6941 - Add Swagger to the REST API

ECA-6942 - Create automated test for ECAQA-74

ECA-6944 - Create automated test for ECAQA-28

ECA-6948 - Use HEX serial number as identifier in the REST API

ECA-6953 - REST Json provider configuration

ECA-6954 - REST exceptions cleanup

ECA-6955 - REST soft exceptions

ECA-6956 - Create remaining JUnit test for REST

ECA-6957 - REST system tests

ECA-6958 - REST Use profile names as input instead of ID

ECA-6964 - Refactor cert enrollment REST service to do profile and endentity lookups behind RaMasterApi to improve performance

ECA-6970 - Add RA Proxying of EjbcaWS.getAvailableCertificateProfiles

ECA-6971 - Add RA Proxying of EjbcaWS.getAvailableCAsInProfile

ECA-6972 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.processCertReq

ECA-6973 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.cvcRequest

ECA-6974 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.customLog

ECA-6975 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.findCerts

ECA-6982 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.getAuthorizedEndEntityProfiles

ECA-6983 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.getCertificate(String, String)

ECA-6984 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.getCertificatesByExpirationTime

ECA-6985 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.getCertificatesByExpirationTimeAndType

ECA-6986 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.getCertificatesByExpirationTimeAndIssuer

ECA-6987 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.getLastCAChain

ECA-6988 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.getProfile(int, String)

ECA-6989 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS. getLatestCRL

ECA-6990 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.getRemainingNumberOfApprovals

ECA-6991 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.isApproved(int)

ECA-6992 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.isAuthorized(int)

ECA-6993 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.pkcs12Req(String, String, String, String, String)

ECA-6994 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.republishCertificate(int)

ECA-6999 - REST endpoint for keystore enrollment

ECA-7007 - REST endpoint to get CRL

ECA-7008 - REST endpoint to search for certificates

ECA-7010 - REST endpoint to check certificate revocation status

ECA-7011 - Start using Converters in REST related response, request and entity classes

ECA-7029 - Link Rest API documentation to the proper place

ECA-7030 - Prevent Swagger exposure in Production

ECA-7032 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.getPublisherQueueLength(String)

ECA-7033 - REST endpoint to finalize enrollment after approval

ECA-7034 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.revokeUser(String, int, boolean)

ECA-7035 - Add CLI command to list publishers

ECA-7038 - Extend EJBCA EJB CLI to allow adding RoleMembers of any supported type

ECA-7039 - Add Cavium Nitrox III as known HSM driver

ECA-7051 - Add protocol configuration for REST

ECA-7052 - Add REST APIs to Peer RA Protocol access rules

ECA-7053 - Add ACME to Peer RA Protocol access rules

ECA-7067 - Add positive audit log messages for all Validation operations

ECA-7076 - REST API - SystemTest - Authorized client requesting a new server certificate

ECA-7077 - REST API - SystemTest - Authorized client revokes a certificate

ECA-7092 - REST API license headers to Enterprise

ECA-7122 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS with request local instance first.

ECA-7126 - Add RA Proxying of EjbcaWS.getAvailableCAs

ECA-7127 - Rest APi unit tests are not run in Jenkins

ECA-7156 - Implement CAA identities

ECA-7178 - contacts should not be mandatory for ACME's POST newAccount endpoint


ECA-6861 - Initial prototype of REST API

ECA-6871 - Add Fabiens cmp monitoring script to extras

ECA-6879 - Identification of certificates in REST API

ECA-6890 - Document Wildfly 12 configuration


ECA-7136 - Ensure quality in CAA Validator

ECA-7137 - Ensure quality in REST-API

ECA-7139 - Ensure quality in WS RA-proxying


ECA-6090 - Add ability to specify multiple issuers in CAA validator

ECA-6162 - CT log request - optional full hierarchy, full Json request in debug log

ECA-6436 - Ability to set explicit.ecc.publickey.parameters for crypto tokens

ECA-6849 - Simplification of p11 token login (Crypto Token Activation)

ECA-6856 - Use consistent format of library license references

ECA-6863 - Fix easy to fix compiler warnings in Admin GUI classes

ECA-6873 - Improve handling when receiving SCEP getCACaps request for missing CA

ECA-6883 - Refactor X509CAInfo constructors to use build pattern

ECA-6884 - Run Web Tests on windows

ECA-6885 - CMP: add senderKID to responses when they are signed

ECA-6888 - unidfnr.enabled should have a default value

ECA-6892 - Create exhaustive regression tests for ApprovalSessionBean.getRemainingNumberOfApprovals(int)

ECA-6900 - Shift "Contributors" page from ejbca.org into Confluence Documentation

ECA-6905 - ACME draft-12 update: Remove tls-sni-02 and oob-01

ECA-6906 - ACME draft-12 update: Use camelcase instead of dash

ECA-6907 - ACME draft-12 update: New finalize workflow

ECA-6908 - ACME draft-12 update: Update and review all JavaDoc

ECA-6910 - ACME draft-12 update: Remove authz and cert resources "up" Link

ECA-6911 - ACME draft-12 update: newNonce should respond with HTTP 200

ECA-6912 - ACME draft-12 update: Update AcmeAccount creation workflow

ECA-6913 - ACME draft-12 update: Directory meta info should indicate if external account is required

ECA-6914 - ACME draft-12 update: Wildcard certificate issuance

ECA-6915 - ACME draft-12 update: Remove AcmeAuthorization scope

ECA-6916 - ACME draft-12 update: Update AcmeChallenge workflow

ECA-6917 - ACME draft-12 update: Verify response code for wrong content type

ECA-6918 - ACME: AcmeAccount should belong to an AcmeConfiguration

ECA-6920 - ACME persistence: AcmeNonceData

ECA-6922 - ACME draft-06 cleanup: Remove custom JAX-B serialization

ECA-6924 - ACME: Verify certbot compliance

ECA-6926 - ACME: Enable as part of release

ECA-6931 - ACME: Implement the missing calls in RaMasterApi to allow proxy use

ECA-6932 - ACME UI Configuration: GlobalAcmeConfiguration and AcmeConfigurations

ECA-6960 - ACME draft-12 update: Remove authzDeactivate resource "up" Link

ECA-6966 - Info log details when a database upgrade is started

ECA-6977 - Certificate Transparency, add verification of embedded SCTs and upgrade version of google/certificate-transparency-java

ECA-6980 - Remove root certificate from CT submission

ECA-6981 - GUI: Crypto Tokens form usability

ECA-6995 - GUI: End Entities search result revocation usability

ECA-7005 - Small improvement to CT debug logging

ECA-7017 - REST Jackson library unification

ECA-7018 - Add ACME to modular protocols configuration

ECA-7020 - When a CT log returns an error, log at info level instead of debug

ECA-7028 - modify REST enrollKeystore to accept JSON body rather than query parameters

ECA-7036 - Unidfnr data class should have unid as part of protection string.

ECA-7037 - File system property to disable X.509 client cert requirement for Admin GUI

ECA-7041 - Access rule '/cryptotoken/keys/generate/' is required to create CSR for OCSP Key Binding

ECA-7044 - Support Role namespace in EJB CLI

ECA-7045 - Reorganize crypto tokens documentation into a concept and an operational section

ECA-7048 - Adapt new RA API methods to RA API Guidelines

ECA-7049 - Make sure all RA API methods work both locally and remotely, where applicable

ECA-7056 - Create a "CA Overview" page in the documentation

ECA-7081 - Log all CRL parameters used when making a decision to generate a CRL or not

ECA-7087 - improve EJBCA_TRUNK_UNIT_PUPPET jenkins build (or runsa ant target) somehow, so that build error would make the build red

ECA-7091 - Remove Norwegian FNR from log

ECA-7095 - Enable "Don’t allow ROCA weak keys" in CA/B Forum RSA Key Validation Template

ECA-7097 - Merge REST revocation response classes

ECA-7113 - Make the dns resolver and iana root anchor configurable for acme

ECA-7121 - REST - return correct response code from POST and PUT endpoints

ECA-7123 - REST revocationstatus returns 'revoked' for non-existing entries

ECA-7124 - Complete IEjbcaWS JavaDoc for new RA master API calls.

ECA-7129 - Use static json for static swagger REST API documentation

ECA-7131 - SystemTest for REST Certificates search

ECA-7132 - Remove "default" ACME alias

ECA-7134 - Improve REST endpoint Swagger descriptions

ECA-7147 - Use consistent serial number response format in REST API

ECA-7166 - Update the documentation links for the OCSP keybindings page

ECA-7172 - Add new index for searches on AuditRecordData

ECA-7174 - Improve ProfileAndTraceInterceptor to print arguments properly

ECA-7177 - Increase CRL upload size from 60 KB to 250 MB

ECA-7186 - ACME Configuration: Hide EMPTY profile and add info text about Default CA etc.

ECA-7191 - Add request/response logging for REST calls

EJBCA 6.13.0

Released on 3 May 2018


ECA-5792 - Allow peer publisher to only publish required data for OCSP

ECA-6727 - Revocation of Throwaway Certificates

New Features

ECA-6734 - New DB Table (Part of Alpha)

ECA-6737 - New SSB with basic NoConflictCertificateData functionality (Part of Alpha)

ECA-6738 - CA config changes + Admin GUI mods

ECA-6739 - Certificate lookup from PublishQueueServiceWorker

ECA-6740 - Changes in CRL generation logic

ECA-6741 - Update Database CLI

ECA-6743 - Modify EjbcaWS.revokeCert call (Part of Alpha)

ECA-6744 - Modify EjbcaWS.revokeCert call to accept more meta data

ECA-6745 - Manual tests with asynchronous replication

ECA-6746 - ECA-QA click test for Revocation of Throwaway Certs

ECA-6748 - System tests: WS call (Part of Alpha)

ECA-6750 - System tests: VA Publisher with Throwaway certs

ECA-6751 - Performance tests: Check existing tests (Revoke & OCSP)

ECA-6752 - Performance tests: Perform tests (before & after)

ECA-6753 - Document revocation of throw away certs

ECA-6789 - Edit CA page should include an option to select which certificatedata table to write to


ECA-6756 - Add manual test of OCSP for UnidFnr

ECA-6778 - Update all occurrences of ocsp.extensionoid and extensionclass in documentation


ECA-4337 - EJBCA client toolbox PKCS11HSMKeyTool generate command should not overwrite existing keys

ECA-6362 - Document all pages in the UI that are going to be deprecated by EJBCA 7.0

ECA-6572 - Remove timeStampClient.jar from documentation

ECA-6762 - Make existing EjbcaWS.revokeCert call work without certificate data being present

ECA-6764 - Fix missing header and id in test related classes.

ECA-6766 - System test of publishing of throw away certificate revocation status, with mock publisher

ECA-6767 - CertificateDataWrapper should handle revoked throw away certificate case

ECA-6772 - GUI: Usability about GeneralNames type fields (e.g. for Subject Alternative Name)

ECA-6779 - Update Confluence documentation for QC-Statements

ECA-6786 - VA Publisher should not update if revocation reason is permanent

ECA-6791 - Create separate CRUD bean for CertificateData and NoConflictCertificateData, for database queries etc.

ECA-6795 - CMP: don't log stack trace if CMP alias does not exist

ECA-6796 - Check new option "Accept revocations for non-existing entries" in backend code

ECA-6836 - Make it possible to issue throw-away certificates with publishers enabled

ECA-6837 - Restrict "Accept revocation of non-existing certificates" option to throw-away CAs only

ECA-6844 - Create fingerprint sheet in RA web

ECA-6850 - Add backend code for selecting which certificate data table to write to.

ECA-6856 - Use consistent format of library license references

ECA-6859 - Improved naming and ordering of Throw Away Certificate Revocation options

Bug Fixes

ECA-6717 - Remove clientToolBox dependency on ejbca-ejb

ECA-6728 - NPE when changing Approval Profile type

ECA-6761 - Republish/re-activate in the Admin Web passes html encoded data to API

ECA-6768 - DirectoryName in CMP (RA mode) requests doesn't work

ECA-6771 - GUI: Wrong designation of QC-Statements "Name Registration Authorities"

ECA-6775 - Unidfnr entity bean must handle longtext datatype.

ECA-6797 - ConfigDump does not find certain profiles etc. when --exclude option is used

ECA-6800 - junit ProtocolOcspHttpTest freezes

ECA-6823 - checkRevocationStatus returns wrong value for throw away CAs

ECA-6848 - Regression: 'Provide request info' hidden when only 'Select key algorithm' should be

ECA-6852 - Upgrade ocsp extensions does not account for '*' prefix

EJBCA 6.12.0

Released on 4 April 2018


ECA-6464 - Implement UnidFnr as a Module

ECA-6466 - YAML Based Configuration Export

New Features

ECA-1960 - GUI: End-Entity Search results usability (actions with buttons)

ECA-5752 - Split out CSS from AdminGUI template.xhtml and provide theme support

ECA-5840 - Create an ant script that automatically exports EJBCA documentation to a local directory

ECA-6477 - Create base classes for the web test module

ECA-6514 - Create test + pilot export with basic End Entity Profiles export using YAML

ECA-6515 - Finish End Entity Profile YAML export

ECA-6516 - Create CLI interface for YAML export

ECA-6517 - Create YAML export for Validators

ECA-6518 - Create YAML export for CAs

ECA-6519 - Create YAML export for Certificate Profiles

ECA-6521 - Create YAML export for EST Configuration

ECA-6522 - Create YAML export for Services

ECA-6523 - Create YAML export for Publishers

ECA-6524 - Create YAML export for Crypto Tokens

ECA-6525 - Create YAML export for Roles

ECA-6526 - Create YAML export for Peer Connectors

ECA-6527 - Create YAML export for Internal Key Bindings

ECA-6528 - Create YAML export for Ocsp Configuration

ECA-6530 - Create YAML export for Admin Preferences

ECA-6532 - Options for what to include and exclude in YAML export

ECA-6533 - Create module for YAML export

ECA-6543 - Add CLI support for EST configs

ECA-6544 - Update test.xmli for YAML module

ECA-6546 - Implement java.util.Map to YAML conversion

ECA-6549 - Create automated test for ECAQA-153

ECA-6550 - Create automated test for ECAQA-87

ECA-6560 - Create automated test for ECAQA-98

ECA-6567 - Create automated test for ECAQA-78

ECA-6580 - Create YAML export for User Notifications in End Entity Profiles

ECA-6606 - Certificate revocation using EJBCA WebService API through External (Peer) RA

ECA-6615 - Fail hard if building with Confluence pull property set, but Confluence server can't be contacted.

ECA-6617 - Ensure that the Confluence docs are automatically (and always) updated with the ziprelease.

ECA-6620 - Put a placeholder page in Documentation if building without any prior Documentation retrieved

ECA-6629 - Create YAML export for SCEP configuration

ECA-6634 - Support SCEP via the RA

ECA-6646 - Remap all ? links in CA UI from old documentation to new Confluence based documentation

ECA-6649 - Configdump CA fixes

ECA-6661 - Remove init code from UNID-FNR OCSP Extension implementation

ECA-6662 - Entity bean (protected data)

ECA-6663 - SSB (with logic to check signature)

ECA-6664 - Create Scripts for DB Table

ECA-6665 - Module for UnidFnr

ECA-6666 - UnidFnr upgrade handling

ECA-6671 - Add CA ID generation to clientToolBox

ECA-6672 - OCSP ext. UI selection per keybinding

ECA-6695 - Create automated test for ECAQA-138

ECA-6696 - Create a helper class for Web Tests

ECA-6714 - Add description field for IKB "Trusted Certificates"


ECA-6465 - Investigate the impact of curve aliases changing in BC v1.59

ECA-6483 - Add static code analyzing support for EJBCA code base.

ECA-6493 - Clean up warnings in CertProfileBean

ECA-6513 - Investigate and decide library to use for YAML

ECA-6553 - Update copyright year to 2018

ECA-6561 - Clean up ejbca.org and tighten up site

ECA-6585 - Create a CT logging Test Root

ECA-6720 - Remove old UNID-FNR properties from ocsp.properties.sample


ECA-2156 - GUI: Search forms layout and usability

ECA-2731 - Move all find* methods from EndEntityManagementSession to EndEntityAccessSession

ECA-3417 - CaSession.getCAInfo and other get* methods in CaSession should return null

ECA-3610 - Bring all CRUD methods from UserData to EndEntityAccessSession

ECA-3772 - InformationMemory and associated cache classes are redundant and should be removed

ECA-5382 - RA: Allow certain admins to see requests that they are not allowed to approve

ECA-5499 - Use Facelet templating instead of frames

ECA-5520 - Additional information shown for CSRs uploaded

ECA-5675 - Request custom search should have date help in the RA

ECA-5769 - Support for nameSpace in EJBCA CLI

ECA-5864 - Make it possible to change EEP of an EE

ECA-6298 - CaInfo.getCertificateChain should return a List instead of a Collection

ECA-6320 - Allow validators to render dynamic values.

ECA-6325 - RA Web: Make the EE/Cert Details page match the search page

ECA-6352 - RA Web: Add a link back to the EE when viewing a certificate

ECA-6356 - Create system tests for modular protocol configuration

ECA-6411 - Move ServiceManifestBuilder into its own project

ECA-6437 - Ability to specify a subjectAltName and issuerAltName when creating CAs with CLI

ECA-6479 - Approval Partition names are not shown in the CA UI.

ECA-6501 - Add sun/security/action to jboss-deployment-structure.xml

ECA-6503 - Remove Web Tests from zip release

ECA-6506 - Null Pointer Exception when viewing an Accumulative Approval Request in Admin GUI

ECA-6551 - Format validation message properly under QueryGenerator

ECA-6554 - clientToolBox test with 8192 bit RSA keys fails with exception

ECA-6563 - GUI: Improve punctuation in English language for Admin GUI

ECA-6565 - Clean up language files

ECA-6566 - Clarifying ocsp.extensionoid description

ECA-6583 - Command line option to turn Configdump exceptions into warnings

ECA-6586 - Append file extension to YAML files

ECA-6590 - Replace spaces and special characters in configdump file names

ECA-6592 - Make YAML keys case consistent

ECA-6595 - Configdump export should require authentication token

ECA-6596 - Improve debug logging in CT with some more details

ECA-6600 - State BR version in the drop down in key validators

ECA-6605 - Create a unit test to ensure that CAA record sets that contain no ISSUE/ISSUE_WILD statements allow issuance

ECA-6607 - Refactoring the message keys of actions

ECA-6608 - GUI: Harmonize all popup windows

ECA-6610 - Remove redundant CAA language properties

ECA-6611 - Move guides section from EJBCA homepage to Confluence Documentation

ECA-6612 - Create an atomic WS call to perform key recovery

ECA-6613 - Include ConfigDump in ZipRelease

ECA-6614 - Allow PKCS#10 challengePassword encoded as IA5String

ECA-6616 - Source Confluence information from a PK-only properties file to avoid leaking data

ECA-6618 - Remove legacy documentation from EJBCA trunk

ECA-6619 - More gracefully handle deploying a Community release on an Enterprise installation

ECA-6637 - Basic System Configuration YAML export

ECA-6642 - When calling WS separate error messages if not authorized or if WS is disabled

ECA-6643 - Report unhandled getters in ConfigDump as errors

ECA-6645 - Make crypto token page resilient agains NPE when downgrading to Community

ECA-6650 - Ability to provide password piped to PKCS11HSMKeyTool

ECA-6651 - Update all links in the PrimeKey site to point to the new documentation.

ECA-6652 - ClientToolBox: document that generatenewuser uses two WS calls, and reference to certreq for the same functionality with a single WS call

ECA-6653 - EST re-enrollment should not also require username and password authentication

ECA-6657 - Improve performance when add a warning to each key in the crypto token already in use by another CA

ECA-6658 - Run.bat not in ejbca-db-cli

ECA-6675 - Move release notes, change log and upgrade documentation to Confluence

ECA-6679 - ConfigDump should handle relative paths on the CLI

ECA-6693 - Add ability to set explicitecc Crypto Token flag when renewing CA using the CLI

ECA-6697 - Allow for the same CT log appear in multiple CT log groups

ECA-6701 - Add Last-Modified, Expires and Etag headers to OCSP Post Responses

ECA-6706 - Restructure OCSP unid extension module to ejbca-ejb

ECA-6708 - Update tests for ProtocolLookupServerHttpTest for new UNID implementation

ECA-6716 - Remove Unid Data Source configuration and clean up Unid tests

ECA-6722 - Improve OCSP Extensions section in Admin GUI

ECA-6729 - File upload for test function of ExternalCommandCertificateValidator broken for Firefox and Chrome

Bug Fixes

ECA-5683 - Unescape escaped characters in SubjectAltName

ECA-6110 - Save should result in an error when 'Required' is checked for Subject DN Attributes

ECA-6489 - Header/footer filenames in System Configuration get reverted to default values

ECA-6500 - Typo in cesecore.properties.sample about ca.keepocspextendedservice

ECA-6502 - Approval state is not saved in Admin GUI

ECA-6507 - Certificate profile Approval style broken/ugly

ECA-6508 - ${ca.tokenpassword} in cli.xml should be quoted to allow whitespace and empty password

ECA-6510 - Cannot create certificate with a plus sign in SAN URI field

ECA-6538 - Modify all calls to FileUtils.writeStringToFile(...) to specify charset.

ECA-6548 - Approval Profiles WARNING javax.enterprise.resource.webcontainer.jsf.renderkit

ECA-6555 - Approve Actions with Status 'Expired' shows when Status 'Waiting' is used

ECA-6559 - Regression: CA Functions page broken due to non-JSP friendly code

ECA-6564 - Replace the word 'Unselect' by 'Deselect' in English language

ECA-6570 - Default CA Id is incorrect when importing an end entity profile with a missing CA Id

ECA-6571 - Search for expired approvals in RA Web is broken

ECA-6575 - Regression: importcacert command does not work with parameter 'initauth'

ECA-6579 - GUI: Word 'Actions' with 's' in table column headers

ECA-6581 - Regression: Add End Entity with name constraints permitted causes stacktrace

ECA-6589 - Regression: Editing an EE with name constraints causes NPE

ECA-6591 - Regression: DynamicUiProperty radio buttons not rendered

ECA-6597 - CAFingerprint of certificates are not populated correctly when importing CA and user certificates

ECA-6602 - Missing last used EE profile in Admin Preferences causes ConfigDump error

ECA-6609 - GUI: Tables graphically broken on home page

ECA-6621 - RA Web: Alignment of Certificate table

ECA-6639 - RA: New role can not be created if RA-login-role belongs to Namespace

ECA-6640 - Advanced search of EE doesn't follow RA Admin profile restrictions

ECA-6641 - WS through Peer RA does not work without a local Role on the RA

ECA-6644 - clientToolBox can not create proper CVCA link certificates

ECA-6654 - PublicCryptoToken can't be used for database protection verification

ECA-6656 - Order of SAN fields should not change if it comes from the CSR

ECA-6660 - RA: A comma in the certificate subject DN is displayed with leading /

ECA-6677 - ejbca-setup quick install script fails to run SQL cleanup commands

ECA-6678 - Warning about missing IKB ID null from ConfigDump

ECA-6681 - Fix warning about missing Validator getters from ConfigDump

ECA-6694 - CMP Configuration upgrade does not work

ECA-6698 - Unknown key binding causes Internal Key Bindings page to crash

ECA-6699 - CT label requirements (e.g. Google / non-Google) are sometimes not satisfied

ECA-6709 - Regression: Certificates with tag characters < > in directory name cannot be imported

ECA-6712 - 'Use IODEF E-mail' and 'Use IODEF WEB' checkmarks are behaving strangely

ECA-6718 - keyRecover WS call forwarded over peer connection throws if not available locally

ECA-6723 - OSCP signing cache does not update properly.

ECA-6725 - Fields not disabled when viewing a Validator

ECA-6730 - Fix test failures due to NPE in CaTestCase

EJBCA 6.11.1

21 Feb 2018


[ECA-6431] - End Entity Profile field validation should not allow empty fields
[ECA-6439] - GeneralPurposeCustomPublisher test command shows error message with empty path

[ECA-6443] - clientToolBox OCSP GET does not work with TLS connections

[ECA-6461] - Regression: Cannot enroll in Public Web
[ECA-6463] - Fix CrmfRequestTest.test12ServerGeneratedKeys
[ECA-6467] - Null pointer exception when enroling with EC in RA web
[ECA-6471] - Regression: It's only possible to add partitions to the first approval step
[ECA-6481] - Base64 decoding fails with BC v1.59
[ECA-6509] - XStream 1.4 lib requires JDK8
[ECA-6535] - EST not working on local CA when a peer connection to a VA is present
[ECA-6537] - EST: in EST profile Certificate Profile field not updated automatically when End Entity profile field is changed
[ECA-6542] - EST Aliases fail to add values for future keys
[ECA-6547] - Regression: Approval requests cannot be edited
[ECA-6556] - EST certificate profile and default CA is stored with name instead of ID
[ECA-6587] - No End Entity Profiles selected when viewing Role in Basic Mode after upgrading
[ECA-6603] - EST - Enroll with username/password not working through external RA
[ECA-6622] - CAA Issuance fails for domains where both issue and issuewild records exist in a certain order
[ECA-6624] - PeerConnectionTest.publishCertificate fails with database protection enabled
[ECA-6625] - Regression: Statedump and Database CLI doesn't work on with JDK8
[ECA-6633] - CMP: check if extraCert is active does not consider if it is notified about expiration
[ECA-6638] - Crypto Tokens are re-created and activated every time cache is reloaded

[ECA-6468] - CMP changes to return caPub certificates and lessen DN checks on VC certificate

New Feature
[ECA-6212] - Add support for SHA3 signature algorithms
[ECA-6512] - CMP Vendor mode: ability to issue multiple certificates authenticated by the same Vendor certificate
[ECA-6577] - CMP ability to select CA certificates to add to caPubs in CMP responses (multiple order defined)
[ECA-6601] - CMP ability to select CA certificates to add to extraCerts in CMP responses (multiple order defined)

[ECA-6434] - CMP Vendor mode: Ability to have different requestDN from VendorCert DN where request DN lacks extract username component
[ECA-6435] - CMP Vendor mode: Ability to have different requestDN from VendorCert DN
[ECA-6440] - ExternalCommandCertifciateValidator to call external scripts only
[ECA-6460] - Upgrade EJBCA to BC 1.59
[ECA-6536] - Info-loggning for incoming and outgoing EST requests
[ECA-6540] - EST: improve help messages in EST alias
[ECA-6541] - EST/CMP/SCEP configuration should use password field
[ECA-6558] - Make EST be displayed in a nice way Enterprise vs Community
[ECA-6569] - Documentation: clarify steps to renew OCSP certificates
[ECA-6573] - Update CustomerLdapPublisher1
[ECA-6574] - Add documentation links to CMP and EST aliases pages
[ECA-6631] - CMP: find registered end entity by DN if username (extracted from DN) is not found
[ECA-6632] - CMP: don't include trust anchor in extraCert certificate list to verify



[ECA-6470] - Regression: Editing of approval profiles with multiple steps is broken
[ECA-6472] - Approval Requests with view rights don't turn up under the pending tab
[ECA-6490] - All approval partitions are visible when approving in the CA GUI
[ECA-6495] - EC Validator doesn't recognize keys with "EC" as algorithm
[ECA-6496] - RA Web, improve session re-authentication checks
[ECA-6498] - Minor security issue
[ECA-6504} - Null Pointer Exception when opening executed approval in Admin GUI

New Feature
[ECA-6454] - Add NoCacheFilter to Public Web

[ECA-6482] - RA Style Improvements
[ECA-6497] - Improve authentication checks in Admin Web

EJBCA 6.11.0


[ECA-6086] - Document CAA IODEF limitations
[ECA-6120] - Document that CAA Validator requires TCP ports to be open in firewall
[ECA-6187] - clientToolBox. SCEPTest compares the wrong types in responses
[ECA-6199] - AdminWeb: Partitioned approval "Request has been executed"
[ECA-6222] - Public key exponent min value can be larger than max value for the RSA Key Validator.
[ECA-6223] - Possible to enter negative values in all numerical fields in RSA Key Validator
[ECA-6236] - Titles "Import CRL" and "Basic Functions" are not localized
[ECA-6237] - Display bug in Certificate Profile viewing
[ECA-6238] - GUI: Unknown language keys found in Audit Log
[ECA-6264] - Fix javadoc compilation errors
[ECA-6326] - Error when listing tokens on a HSM
[ECA-6330] - Error if default OCSP responder is set to NONE
[ECA-6345] - EJBCA Certificate Enrollment Error page
[ECA-6348] - when trying to navigate RA Web nothing happens (Blank page). Error message occured in logs
[ECA-6371] - Status labels not localized in "Protocol Configuration"
[ECA-6374] - ECC Key Validator shows incorrect label
[ECA-6376] - Add fields in Partitioned Approval results in java.lang.NullPointerException
[ECA-6388] - RA Web: Role Members issued by External CAs states "Unknown CA"
[ECA-6391] - CT Log Lifetime table accepts negative values
[ECA-6392] - Supervisor does not have access to certificate in audit log
[ECA-6417] - MAXFAILEDLOGINATTEMPTS in ExtendedInformation can be saved as a string if set via WS
[ECA-6421] - Regression: System Config cannot be saved, NPE
[ECA-6422] - Google Ct Policy is reset after flushing cache and saving
[ECA-6424] - Clicking on Add End Entity(request) in Approve actions page results in Internal Server Error
[ECA-6427] - Misplaced null check in EST operations session bean
[ECA-6429] - Regression: NPE in Admin GUI editing CVC CA that was created before validators
[ECA-6433] - RA Web: End Entity status change doesn't work from external RA
[ECA-6442] - Add dummy AlwaysAllowAuthenticationToken.InternalMatchValue in order to deserialize expired approval requests
[ECA-6445] - Upgrade of CAA Validator not triggered when ValidatorBase changed
[ECA-6449] - All form fields in End Entity Profiles page should have auto-complete disabled

New Feature
[ECA-4220] - Support for EST protocol
[ECA-4650] - GUI: View functionality for default certificate profiles
[ECA-5869] - Add links to an End Entity's certificates in the RA EE Search page.
[ECA-5870] - Allow for EE status change from the RA
[ECA-5997] - StateDump Validators
[ECA-6051] - Add post-processing to Validator framework
[ECA-6083] - In the Create CA screen, add a warning to each key in the crypto token that is already used by another CA
[ECA-6279] - Add GUI support for CAA misissuance reports w. IODEF
[ECA-6280] - Add WS IODEF support in backend for CAA misissuance reports
[ECA-6293] - Implement datatype for IODEF
[ECA-6313] - Use XML converter for IODEF types
[ECA-6315] - Support for CVC certificate extensions
[ECA-6383] - Support for FIPS 201-2 PIV FASC-N subjectAltName
[ECA-6404] - Include CMP Transaction ID in the log of CMP Proxy
[ECA-6425] - Password generator in clientToolBox
[ECA-6447] - Add a configurable whitelist to external validators
[ECA-6455] - Write documentation for EST

[ECA-5944] - Go through RaMasterApi and verify that the presence of a certificate does not prevent forwarding of the request

[ECA-3838] - Move DummyApprovalRequest into a test module
[ECA-3844] - Move all CRUD methods from CAData into CaSessionBean
[ECA-4476] - Name constraints should be validated before approval request gets added
[ECA-6155] - Make "treat lookup failure as permission to issue" configurable for CAA lookups
[ECA-6229] - Clean up unused language keys
[ECA-6246] - Introduce protocol configurations in system config
[ECA-6247] - Deny access to disabled protocols globally
[ECA-6249] - Modular Protocol Configuration to the RA over Peers
[ECA-6257] - Code clean up in RA Preferences.
[ECA-6285] - Improve comment about 'web.errorpage.notification' in 'web.properties.sample'
[ECA-6286] - Standard Date/Time examples for the logs
[ECA-6291] - Language files clean up, sorting "Mostly Configuration Module"
[ECA-6329] - OcspKeybindings should display active status
[ECA-6331] - Refactoring "HELPER" message keys in language files
[ECA-6333] - Document modular protocol configuration
[ECA-6366] - Add jboss-deployment-structure for BC provider on Oracle JDK for external RA SCEP server
[ECA-6367] - Add a constant for key purpose 0, defaultKey
[ECA-6368] - Remove old unused help links
[ECA-6369] - Change default OCSP signature algorithm to use SHA-256
[ECA-6370] - Update 'second' CSS style according to 'default' one
[ECA-6377] - Move profile ID constants into the correct classes
[ECA-6379] - Old list of Role Members is used when an Approval Request is created
[ECA-6396] - Specify Bouncy Castle provider explicitly for audit log verification
[ECA-6402] - Add test for expiration year filtering of CT Logs
[ECA-6405] - Notify user when RA is offline
[ECA-6407] - Modular protocol configuration over Peers using access rules
[ECA-6409] - Internal Key Bindings page throws exceptions when there's a crypto token error
[ECA-6410] - Modular protocol configuration improvements - Implement servlet filter
[ECA-6418] - Improve error handling for CV certificates
[ECA-6423] - Add Javadoc for CaConstants
[ECA-6428] - Modular protocol configuration improvements - UI, Configuration
[ECA-6430] - Custom CVC extensions in link certificates
[ECA-6432] - Improve error message to distinguish between client and server cert in peer connector
[ECA-6446] - Add a system configuration value for enabling External Command Validators
[ECA-6452] - "External Command" text frame in External Command Certificate Validator should be wider
[ECA-6457] - Create an upgrade routine that enables External Scripts (under System Configuration) only if any General Purpose Custom Publishers exist



[ECA-6426] - EJBCA needs "System upgrade" (from 6.8 -> 6.10.1) on a freshly installed database on the appliance

EJBCA 6.10.1


[ECA-5945] - 'Roles which may approve this partition' resets when Members of role changes
[ECA-5977] - Continue to check connectivity to peers after MariaDB Galera Cluster error
[ECA-6198] - Upgrading KeyRecoveryData (with rows) past EJBCA 6.1.0 will fail
[ECA-6250] - AccessTreeUpdateData accessed too often, causing performance reduction
[ECA-6256] - "Description" attribute can not be used in Subject DN
[ECA-6258] - Approval partition metadata doesn't show up unless the partition has a title
[ECA-6264] - Fix javadoc compilation errors
[ECA-6268] - Approval metadata is lost in the RA gui when a request moves from Pending to Processed
[ECA-6274] - Approving/Viewing roles are removed when metadata is added to an Approval Profile
[ECA-6278] - CA Renewal with name change logs caid as 0
[ECA-6281] - Add flag to not reverse Custom DN order by the LDAP DN Order setting
[ECA-6300] - upgrade() in CAs should set new version last
[ECA-6327] - Wrong CT error message when saving certificate profile
[ECA-6341] - Upgrade of extended services from version before EJBCA 5 doesn't work correctly
[ECA-6343] - AccessUserAspectData must handle null matchValues after upgrade
[ECA-6346] - CAA fails to ignore issuewild statements for non-wildcard domains
[ECA-6348] - when trying to navigate RA Web nothing happens (Blank page). Error message occured in logs
[ECA-6349] - Error editing access rules and members in role in GUI after upgrade, can not get role with negative ID
[ECA-6358] - RA End Entity Search stops working until page reload if session is lost
[ECA-6359] - Certificates with null or zero End Entity Profile not accessible through RA
[ECA-6360] - X509AuthenticationToken match should ignore null values
[ECA-6375] - CAA mispelled in documentation
[ECA-6382] - Adding a new CT log without a label makes it unselectable
[ECA-6389] - Cosmetic Fixes to CT Log Configuration
[ECA-6393] - Sort CT Labels
[ECA-6394] - search.cgi certificate download by subejctKeyID hash doesn't always return the last if there are multiple
[ECA-6395] - Remove CTLOGTAB_MOVEDCTLOGS message
[ECA-6403] - Minimum SCTs should be possible to set to zero

New Feature
[ECA-6303] - Replace the current "mandatory/non-mandatory" setting for CT logs with a basic label system
[ECA-6304] - Upgrade CT logs using the mandatory/non-mandatory binary setting to the label system
[ECA-6305] - Document new CT logs features
[ECA-6307] - Add code to System Configuration for adding/removing/editing CT log labels
[ECA-6309] - Modify Certificate Profiles to use the CT log label system instead of the mandatory/non-mandatory for min/max
[ECA-6310] - Create a table in CT settings for having the minimum number of logs set by validity at issuance
[ECA-6312] - Add an option in Certificate Profiles for CT log publishing to base the minimum number of logs on validity.
[ECA-6351] - Add CT backend support for labels, and submit to all logs in parallel
[ECA-6363] - Backport CVC Certificate Extensions to 6.10.1
[ECA-6365] - Custom CVC extensions in certificate requests
[ECA-6385] - Allow CT submission to use implicit min/max defined by validity (configuration option)
[ECA-6399] - Allow CT submission to use implicit min/max defined by validity (backend)

[ECA-6406] - Fix CT performance and error logging regressions
[ECA-5879] - Update quick install guide with ejbca-setup scripted installation
[ECA-6248] - Microoptimization of X509CertificateAuthenticationToken
[ECA-6260] - CaSession.getAllCaIds queries the database every time and should be cached
[ECA-6261] - Micro-optimize status lookup in WebAuthenticationSession.authenticate
[ECA-6262] - RaMasterAPI should cache active CA to determine if backend is available
[ECA-6263] - CertificateData.existsByIssuerAndSerno can be a micro-optimized
[ECA-6270] - Micro-optimize EndEntityManagementSession.existsUser
[ECA-6275] - Micro-optimize away one getIssuerDN in CertificateCreateSessionBean
[ECA-6276] - Remove dual verification of POPO
[ECA-6277] - Optimize to avoid repeated certificate encoding/decoding converting into BC class
[ECA-6297] - Optimize EjbcaWS to only enrich with raw subject DN when override will be used
[ECA-6306] - Avoid ArrayCopy in DNFieldExtractor.getUseFields
[ECA-6308] - Pre-allocate enough byte array buffer when writing XML
[ECA-6311] - Cache StringTools internal CharSet for forbidden characters
[ECA-6314] - Don't use Exception as condition handling in RequestMessageUtils
[ECA-6317] - Micro-optimize exists queries and get status
[ECA-6318] - Save one BCrypt operation internally in a transaction
[ECA-6334] - Remove old CT code
[ECA-6335] - Document required upgrade steps from EJBCA 3.x to 6.10
[ECA-6353] - Duplicated role members after upgrade to 6.8
[ECA-6381] - Forbid upgrading EJBCA from versions prior to 5.0.0
[ECA-6397] - Filter CT logs based on expiration date of certificate



[ECA-6346] - CAA fails to ignore issuewild statements for non-wildcard domains


[ECA-6251] - Regression: "Custom" access rule template no longer shows up in the simple role page
[ECA-6267] - Regression: Don't issue for gazebear.org
[ECA-6269] - Regression: Preferences tab in RA gives error
[ECA-6273] - References to commons-logging upgrade not updated for CMP Proxy

[ECA-6244] - Issue for gazebear.info when DNSSEC enabled

EJBCA 6.10.0


[ECA-5959] - Disabling OcspKeyBinding doesn't take effect until restart
[ECA-6004] - RA Web: The field SAN MS-UPN is broken in Make New Request
[ECA-6042] - Forbid non-modifiable empty Subject DN/Alt Name/Directory Attributes in EEP
[ECA-6043] - Public Web: Create Keystore for Key Recovery displays Key specification drop-down menu
[ECA-6101] - Disabling authorization cache, with value -1, gives error
[ECA-6102] - Possible NPE when looking for database error to display
[ECA-6119] - Regression: Role Members normalizes serial numbers with leading zeros
[ECA-6143] - Regression: RA web can't process CSR
[ECA-6147] - CMP Revocation with PBE responseProtection where KeyId is missing gives NPE
[ECA-6151] - Misplaced "invalid certificate request" message
[ECA-6153] - Regression: Processed approvals not listed in RA web
[ECA-6157] - NPE in RA enrollment page when there's an end entity e-mail but no SAN
[ECA-6158] - EST checkin causes Community build to fail
[ECA-6159] - CMP: revocation should handle empty header.recipient
[ECA-6163] - CAA Validator outputs stacktrace for expired DNSSEC protected records
[ECA-6164] - Regression: ClassCastException when visiting "Search End Entities" in /ejbca/adminweb
[ECA-6181] - NPE editing end entity with name constraints in profile, but no ExtendedInformation in entity
[ECA-6183] - ServiceTypeHolder and ModuleTypeHolder.equals compares the wrong type
[ECA-6184] - HardTokenInformation.equals compares the wrong type
[ECA-6185] - RaRoleMemberBean compares the wrong type in getAvailableMatchKeys
[ECA-6186] - PeerRaMasterServiceThreadBean compares the wrong type in keepServingRaPeer
[ECA-6188] - GUI: Certificate Profiles form visually broken
[ECA-6190] - EJBCA 6.x should handle legacy access match types from EJBCA 3.x
[ECA-6193] - ejbca.cmd on windows does not handle enough arguments for all commands
[ECA-6194] - CMP: enabling CMP over tcp causes deployment failure on modern Jboss
[ECA-6201] - CMP: CA by KeyId function should work with internaltionalized characters, but be limited in length
[ECA-6209] - CAA Validator seems to fail for gaps in DNSSEC domain records
[ECA-6214] - Fix warnings in CT code
[ECA-6216] - EJBCA's implementation of ValidatingResolver fails to receive an NSEC3 if CAA record set on domain is empty
[ECA-6218] - Regression: NPE when performing browser enrollment with "allow extension override" enabled
[ECA-6225] - Concurrent modifiation in ConfigurationHolder during startup with custom WS modifications
[ECA-6231] - OCSP Responder may crash the VA's default responder signing certificate has expired.
[ECA-6232] - Upgrade seems to cause a ConcurrentModificationException since lib upgrade
[ECA-6233] - Correct upgrade guide in terms of obligatory versions
[ECA-6235] - Hide EST Configuration menu options if module is not present
[ECA-6240] - Roles upgraded from old (<4.0) installations may create a stacktrace in the UI
[ECA-6242] - commons-configuration 1.10 breaks system tests

New Feature
[ECA-5848] - Allow an RA Admin to request a shorter validity time than is set in the profile
[ECA-6024] - CMP Central Key Generation
[ECA-6095] - Rewrite EJBCA RA Web to be able to read CSS files from an archive stored on the database.
[ECA-6096] - Add to the peers protocol the ability to transmit stored CSS archives from the CA to the RA
[ECA-6097] - Define RA CSS by the role of the logged in user
[ECA-6100] - Add possibility to import and store custom RA CSS file
[ECA-6176] - Ability to upload custom logo images and multiple CSS files
[ECA-6177] - Enable injection of uploaded logo images
[ECA-6178] - Introduce 'Preferences' menu item in RA
[ECA-6191] - Mandatory SCT responses
[ECA-6195] - Add Infineon weak key checking to RSAKeyValidator (ROCA,
[ECA-6197] - Document Custom RA Styles
[ECA-6213] - Apply RA Style selected from the 'Preference' menu in RA-web

[ECA-2723] - When deleting an End Entity Profile, list which end entities/authorization rules that actually use it.
[ECA-3222] - CMP: Add back the ability to use "KeyId" in AdminGUI
[ECA-5381] - Allow approval of other requests than Add End Entity in the RA if the admin is missing that privilege
[ECA-5383] - Upgrade external libraries
[ECA-5610] - Pagination during search exceeding max records
[ECA-5698] - Improve Certification Authorities usability
[ECA-5741] - All search pages appear to be case sensitive
[ECA-5927] - Review which Role Member match operators that should be case sensitive
[ECA-6108] - Move DnsNameValidatorMock to systemtests-common and log error for possible NPE when loading Profile
[ECA-6131] - Not possible to change CA subjectAltName using cli
[ECA-6138] - Parallelisation of CAA lookup for certificate with multiple SANs
[ECA-6150] - Stop writing complete stack traces for expected validation failures
[ECA-6167] - Add Peer Connector RA illustration to architecture documentation
[ECA-6168] - GUI: Internal Key Bindings form usability
[ECA-6169] - GUI: Certification Authorities form usability
[ECA-6170] - GUI: Crypto Token form usability
[ECA-6174] - Skip PKCS11-tests if no PKCS11 driver is installed
[ECA-6179] - Shorten AIA label in Certificate display popup
[ECA-6196] - Improve cache for custom RA styles
[ECA-6211] - Add Quirin's tests to CaaTestSuite
[ECA-6224] - Increase max length of Admin GUI altName input fields
[ECA-6228] - GUI: Validators form usability
[ECA-6245] - Remove EJBCA license headers from ValidatingResolver classes

EJBCA 6.9.1


[ECA-6103] - importcert command fails in some instances for DirectoryName SAN values
[ECA-6104] - DNAME records are not followed correctly by CAA Validator
[ECA-6115] - CMP: error verifying extraCerts in RA mode when more than the EE cert is present in a chain longer than two
[ECA-6117] - Certificate with empty attribute can not be imported
[ECA-6121] - CAA Validator doesn't fail for nonsense domains.
[ECA-6135] - Regression: Key WS Key recovery requires call to edituser() before enrollment
[ECA-6148] - Remaining login attempts counter not decreased using public web
[ECA-6152] - Regression: Uploading EC CSRs in RA result in exception

New Feature
[ECA-6063] - Make Trust Anchor for CAA Validators configurable
[ECA-6116] - Add TTL information to CAA Tool output
[ECA-6133] - Add whitelist possibility to CAA Validator

[ECA-6064] - Optimize issuance by minimizing EndEntity XML encoding/decoding
[ECA-6093] - Optimize ConfigurationHolder.getPrefixedPropertyNames
[ECA-6105] - Raw subject DN extended information should be base64 encoded
[ECA-6118] - Ability to use "description" attribute in directoryName fields
[ECA-6122] - Add additional logging to CAA Validator
[ECA-6123] - Make recursion depth configurable for CAA Validators
[ECA-6127] - CAA Validator should only lookup CAA records instead of ANY
[ECA-6128] - Make querying top level domains (TLDs) for CAA lookups optional
[ECA-6129] - Introduce DNS lookup caching for multiple SANs in the CAA Validator
[ECA-6136] - DNSSEC should be enabled by default in the CAA validator
[ECA-6137] - Issue if CAA lookup failed more than once and there is no DNSSEC chain to the ICANN root
[ECA-6145] - Support CNAME discovery as in Errata 5065
[ECA-6149] - Fill in default CAA Validator timout in the UI
[ECA-6150] - Stop writing complete stack traces for expected validation failures
[ECA-6161] - Make DNAME lookups in CAA validator optional



[ECA-6107] - CAA validation allows issuance of wildcard certificates for subdomains, even though issuance is prohibited.
[ECA-6124] - CAA max recursion count is triggering for other checks than CNAMES
[ECA-6125] - KeyValidatorSession splits DNSNames incorrectly for CAA lookups
[ECA-6126] - CAA Validator fails for a SocketTimeoutException



[ECA-6107] - CAA validation allows issuance of wildcard certificates for subdomains, even though issuance is prohibited.



[ECA-6106] - CAA Validator should keep looking up domain tree even if NXDOMAIN is encountered



[ECA-6099] - Ra Web: Trying to enroll P12 for user added in Admin GUI gives NPE



[ECA-6088] - Create tables scripts all refer to the PublicKeyBlacklistData instead of BlacklistData



[ECA-6088] - Role Member caching does not play well with clusters
[ECA-6089] - NPE when upgrading from 6.9.0Beta to 6.9.0Final due to IODEF
[ECA-6091] - NPE in View Certificates in RA Web if certificates have no KeyUsage

EJBCA 6.9.0


[ECA-4853] - Some fields aren't grayed out in read-only services
[ECA-5524] - Admin GUI should prevent saving of empty QC statement
[ECA-5672] - Add/Edit End Entity page silently removes e-mail if domain is omitted
[ECA-5904] - Stack trace printed on screen when enrolling EE with invalid QC
[ECA-5905] - Link certificate should have the same expire date as old ca certificate
[ECA-5917] - Auditor, wrong layout on 'Certificate Profiles'
[ECA-5946] - Possible to send a request to create an End Entity that already exists from RA Web
[ECA-5949] - WebService API: the field sendNotification in UserDataVOWS isn't set
[ECA-5950] - Duplicate entries of the member 'SuperAdmin' in 'Super Administrator Role'
[ECA-5960] - CMPv2 extraCerts field not correctly (re)ordered in all cases
[ECA-5965] - Missing value for view_request_page_data_value_UNREVOKE
[ECA-5967] - E-mail notification sends the old 'uniqueId' if request has been rejected
[ECA-5969] - transactionId and recipiantNonce are not always set in CMP error messages.
[ECA-5971] - NullPointerException if clicking 'Save state' in failed Approval Action window
[ECA-5975] - getApprovalProfileForAction can throw exception if no approval is required
[ECA-5978] - RA enrollment with requestid doesn't authenticate password with reusecert = true
[ECA-5979] - Request to change Username of End Entity changes the Username and sends a request
[ECA-5980] - Unable to approve End Entity revocation request
[ECA-5981] - Enrollment by username does not work on the RA
[ECA-5984] - Two admins opening the same approval request and trying to approve causes NullPointerException
[ECA-5988] - Checking if key recovery is possible in the RA checks all listed certificates
[ECA-5989] - Statedump: "AuthorizationDeniedException: Granted access of the current administrator might be affected by this change"
[ECA-6003] - Public Web: The field SAN MS-UPN is broken in Self-registration
[ECA-6005] - Various NPEs for CMP Revocation requests with faulty payloads
[ECA-6009] - ClearCache fails with exception in some cases
[ECA-6012] - Key recovery flag not reset on rejected approval using local key generation
[ECA-6016] - Approval Profiles doesn't update until logout
[ECA-6018] - Deleting an Approval/Certificate Profile and then clicking 'View' causes NullPointerException
[ECA-6020] - Adding end entity in admin GUI with autogenerated username gives error
[ECA-6022] - Rejecting both partitions of Approval Request generates error message
[ECA-6023] - AuthenticationKeyBinding.isClientSSLCertificate should not require KU keyEncipherment
[ECA-6030] - Upgrade is never called for Validator
[ECA-6033] - Non-modifiable empty End Entity E-mail should not be allowed in EEP
[ECA-6034] - WebService: CertificateCreateException should be wrapped in order to pass on good message and error code to client
[ECA-6035] - Selecting nothing under 'Available CAs' when editing an EEP causes NullPointerException
[ECA-6036] - [Public Web] Request Registration should not display step 2 if EEP/CP is invalid
[ECA-6060] - Disabled remote key bindings not displayed as such in admin gui
[ECA-6061] - End entity profiles with User Notifications can't be imported
[ECA-6065] - 'New...' button for 'Namespace' does not function if you haven't selected an existing 'Namespace'
[ECA-6066] - CA_Administrator documentation does not match about 'Renew CA'
[ECA-6070] - Approving a Key Recovery request on the RA requires /ca_functionality/approve_caaction/
[ECA-6074] - RA Web: enroll with username and code displays "Key Algorithm: null null"
[ECA-6076] - 'Available bit lengths' is disabled under 'RSA Key Validator Settings'
[ECA-6080] - Auditor pre-defined role can not view selected Validators
[ECA-6081] - Validators Access Rules not saved for RA Administrators,Auditors and Supervisors pre-defined role

[ECA-5175] - Support for delegated key pair generation

New Feature
[ECA-2853] - Implement CMP ImplicitConfirm
[ECA-4219] - Verify public keys before cert issuance
[ECA-5286] - Make CA based Key recovery possible on RA
[ECA-5627] - DNS Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) Resource Record
[ECA-5644] - Add the ability to download P10 from approval and end entity view in RA
[ECA-5866] - Add configuration value to approval profiles for whether or not the original submitter should be allowed to approve
[ECA-5954] - Add system config option for local key generation
[ECA-5955] - Document Key validators
[ECA-5956] - Encrypt keypair for key recovery using a selectable crypto token, for local key generation
[ECA-5957] - Ability to request key recovery from RA Web
[ECA-5966] - Add MIME type for VBScript (for IE enrollment)
[ECA-5972] - Support for getting the certificate chain as response in the IKB update message
[ECA-5983] - Document delegated key recovery
[ECA-5987] - Make it possible to mark certificate for recovery using local key generation
[ECA-6006] - ClearCacheCommand should clear validator cache
[ECA-6019] - Add EjbcaWS support for key recovery with local key pair generation
[ECA-6045] - Implement CAA Validator in EJBCA
[ECA-6047] - Implement the IODEF CAA record type (e-mail)

[ECA-6015] - Update RA documentation with Role Management
[ECA-6021] - Work around hibernate bug with MS-SQL that makes ResultSetMapping fail
[ECA-6025] - Document how to increase max parameter count in WildFly

[ECA-5697] - Certificate Profiles usability
[ECA-5884] - Upgrade EJBCA to BouncyCastle 1.57
[ECA-5907] - certprofiles.zip / entityprofiles.zip is not a zip file
[ECA-5919] - Name Constraints exception when adding End Entity
[ECA-5948] - Make pre-issuance public key blacklist available outside of EJB context
[ECA-5952] - Base key validators on Profiles and put into ProfileData
[ECA-5958] - Extract ProfileSessionBean from ApprovalProfileSessionBean
[ECA-5962] - cmpclient: be more forgivning of cache-control content
[ECA-5974] - Restrict visibility of key validators by Certificate Profile
[ECA-5976] - Move KeyValidatorsBean.importKeyValidatorsFromZip(byte[]) into session beans
[ECA-5996] - SecureXMLDecoder should handle exported classes
[ECA-5999] - Remove unused constants from UserDataVOWS
[ECA-6000] - Improve label consistency on role pages in the RA
[ECA-6007] - Improve Role Member performance
[ECA-6013] - Default PKCS #11 libraries updated (OpenSC, SoftHSM, PKCS11 Spy)
[ECA-6014] - Sort list of CAs and Certificate Profiles in the CMP alias page
[ECA-6028] - System test for delegated key generation
[ECA-6029] - Have EjbcaWS.getRemainingNumberOfApprovals(int) throw exceptions for approval requests which have been denied or which have expired
[ECA-6054] - Generalize PublicKeyBlacklistData into BlacklistData
[ECA-6062] - Sort validators alphabetically and list validator type in menu
[ECA-6067] - Have selecting the "Apply for all Certificate Profiles" checkbox in Validators disable the "Apply for Certificate Profiles" list
[ECA-6077] - Documentation on the format and perform validation on certificate validity fields on Validators Edit page
[ECA-6079] - Validators is not available for pre-defined RA_Administrator
[ECA-6082] - Remove imports/export functionality for Validators.



[ECA-6056] - Databaseprotection does not work with CertificateProfiles using Approvals

EJBCA 6.8.0


Technical Requirement
[ECA-4793] - RA configuration should be retrieved from the CA

[ECA-4550] - Space in email field results in misleading error message
[ECA-5287] - Stack overflow on peer RA if the rule /ra_master_invoke_api is not accepted
[ECA-5311] - RA Enrollment does not work if the request was added in the AdminGui
[ECA-5364] - CSR in End Entity extendedInformation is removed when request is edited in admin GUI
[ECA-5380] - Approve Actions search does not work with certain Status options is approval is expired
[ECA-5453] - DN value with only spaces causes exception in the RA enrollment page
[ECA-5458] - Extra access rules are required for creating certificates through the RA
[ECA-5480] - Remove prioritization arrows in View page for Approval Steps
[ECA-5483] - Buttons positions under Approval Steps are not positioned properly
[ECA-5485] - Approve Actions table items are not aligned properly
[ECA-5604] - /ca_functionality/view_certificate is seemingly unused
[ECA-5623] - When editing end entities timeModified and timeCreated are logged incorrectly
[ECA-5628] - Command description for RevokeCertificateCommand breaks formatting.
[ECA-5694] - Disable prioritizing arrows in Approval Profiles view-only
[ECA-5707] - Error sending approval profile notifications using MS-SQL
[ECA-5712] - 'Use UTF-8 in policy notice text' is disabled using the External CA
[ECA-5722] - Searching for certificates by serial number does not work in the RA
[ECA-5731] - GUI: Cosmetic bug in CA edit page
[ECA-5735] - WaitingForApprovalException changed in core but not WS
[ECA-5743] - Enable fresh install with new authorization system
[ECA-5748] - AccessRulePlugin needs to be able to provide resource name
[ECA-5758] - End Entity Profiles allows for creating hidden EEPs based on case
[ECA-5762] - EJBCA Installation Instructions, missing reload when adding email service
[ECA-5767] - Soft CA Token key alias set to wrong value in upgrade from 4.0
[ECA-5772] - Subscribe cache to local authorizations system updates
[ECA-5776] - RoleMemberData.tokenMatchValue is not allowed to be empty on Oracle
[ECA-5778] - Crypto Tokens page considers an apostrophe invalid in character names
[ECA-5784] - Legacy script based autoenrolment should not remove end entity profile
[ECA-5791] - Incorrect syntax in generated SQL query when searching for approval requests
[ECA-5794] - Denying access rule /ca/ (recursive for all CAs) allows listing of end entities from multiple CAs
[ECA-5801] - CMP: RA CA not found when using ProfileDefault EndEntityCertificate authentication module
[ECA-5803] - CMP key update request updates revoked certificates
[ECA-5807] - Attempting to add hard token issuer with insufficient access displays NumberFormatException
[ECA-5808] - Documentation regression: Error in installation instruction
[ECA-5812] - Internal key bindings allows listing of CAs not authorized to role
[ECA-5815] - Can't close role add/rename/delete dialogs if there's an error
[ECA-5822] - Importing a certificate in the CLI to a keybinding with the wrong keys causes a stacktrace
[ECA-5823] - CMP error handling causes a NullPointerException if message header lacks transaction ID
[ECA-5824] - Simplified AdminGUI authorization for request processing configuration fails to set all rules
[ECA-5829] - Advanced Search End Entities page in CA UI doesn't parse apostrophes
[ECA-5830] - Details column in Audit log shows only encoded base64 if text contains accent characters (ë, è, ê, etc)
[ECA-5831] - Non-ASCII characters in audit log export are incorrectly encoded as XML entities
[ECA-5834] - Search for on audit log using 'contains' on 'Details' column can't parse apostrophes
[ECA-5850] - Timing sensitive CT unit tests can fail if they run first
[ECA-5853] - Upgrade to 6.7.0 fails due to Use Default CA Issue value
[ECA-5859] - Change crypto token CLI command does not work if old crypto token does not exist
[ECA-5861] - Regression: EjbcaConfigurationHolder produces unwanted garbage output in CLI
[ECA-5871] - End Entity Profiles are sorted case sensitive in Access Rules Page.
[ECA-5872] - Viewing EE in RA-gui displays approval request ID incorrectly
[ECA-5874] - Custom certificate extension in GUI is missing RAW encoding option
[ECA-5887] - CESeCoreUtils.makeKeyUnmodifiable reports success even if HSM does not allow to change CKA_MODIFIABLE
[ECA-5888] - Better error message handing requests with dnEmail or UPN without @
[ECA-5890] - InternalKeybinding properties render in the wrong order
[ECA-5892] - PDS URL + location inside a QCstatement is not persisted when exporting the certificate profile
[ECA-5893] - Regression: Certificate profiles cannot be imported
[ECA-5895] - RA Manage request review causes NPE for revocation request
[ECA-5898] - Wrong default timeout for CT Logs
[ECA-5906] - 'Save state' in executed 'Approve Action' leads to NullPointerException
[ECA-5910] - Cloning an approval profile puts the old ID in the data of the new profile
[ECA-5911] - Approve request to add already existing End Entity causes NullPointerException
[ECA-5916] - CA Name Change link certificate shows wrong Issuer DN
[ECA-5918] - error in console log when editing certificate profiles
[ECA-5922] - Statedump: Internal key binding properties are not imported
[ECA-5923] - Create CA as CA Administrator gives Error message: For input string: ""
[ECA-5924] - Access to all CA's required to edit CA
[ECA-5925] - Exception removing last radio button on approval profile
[ECA-5930] - Old ExternalRA needs Base64GetHashMap as acceptable class for serialization
[ECA-5934] - Debug log always, falsely, claims cadata can not be fetched
[ECA-5938] - Unable to save end entity profiles without specified date when custom validity is enabled
[ECA-5939] - Available CAs in End Entity profile not sorted properly
[ECA-5940] - Perform more stringent validation of CMP Vendor and RA mode extraCert certificates

New Feature
[ECA-4222] - Support the EFF ACME (REST) protocol
[ECA-4779] - Support Windows Autoenrollment through a proxied RA
[ECA-5019] - Rolling upgrades of CA and RA servers should be possible
[ECA-5174] - Add GUI and WS support for ID on SIM subjectAltName
[ECA-5337] - WS method to import/update external CA certificates
[ECA-5617] - Create the new RoleMemberData object and associated session bean.
[ECA-5618] - Upgrade Roles/Rules according to the new design.
[ECA-5625] - Ability to do post-upgrade from GUI
[ECA-5629] - Create the new RoleData object and associated session bean.
[ECA-5630] - Create a basic page in the RA UI for Roles Management
[ECA-5631] - Create an RA page for Roles Management
[ECA-5632] - Create an RA page for Roles Members Management
[ECA-5633] - Create an RA page for editing Role and Access Rules Management
[ECA-5634] - Upgrade Role Members according to the new design.
[ECA-5635] - Use new Role and RoleMember instead of AdminGroupData and AdminEntityData
[ECA-5648] - Use value object RoleMember instead of RoleMemberData in API
[ECA-5653] - Add tokenIssuerId column to RoleMemberData
[ECA-5669] - Cache authorizations for the exact same client
[ECA-5676] - Always delete all Role's RoleMembers when deleted
[ECA-5714] - Add human readable description to Role Members
[ECA-5734] - Add P11Spy as known P11 implementation to web.properties
[ECA-5737] - Provide conversion from Role's accessRules to AccessSet
[ECA-5742] - Create system tests for for RoleMemberSessionBean
[ECA-5751] - Handle HardTokenIssuerData.adminGroupId during upgrade
[ECA-5755] - Write system tests for role namespaces
[ECA-5773] - Create documentation for all and any rules used in EJBCA
[ECA-5796] - Experimental support for Curve25519 (ECDSA with Curve25519 curve)
[ECA-5800] - Document all Audit Log Events
[ECA-5817] - RaMasterApi with outgoing upstream connection from RA
[ECA-5825] - System test RA over outgoing peer connections
[ECA-5842] - Ability to modify the built-in password encryption/obfuscation key
[ECA-5843] - Add Georgian as a language to QC Statements extension
[ECA-5846] - Implement CMP proxying on the RA
[ECA-5857] - Ability to download CSR from Approve requests and view end entity in RA
[ECA-5867] - Add Vietnamese language files
[ECA-5880] - Create "Unknown is unauthorized" mode for OCSP responses
[ECA-5886] - Disable the nonce extension for individual OCSP responders.
[ECA-5891] - Add Utimaco P11 R2 to default P11 libraries
[ECA-5894] - Add a WS method for getting the number of approval remaining for a certain request.

[ECA-4790] - KaRA should be well documented
[ECA-5170] - Public RA user must be able to finalize legacy enrollment with username and enrollment code

[ECA-5010] - Remove EJBCA wiki
[ECA-5775] - Clear RA cache on the cache reload event
[ECA-5878] - Add contributed ejbca-setup script downloading and installing full EJBCA Community
[ECA-5897] - Revert changes that were made to EJBCA trunk during original ACME implementation

[ECA-3164] - Use implicit match type for admins
[ECA-3363] - Auto register AccessMatchValues by using ServiceLoader for AuthenticationTokens
[ECA-3607] - Modify CLI to fail gracefully in case appserver is not running
[ECA-4097] - When editing EE profiles, if the default Cert profile i chosen as default but not among the allowed, it is added
[ECA-4530] - Prohibit admin from lowering own access
[ECA-4844] - Approval requests sorting should be shown with an icon
[ECA-5444] - Correct size of drop down boxes in RA search pages
[ECA-5544] - Improve RA log messages
[ECA-5545] - RA enrollment: Show/hide details button is shown when it's not needed
[ECA-5581] - Rename the "View More" link to something more obvious on approval page
[ECA-5584] - Log info on key used for database-protection
[ECA-5607] - Preparations for optimized lookup of preferred match value
[ECA-5614] - Treat authorization as a union of all grants by role memberships instead of based on DN order
[ECA-5620] - Implement new access control logic based on the new Role and RoleMember representations
[ECA-5621] - Add a namespace check to RoleSessionBean
[ECA-5637] - Upgrade commons-httpclient and move from lib/ext to lib
[ECA-5652] - Adapt the existing access rules page to the new access rule system
[ECA-5654] - Increase size of tokenMatchValue column in RoleMemberData
[ECA-5655] - Adapt the current AdminGUI Roles page to work with the MPKI generation roles
[ECA-5684] - Set secure flag on Public Web session cookie
[ECA-5685] - Corrected DatabaseSchemaTest fails on Oracle with ORA-24816
[ECA-5693] - Change 'Cancel' button to 'Back' in Approval Profiles in View mode
[ECA-5695] - Clean up old access control not needed for upgrade
[ECA-5701] - Handle P11 providers that are broken for EC when figuring out supported curves
[ECA-5715] - CMP - Do not enforce clear-text-password with EndEntityCertificate
[ECA-5723] - Replace 'Logged in <Username>' to 'Logged in as <Username>'
[ECA-5724] - Number(Short) and Number(Long) fields are printing numbers from right side
[ECA-5736] - Open 'RA Web' in a new tab
[ECA-5757] - Improving advanced access rule page usability
[ECA-5760] - Propagate authentication failures when checking authorization
[ECA-5761] - Show namespace in Role Members page
[ECA-5766] - System Configuration autoenrollment doc link should point to proper information
[ECA-5768] - Use new authorization system in the RA if available
[ECA-5774] - Audit log RoleMember changes
[ECA-5779] - Make RoleDataSession.persistRole idempotent
[ECA-5782] - Have LegalCharsValidator report what characters that break validation
[ECA-5789] - Finalize post-upgrade proceedure for 6.8.0
[ECA-5790] - Add org.apache.tomcat.util.http.Parameters.MAX_COUNT to standard JBoss 7 configuration
[ECA-5797] - Avoid authorization cache update when authorization never really changed
[ECA-5806] - Clean up unused and redundant access rules related to public_web_user/, basic_functions/ and secureaudit/auditor/
[ECA-5810] - Upgrade EJBCA/CESeCore to BC 1.56
[ECA-5813] - Improve error message on browser enrollment key generation failure
[ECA-5814] - Add possibility to get any CRL using Public and RA Web
[ECA-5818] - Clean up Roles produced during system tests
[ECA-5821] - Make note in doc/UPGRADE that upgrades directly from EJBCA 4 are possible
[ECA-5826] - Fix deprecations in PeerConnectorPool after upgrade of HttpComponents
[ECA-5832] - Decode B64 encoding in Audit Log XML export
[ECA-5836] - Remove AuditorQueryHelper
[ECA-5838] - Remove possibility to search in details column of Audit Logs
[ECA-5845] - Split approval profiles up for different types of requests
[ECA-5852] - Replace EJBCA logo with the new edition
[ECA-5855] - Replace references to primekey.se to primekey.com
[ECA-5858] - Improve/correct audit log entries for Crypto Token, id->ID
[ECA-5860] - Add signature algorithm to keybind list CLI command output
[ECA-5868] - Change default intresources.secondarylanguage to english
[ECA-5873] - Re-implement EFF ACME protocol support
[ECA-5899] - Add a CMP Key Update Request test to verify that admins can't request certificates from the wrong CA.
[ECA-5902] - Adjust OCSP max-age and next update (in response and RFC5019 headers) to OCSP signing certificate expire date, if expire is before configured values
[ECA-5914] - CMP: Handle several certs in extraCerts field
[ECA-5915] - CMP: Not all SubCAs need to be imported in Vendor mode
[ECA-5920] - Changes all references from Role "Administrators" to "Role Member"
[ECA-5929] - Publishers are not sorted alphabetically in select menus
[ECA-5933] - GUI: New eIDAS word for SSCD
[ECA-5942] - CryptoTokenManager: Make clear that the "Authentication Code" is not being *set* or *defined* here

[ECA-5745] - Use new authorization system in Admin GUI
[ECA-5750] - Use new authorization system for approvals
[ECA-5754] - Adapt statedump to new Roles and RoleMembers
[ECA-5780] - Remove legacy authorization system code used from Admin GUI
[ECA-5781] - Remove no longer needed use of ComplexAccessControlSession
[ECA-5783] - Remove no longer needed use of AccessControlSession
[ECA-5786] - Remove no longer needed use of RoleManagementSession and related classes
[ECA-5787] - Consolidate legacy authorization code needed for upgrade
[ECA-5788] - Remove AccessTree and related classes




[ECA-5853] - Upgrade to 6.7.0 fails due to Use Default CA Issue value

EJBCA 6.7.0



[ECA-2971] - Show error when validity is specified without unit in Certificate Profile form
[ECA-4021] - Creating a CA using an validity date in the past fails silently
[ECA-4140] - Access Rules: Remove forcing Advanced Mode
[ECA-4467] - SCEP rollover test case fails in certain circumstances
[ECA-5025] - Debug log if certain special characters in SubjectDNs are present when using statedump
[ECA-5284] - Requesting admin can still see approval options on CA
[ECA-5396] - Enrollment code (password) is not evaluated inside approval notification e-mail
[ECA-5530] - Regression: Order of CT logs is lost when saving system configuration
[ECA-5548] - Minor security issue
[ECA-5562] - Avoid read of cached GlobalConfigurationData from making it a managed entity
[ECA-5569] - Special characters are not displayed correctly in the AdminGUI
[ECA-5574] - Fix printing null as exception message on enrollment pages
[ECA-5580] - Accumulative profiles do not validate values
[ECA-5598] - KaRA approving certificate revocation requires /ca_functionality/approve_caaction privileges
[ECA-5599] - Autocomplete should be off in password fields
[ECA-5601] - Security Issue
[ECA-5605] - Security improvement
[ECA-5606] - Document that Public web self registration requires a new Approval profile after upgrade to 6.6.0 (or an NPE is thrown)
[ECA-5624] - Security improvement
[ECA-5626] - Regression: not possible to list CMP aliases that reference the KeyId end entity profile
[ECA-5643] - SLF4J gives warning output in CLI
[ECA-5682] - Unescape + character before generating a certificate
[ECA-5687] - EJBCA 6.5.0 Community post-upgrade does not fail gracefully
[ECA-5690] - EJBCA plugins doesn't work with JDK 8
[ECA-5718] - Regression: Characters ÄÅÖ are displayed incorrectly when you Add End Entity
[ECA-5738] - CA Name Change, CRL number of Name Changed CA CRL is not in sequence with the original CA

New Feature
[ECA-5124] - Custom search for approvals, for searching by date, for expired requests or different admin
[ECA-5139] - Limit OIDs that are acceptable in Extension Override
[ECA-5304] - Default "CA issuer URI" for CA
[ECA-5352] - Statedump should include approval profiles
[ECA-5550] - Ensure that self signed CA's include their own certificate in their revocation CRLs
[ECA-5593] - CMP: Allowing native CAs to be Vendor CAs in test mode
[ECA-5689] - OCSP transaction logging, add revocation reason as field

[ECA-5494] - Remove references to superseeded app.version.effective property
[ECA-5508] - Subtract actual wait in PeerRaThrottleCounter

[ECA-4294] - Use JDBC to detect index presence
[ECA-4382] - Deprecate ocsp.responderidtype in ocsp.properties
[ECA-4585] - Clarify value 0 for OCSP response validity and max-age
[ECA-4603] - Update CT jar and its dependencies
[ECA-4835] - Security hardening
[ECA-4838] - Security hardening
[ECA-4859] - Implement support for CT logs that use RSA instead of ECC
[ECA-4901] - Handle empty UserData and CertificateData subjectDN on Oracle and DB2 in Oracle compatibility mode
[ECA-4997] - Regression: Reimplement CMP Unid support
[ECA-5086] - KaRA-Approvals: Remove cache when getting approval profile authorization string
[ECA-5116] - Support for renaming key aliases via statedump overrides
[ECA-5308] - approvalSession.addApprovalRequest should return created id
[ECA-5325] - Improve javadoc of EnrollMakeNewRequestBean.getSubjectDn
[ECA-5369] - KaRA: Ability to un-expire an expired approval request
[ECA-5374] - Remove unused authenticationToken in ApprovalSession.query
[ECA-5423] - Fix spelling of getEndEntityProfileiId
[ECA-5426] - Audit log does not show the changes made in EE
[ECA-5457] - Rename ApprovalProfile.getApprovalProfileIdentifier()
[ECA-5463] - Add confirmation when saving End Entity Profiles
[ECA-5477] - Document that Allow subject DN override by CSR is a pre-requisite for CMPTest
[ECA-5504] - Make it possible to re-order CT logs
[ECA-5522] - newly added Log URL and Timeout (ms) display
[ECA-5551] - Minor EJBCA WS test robustness fixes
[ECA-5556] - Put public static variables in GeneralPurposeCustomPublisher in correct case
[ECA-5557] - Keep key aliases (key pair infos) sorted in statedumps
[ECA-5559] - Show key specification when viewing an approval request
[ECA-5560] - Replace references to the deprecated class X509Extension
[ECA-5561] - Approval requests from unauthenticated RA users appear to originate from CLI
[ECA-5563] - Pre-6.6.1 statedumps can no longer be imported since EJBCA 6.6.1
[ECA-5564] - Show all warnings from Statedump in CLI / AdminWeb output
[ECA-5572] - GenerateToken.generateOrKeyRecoverToken throws Exception
[ECA-5573] - Try to use NoSuchEndEntityException for all exception handling of lost EEs
[ECA-5576] - Remove unused variables in RAAuthorization
[ECA-5583] - ExternalRA tests can't run due to missing JARs
[ECA-5588] - Replace UserDoesntFullfillEndEntityProfile with EndEntityProfileValidationException
[ECA-5589] - Keep sort and search settings when going back in Manage Requests page
[ECA-5597] - Replace dummy CN values in keystore certs
[ECA-5636] - KaRA: add a request control filter
[ECA-5638] - Security: Upgrade commons-fileupload to 1.3.2
[ECA-5639] - Security: Upgrade batik to 1.7.1
[ECA-5640] - Security: Upgrade xstream to 1.4.9
[ECA-5641] - Security: Upgrade commons-beanutils to 1.9.3
[ECA-5645] - CSR should be stored as Base64 in ExtendedInformation instead of binary
[ECA-5646] - Add CSR if available to findendentity cli command
[ECA-5650] - Don't require @ in rfc822Name when validating End Entity profiles
[ECA-5651] - Add some documentation for Native MS Autoenrollment
[ECA-5691] - Add possibility to get any CRL using CLI command

EJBCA 6.6.4



[ECA-5687] - EJBCA 6.5.0 Community post-upgrade does not fail gracefully
[ECA-5700] - Upgraded ValidationAuthorityPublisher settings cannot be changed in GUI

EJBCA 6.6.3


[ECA-5527] - PeerRaMasterServiceBean delays shutdown
[ECA-5554] - View certificate throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when certificate cannot be read
[ECA-5568] - Incorrect column type used in Oracle upgrade script
[ECA-5571] - ApprovalProfileSession is not sent to Workers, leading to an NPE
[ECA-5575] - Error generating CRL on MSSQL, update dialect to SQLServer2008Dialect
[ECA-5577] - Import certificate profiles in Admin GUI ignores profileId
[ECA-5578] - ExternalRA fails if no approval profile has been set

[ECA-5079] - Make sun classes for PKCS#11 available using jboss-deployment-structure.xml
[ECA-5526] - Add new RA Web to Admin GUI menu

EJBCA 6.6.2

[ECA-5549] - CT Log submission can fail in certain circumstances when it shouldn't

EJBCA 6.6.1

Master Ticket
[ECA-5509] - Performance optimizations

[ECA-3554] - CVC certificate validity should not be backdated 10 minutes
[ECA-5253] - NPE should be avoided when not receiving an OCSP response in CmpProxyServlet
[ECA-5387] - Issuer Alternative Name not included in Root CA until it's renewed
[ECA-5479] - NPE when trying to view list of CMP configurations with missing profile
[ECA-5489] - Incorrect regex breaks "view certificate" page from Internal Key Bindings page for some CA DNs
[ECA-5495] - Update of imported CA certificate is not persisted to the CertificateData table
[ECA-5502] - Prevent legacy OCSP signer renewal from processing the same entry twice
[ECA-5514] - Make DynamicUiProperty.values thread safe

New Feature
[ECA-1628] - Add option to keep revoked expired certificates on CRLs.
[ECA-5141] - Specify hours, minutes and seconds in certificate profile
[ECA-5330] - Certificate expiration period specific to certain days
[ECA-5419] - Make CT Log timeout editable again, as well as the other fields
[ECA-5470] - Document trailing space in RDN value behavior in test
[ECA-5491] - Add CLI command to change crypto token for a CA
[ECA-5492] - Update Ubuntu quick start guide to 16.04 and Java 8

[ECA-5428] - Get DB2 job on Jenkins running again
[ECA-5507] - Use available helper method for ContentVerifier creation

[ECA-4447] - Make EJB timers non-persistent
[ECA-5451] - Prevent change of audit log node id once sequence is initialized
[ECA-5459] - Only regard revocation reasons *Compromise and unspecified as CA private key compromise in VA
[ECA-5460] - Update RHEL quick start in installation doc
[ECA-5469] - Document that WS certificateRequest method overwrites the end entity
[ECA-5478] - Ability to add multiple PDS URIs
[ECA-5486] - Document Java version requirements when running JBoss 7.1.1.GA or JBoss EAP 6
[ECA-5490] - Add new recommended database index for CRL generation
[ECA-5493] - Excessive logging when editing Certificate Profile
[ECA-5496] - IKB certificate import should not use the current CA certificate if public key does not match
[ECA-5501] - Don't initialize classes in ServiceManifestBuilder
[ECA-5517] - javascript for convertdot during ziprelease only works on JDK8

[ECA-5511] - Remove extra call to getDataMap() from ProfileData.getProfile()
[ECA-5512] - Remove some unneded calls to EndEntityInformation.extendedInformationToStringData()
[ECA-5513] - Make assertSerialNumberForIssuerOk() more light weight
[ECA-5516] - Investigate efficiency of ExtendedInformation persistence conversion

EJBCA 6.6.0


[ECA-3897] - Unrevoked certificates do not appear on delta CRLs
[ECA-4549] - In Basic Access Rules, 'All' is listed last in the list of CAs
[ECA-4596] - ClientToolBox is unable to verify signature when testing more exotic EC keys in HSM
[ECA-4647] - Basic Access Rules: Pre-selected end entity rules for RAAdmin role template do not correspond to actual rules.
[ECA-4834] - Security hardening
[ECA-4856] - Security Hardening
[ECA-4858] - Confusing audit log message when reactivating a crypto token
[ECA-4860] - CryptoToken Id not updated when importing a statedump with the merge option
[ECA-4862] - CmpMessageHelper.createUnprotectedErrorMessage throws an NPE if a nonce is not included in the CMP message
[ECA-4872] - System configuration page broken in WildFly 10
[ECA-4877] - CertTools.isCertificateValid logs cert serno in decimal instead of hex
[ECA-4882] - CMP Proxy: Message signer chain should have its own configuration key in cmpProxy.properties
[ECA-4883] - CMP Proxy: NPE when the right CA certificate is not found
[ECA-4884] - Reference to Hudson in code when deploying ant
[ECA-4885] - Key recovery requires 'Edit End Entities'-rights
[ECA-4889] - Change all references from "Enrolment" to "Enrollment"
[ECA-4892] - Clearing caches fails locally if clearing the cache on any clustered nodes fails as well.
[ECA-4893] - CMP Proxy: Revocation status cache is read incorrectly
[ECA-4915] - SecureXMLDecoder can't deserialize all standard types
[ECA-4923] - ClientToolBox is missing lib/ejbca-ws.jar dependency
[ECA-4925] - Old version of cert-cvc still under lib
[ECA-4928] - CMP Proxy Servlet doesn't properly handle messages with faulty ASN.1 syntax
[ECA-4929] - Sample code not updated after refactorings
[ECA-4930] - Left-over old generated web services sources
[ECA-4931] - Minor security issue
[ECA-4945] - Edit admin entities broken in WildFly 10
[ECA-4955] - CMP Proxy swallows underlying error message when verifying certificate path
[ECA-4956] - Regression: Key alias in CMS CA service was changed so it can not be read after upgrade
[ECA-4964] - NoClassDefFound in PeerConnectorServlet.destroy(), causes JBoss to freeze
[ECA-4971] - Partial fix for handling InterruptedException correctly
[ECA-4974] - Regression: SecureXMLDecoder doesn't allow import of CertificatePolicy objects
[ECA-4988] - CMP Aliases can't handle that End Entity Profiles are renamed
[ECA-4990] - CMP aliases can't handle CA removal
[ECA-4992] - SHA256WithRSAAndMGF1 broken in some cases
[ECA-4996] - Editing a CMP configuration while having limited access leads to hidden aliases being deleted
[ECA-5003] - Profiles export fail if hard tokens are enabled.
[ECA-5005] - Root access required to save system configuration
[ECA-5072] - KeyBindings do not work if there's a CVC CA or uninitialized CA available
[ECA-5098] - ApprovalProfile table breaks EJBCA DB CLI
[ECA-5128] - Invoke postUpgrade instead of upgrade from placeholder
[ECA-5165] - Access rule "store_certificate" is not used in the code
[ECA-5185] - Regression: can not revoke user when user's registered CAId does not exist
[ECA-5187] - languagefile.en.properties: correct different typings of ID
[ECA-5193] - Fix broken jenkins test with non-serializable Keystore in RaMasterApi
[ECA-5204] - RA enrollment: User doesn't get its request ID if RA is running on peer
[ECA-5206] - CMP revocation requests fails CA authorisation if issuer CA has X.500 ordering
[ECA-5213] - GUI bug in send notification, can not be set afterwards if set to required in profile
[ECA-5216] - Checking requestId gives possibility to finalize even if it's not possible
[ECA-5217] - WebService method checkRevokationStatus does not return null for non existing certificates as documented
[ECA-5220] - Notification related fields show up on the approvals page
[ECA-5224] - RA enrollment: Fix and improve the enrollment with approval buttons
[ECA-5228] - Circular dependency between ApprovalProfileCacheBean and StartupSingletonBean
[ECA-5232] - Adding approval profile metadata fields only works correctly for the final step
[ECA-5234] - Store authentication token instead of admin cert serial number/issuer in approval requests
[ECA-5236] - 'Hour' format in Advanced Mode for Search End Entities
[ECA-5239] - GUI improvements to the Manage Request page
[ECA-5244] - Cloning Approval Profiles ignores the new name and it's not possible to rename
[ECA-5245] - NPE approving as another Admin in KaRA
[ECA-5258] - RA enrollment: Support for enrolling PEM keystores
[ECA-5260] - Occasional ConcurrentModificationException when re-deploying
[ECA-5261] - Use id instead of approvalId as a Request ID
[ECA-5262] - End Entity notifications when using approval always uses the requestAdmin, and not the approvalAdmin
[ECA-5267] - RA enrollment: Unique Subject DN check is done after approval
[ECA-5268] - Internal database constraint test audit logs certificate storage
[ECA-5275] - Deleting Approval steps doesn't actually remove the step
[ECA-5277] - Fix NPE when trying to list processed approvals in the RA
[ECA-5278] - Handle approval editing in one step in ApprovalSessionBean, so the id can be preserved
[ECA-5281] - EjbcaWSTest.test25CreateandGetCRL fails sporadically
[ECA-5282] - Update "previous steps" in the RA approval page to handle partitions
[ECA-5289] - Approval requests listing in the RA are never shown if older than the default validity (8 hours)
[ECA-5293] - Regression: Manage Request page does not work over peers
[ECA-5296] - Approval class has updated serialVersionUID
[ECA-5297] - Number of remaining approvals is reset after upgrade
[ECA-5298] - Fix Exceptions in RA GUI approvals
[ECA-5299] - EjbcaWSTest.test03_5CertificateRequest fails with End Entity Profile limitations on
[ECA-5305] - Regression: SecureXMLDecoder doesn't allow import of CTLog objects
[ECA-5321] - JUnit: handle test case where we try to add non existing DN parameter to EE profile
[ECA-5323] - Client toolbox start script not working for p11 when JAVA_HOME is set
[ECA-5324] - NPE when trying to approve and the approval profile is to type Accumulative
[ECA-5335] - KaRA: authorization cache is for ever, even with clear caches
[ECA-5338] - External RA GUI should not bundle hibernate jar to deploy on WildFly 10
[ECA-5342] - ui:repeat does not respect the "rendered" parameter on the RA Manage Request page, causing exceptions
[ECA-5345] - KaRA: Manage Requests->Processed doesn't show anything
[ECA-5346] - Name field does not work on Manage Request page
[ECA-5347] - Java type inconsistencies in NameToIdMap
[ECA-5349] - Not able to import statedump from EJBCA 6.5 into EJBCA 6.6
[ECA-5350] - CA importcert CLI command should halt on error when no superadmincn is provided
[ECA-5351] - statedump.sh script doesn't handle relative paths
[ECA-5353] - Statedump source ziprelease includes .class files
[ECA-5358] - KaRA: Text for 'Upload CSR' in RA GUI truncated
[ECA-5363] - Headers are offset by one in Manage Requests view in mobile layout
[ECA-5366] - Login link on public RA pages does not work
[ECA-5367] - Edit End Entity requests show up with type = "???" in the RA
[ECA-5375] - Enrollment from RA requires Edit End Entity access, instead of Add End Entity
[ECA-5376] - Missing Administrator info in 'Waiting for Approval' section
[ECA-5378] - Fix NPE when deleting the only step in an approval profile
[ECA-5388] - OCSPResponseGenerator should use BC provider for signature verification
[ECA-5391] - Wrong encoding of documentTypeList in ICAO 9303 DS certificates
[ECA-5392] - ApprovalProfileBase.getSteps checks for null instead of empty
[ECA-5403] - Improve messages in the RA Enrollment page
[ECA-5411] - Email Notification parameters containing $ sign causes error
[ECA-5414] - Systemtest failures with non JDK handled EC curves
[ECA-5420] - Availability of EEPs in RA is cached session cached
[ECA-5422] - Access rule misspelled in AdminCertReqServlet
[ECA-5425] - Error codes of Peer Connectors does not work
[ECA-5427] - NPE when doing direct issuance via RA
[ECA-5431] - Typo in 'Notification Messages' under End Entity Profile page
[ECA-5435] - Don't render Provide User Credentials section in RA when empty
[ECA-5436] - Regression: Order of CT log might not be respected
[ECA-5439] - Installation instructions don't work for Wildfly 10 / JBoss EAP 7.0 in some cases
[ECA-5440] - Verification of database protection not working for Custom Certificate extensions
[ECA-5441] - Statedump import failure for InternalKeyBinding
[ECA-5454] - NPE in AdminGUI when the same admin approves a request a second time

[ECA-3959] - Editing end entity profile generates unnecessary INFO
[ECA-4413] - Simplify EJB lookups in CAAdminSessionBean
[ECA-4438] - Remove unused caid parameter in CA.createPKCS7Rollover
[ECA-4499] - Allow longer SAN and DN by default
[ECA-4673] - Downloading an non-existent delta-CRL on the public web leads to a 404
[ECA-4690] - Replace deprecated references to org.bouncycastle.asn1.x509.SubjectPublicKeyInfo.SubjectPublicKeyInfo(ASN1Sequence)
[ECA-4795] - External RA: NPE in external RA gui when externalra-gui.issuerchain points to a non existing file
[ECA-4803] - Security hardening
[ECA-4906] - Limit OCSP Nonce to 32 bytes
[ECA-4914] - Don't throw RTE when checking for non-existing CryptoToken activation status
[ECA-4932] - Exclude install properties files from ejbca.ear
[ECA-4936] - ConcurrentCache: Improve performance
[ECA-4947] - Resetting an end entity password after key recovery should not require 'Edit End Entities'-rights
[ECA-4952] - Simplified X509CertificateAuthenticationToken constructor
[ECA-4963] - Certificate Profiles: Keep sorting, but sort default profile types first.
[ECA-4970] - Set secure flag on Admin GUI session cookie
[ECA-4983] - ejbcajslib.js has unneeded comment chars
[ECA-4987] - Set search.cgi welcome page for RFC 4387 CRL and certificate stores
[ECA-4998] - Document that CMP Unid support currently isn't supported
[ECA-5029] - Usability improvement, limit Policy User Notice text field to 200 characters
[ECA-5044] - Security Improvement
[ECA-5047] - Improve pom.xml for cert-cvc
[ECA-5088] - Move all CRUD methods from ApprovalData into ApprovalSessionBean
[ECA-5106] - Add database column for subjectAltNames (SAN) in CertificateData
[ECA-5115] - Allow notifications to be sent when admin has an external certificate not available in the database
[ECA-5130] - Fix some resource leaks and thread locking issues in source
[ECA-5142] - Generalize and improve InternalKeyBindingProperty
[ECA-5147] - MS SQL server support in External RA build task
[ECA-5148] - Perform some cosmetic improvements to the approve action page
[ECA-5160] - Have externalized Approvals initialize their authentication tokens
[ECA-5168] - Improve system tests for application servers that enforce class loading
[ECA-5192] - Don't show admin roles that can't approve or view approvals
[ECA-5195] - RA Enrollment: Show password only with downloading keystore
[ECA-5196] - RA Enrollment: Provide user with more verbose error message during token creation
[ECA-5203] - RA enrollment: Add support for autogenerated passwords
[ECA-5212] - Sort Approvals by Request Date by default
[ECA-5214] - KaRA: creating end entity should set email notification when it is required
[ECA-5215] - KaRA: PRA Error handling when not unique subject DN or public key
[ECA-5226] - Improve exceptions handling over peers to support more than just a message
[ECA-5241] - Improve RA API exception handling
[ECA-5247] - Change which requests are shown under the Pending and Processed tabs
[ECA-5257] - RA enrollment: Download Token name should be CN value
[ECA-5273] - Query.toString() should output something readable
[ECA-5300] - Certificate Policies in the same order in certificate encoding as in the GUI
[ECA-5301] - Add instruction for upgrade
[ECA-5307] - PRA: Manage requests should show request ID
[ECA-5317] - Autogenerated EE usernames as configurable with EEP
[ECA-5318] - RA enrollment: Remove password fields with certificate creation if approval are not required
[ECA-5332] - Statedump import should skip revocation of end entities' certificates
[ECA-5343] - KaRA: AuthLoginException should contain error code, fix missing parameter to error messages
[ECA-5344] - KaRA: password should be called enrollment code
[ECA-5355] - KaRA: some reasons missing when explaining why admin can't approve a certain request
[ECA-5356] - Delete modules/dist directory on clean
[ECA-5357] - KaRA Usability: request form clearing and email
[ECA-5362] - KaRA Usability: Rename "Needs Approval" and "Pending Approval"
[ECA-5371] - KaRA Usability: more information when finalizing enrollment
[ECA-5377] - Improvements for Approval Profiles Documentation
[ECA-5393] - Log subject DN of cert failing validity check
[ECA-5400] - KaRA: Document authorization rules for RA User and RA Admin
[ECA-5405] - Security hardening
[ECA-5410] - Approval profile notifications ability to include admin who last approved request
[ECA-5418] - Show approval request type on the Manage Request page
[ECA-5421] - CA Token Properties upgrade should debug log and be case insensitive

Master Ticket
[ECA-5315] - KaRA Usability: improve usability of wording in KaRA

New Feature
[ECA-2277] - NetBeans IDE project
[ECA-2390] - Import CRL via the WebUI
[ECA-2842] - Add SAN SRVName OtherName for Service Name in Certificates (RFC 4985)
[ECA-2843] - Add SAN XmppAddr OtherName for XMPP Client certificates (RFC 6120)
[ECA-4379] - Add additional CVC OIDs for SHA512 and SHA384
[ECA-4473] - Shell script for running statedump tool
[ECA-4861] - Add Windows Certificate Autoenroll files as module
[ECA-4972] - GUI Support for PKI Disclosure Statements (PDS) QCStatement and QCType
[ECA-5111] - ID on SIM (RFC-4683) support in cesecore
[ECA-5145] - Internal profile support for eIDAS Qualified Extension types Type and PDS
[ECA-5264] - Make requestID available for end entity notifications when an Approval request to add end entity is created (waiting for approval)
[ECA-5265] - Configure WS genTokenCertificates and viewHardToken to use the new approval profiles
[ECA-5274] - Audit log approval profiles
[ECA-5279] - Support RegisteredID in subject alternative name
[ECA-5310] - Update SQL scripts for EJBCA 6.6.0 database schema changes
[ECA-5322] - Ability to use variables in email subject for email expiration service
[ECA-5412] - Add support for Services that run on all hosts to enable HSM Keepalive Service to run on all nodes in a cluster

[ECA-4782] - RA must be configurable to demand logged in users
[ECA-4784] - RA interface must handle certificate management tasks including requesting revocation
[ECA-4786] - RA must allow searching for End Entities
[ECA-4788] - All requests must be given a universal identifier so that they can be tracked through logs
[ECA-4796] - RA must handle certificate requests by manual CSRs
[ECA-4801] - RA Administrators must be able to be notified about user requests
[ECA-4804] - Notify other administrators about certificate issuances or revocations
[ECA-4805] - RA administrators must be able to edit user requests.
[ECA-4820] - RA users should be able to see the status of their requests
[ECA-4863] - Approvals should be partitioned
[ECA-4873] - PRA must allow searching for Certificates
[ECA-4895] - RA users will be able to request server side generated keystores
[ECA-4896] - Logged in RA users should see the certificate types types they're authorized to
[ECA-4979] - RA Interface should allow download of CA certificates and CRLs
[ECA-5153] - RA administrators must be able to create end entities from the PRA
[ECA-5336] - KaRA: As a RA User I have forgotten my requestID and need to finalize enrollment

[ECA-4868] - Security Issue
[ECA-5031] - Update cmp proxy web.xml to JEE6
[ECA-5209] - Remove additional left-over old generated web services sources
[ECA-5263] - Update the RA to handle partitioned approvals properly
[ECA-5348] - Add JUnit test for Certificate Profile extension
[ECA-5361] - Evaluate security test report
[ECA-5370] - KaRA usability: Rename Generate buttons to Download
[ECA-5408] - Add authorization checks when trying to edit a request
[ECA-5409] - Allow the Auditor role to see all RA pages except enrollment
[ECA-5413] - Update CT log documentation
[ECA-5437] - Document that Wildfly 10 config also applies to JBoss EAP 7.0.x
[ECA-5446] - Prevent locales used during development to be selected in RA

Technical Requirement
[ECA-4817] - An authentication token must travel in a nestled fashion from the RA to the CA, rights will be the intersection of all nestled tokens' rights
[ECA-4819] - CA->ERA/PRA should use Peers to establish their connection
[ECA-4826] - ERA/PRA must extract a subset of access rules from the CA
[ECA-4869] - Deployable Public RA interface (PRA) as part of the EJBCA EAR
[ECA-4917] - RA Proxy Authorization Cache

[ECA-4446] - Introduce typing for ListDataModel
[ECA-4800] - Support for request revocation of authorized certificates
[ECA-4867] - Long hanging peer connections for reverse calls
[ECA-4870] - Create a module for the Public RA interface and make sure it is deployed with the EJBCA EAR
[ECA-4874] - Add End Entity Profile ID column to CertificateData
[ECA-4875] - Create a basic PrimeKey branded CSS for the RA interface
[ECA-4879] - Create/modify an authentication token that handles nestled credentials
[ECA-4881] - Reverse calls should use AuthenticationToken with caller's server side TLS cert
[ECA-4898] - Create initial RA enrollment workflow
[ECA-4907] - Implement Approval Profiles and convert the old approvals to the appropriate profile.
[ECA-4908] - KaRA-Approvals: Handle approval request according to approval profiles
[ECA-4911] - KaRA-Approvals: Implement "Edit"
[ECA-4918] - Method to list access rules that the AuthenticationToken is authorized to
[ECA-4919] - Call RA peer when access rules change
[ECA-4920] - RaAccessBean on RA for checking authorization
[ECA-4922] - Introduce PublicAccessAuthenticationToken
[ECA-4927] - Improve logging and retries of peer connections
[ECA-4934] - Improve performance of LookAheadObjecInputStream tree
[ECA-4937] - Proper error handling
[ECA-4938] - Basic RA client HTTP session handling
[ECA-4940] - I18N: Handle right to left languages in RA
[ECA-4941] - I18N: Use UTF-8 in resource bundles and add fallback to default language
[ECA-4942] - Peer Connector config for long-handing RA threads
[ECA-4944] - Simplify authorization of server side TLS certificates for Peer RA
[ECA-4948] - Test required access rules for EJBCA WS keyRecovery operation
[ECA-4954] - Event driven throttle up of long hanging connections
[ECA-4962] - Per-AuthenticationToken cache for AccessSets
[ECA-4966] - Prevent race condition when app server is started and quickly shutdown
[ECA-4969] - Prevent HTTP session stealing for TLS authenticated clients
[ECA-4973] - Reloading the RA Authorization Cache instead of clearing it
[ECA-4975] - Improve RA JSF base according to best practices
[ECA-4977] - KaRA: Add OWASP ESAPI best practices
[ECA-4981] - KaRA Approvals: Create access rules to manage ApprovalProfiles
[ECA-4984] - RA page for CA certificate and CRL downloads
[ECA-4986] - Leave a database mark for EEP Id population when upgrading to 6.6.0
[ECA-4994] - Convert RaMasterApiProxy into a singleton
[ECA-4995] - Progressive Enhancement with KickAss RA
[ECA-5006] - Page to view/handle approval requests in the RA UI
[ECA-5011] - Create certificate search base page and basic API call to improve on
[ECA-5013] - Use RaAccessBean to limit displayed choices in the menu
[ECA-5016] - Use reflection Proxy for RaMasterApi mock objects in tests
[ECA-5018] - Detect if RFC4387 CRL store is enabled and adapt CRL download URLs
[ECA-5028] - Inform RA of latest authorization cache update number on reconnect
[ECA-5032] - Create end entity search base page and basic API call to improve on
[ECA-5040] - Test search functionality on large dataset and limit query database load when possible
[ECA-5042] - Override serialization of CertificateDataWrapper, to handle passing CertificateData between different versions
[ECA-5051] - KaRA-Approvals: Move method accessing the database to the session bean
[ECA-5052] - KaRA-Approvals: Replace the current cache with a @singleton bean
[ECA-5053] - KaRA-Approvals: Sort approval profiles in the AdminGUI
[ECA-5054] - Remove unused approvals code from UI
[ECA-5058] - Add Approval and Request Expiration periods options to Approval Profile
[ECA-5061] - KaRA-Approvals: Set the right approval profiles
[ECA-5064] - Change class name of ApprovalProfileNumberOfApprovals
[ECA-5067] - KaRA-Approvals: Approval Profile Cache should be cleared in the CLI too
[ECA-5068] - KaRA-Approvals: Update documentation about approvals
[ECA-5070] - Authorization rights for enrollment with new request
[ECA-5077] - KaRA-Approvals: ApprovalProfileTypes in ServiceLoader
[ECA-5082] - Maintain 100% uptime when upgrading Approvals
[ECA-5090] - Clean up test methods in RaMasterApi
[ECA-5092] - JUnit test for API design violations
[ECA-5097] - RA Certificate chain download as PKCS#7
[ECA-5100] - Certificate details view in RA
[ECA-5109] - Serialize exceptions from invocations
[ECA-5110] - Implement RA certificate search by Subject Alternative Name
[ECA-5113] - RA method to get approval request by hash (approvalId)
[ECA-5120] - Public Access token match either PLAIN or CONFIDENTIAL transport
[ECA-5121] - AccessMatchType.NONE should not requre a matchValue
[ECA-5123] - Admin should be able to see which admin an approval request is waiting for
[ECA-5125] - Log who edited an approval request
[ECA-5126] - Add notBefore column to CertificateData
[ECA-5127] - Implement RA certificate search by issuance date as advanced option
[ECA-5137] - Split generic search string into fields
[ECA-5143] - Add view functionality for EEs in RA
[ECA-5154] - Show preview of certificate during RA enrollment
[ECA-5157] - Update admin guide on Peer Systems with new RA functionality
[ECA-5159] - Invoke EEP's revoked notification when an individual certificate is revoked
[ECA-5162] - Add approval metadata to Partitioned Approval Profiles
[ECA-5163] - Add view rights to partitioned approval profiles
[ECA-5164] - Display completed steps as view only when performing approval (if view rights are held)
[ECA-5172] - Add an e-mail field to approval partitions
[ECA-5173] - Add notification evaluation to approval executions
[ECA-5177] - Refactor download credentials type during enrollment on PRA
[ECA-5180] - Show "certificate preview" during enrollment on PRA
[ECA-5182] - Enforce certificate profile algorightms for CSR during PRA enrollment
[ECA-5183] - Fix approvals in the RA GUI after the refactoring
[ECA-5186] - PRA enrollment: add support for the multiple non-modifiable values for EE fields
[ECA-5189] - Approval Profile page renderes non-JS button in view mode
[ECA-5200] - Add Web Designer styles and modifications, including mobile
[ECA-5201] - Add support for nesting of parameter type List<AuthenticationToken> in RaMasterApi
[ECA-5202] - Deserialized NestableAuthenticationTokens needs to be re-initialized within JVM
[ECA-5205] - Use certs-only PKCS#7 / CMS on RA
[ECA-5207] - Allow configuration of /ra_slave/manage from simplified peer auth view
[ECA-5208] - RA enrollment: Refactor the RA interface according to the synchup week 27
[ECA-5211] - Clean up GUI request authorization checks
[ECA-5218] - Use more efficient backend call for RaMasterApi.getApprovalDataByRequestHash
[ECA-5219] - Add buttons for changing step order in the approval profile UI
[ECA-5221] - Split generic search string into fields
[ECA-5222] - RA enrollment: Improve handling of NoJS buttons
[ECA-5225] - RA enrollment: Hide static fields by default
[ECA-5229] - Better handling of CSR upload during RA enrollment
[ECA-5231] - Remove the approvalprofileid column from ApprovalData
[ECA-5237] - Populate modifiable SAN fields from CSR during RA enrollment
[ECA-5243] - Enforce CSR or key spec in EndEntityInformation when issuing a certificate
[ECA-5248] - Don't localize logged messages using current users selected locale
[ECA-5313] - KaRA Usability: Start step with nr 1 instead of 0 in Approval Profiles in Admin GUI
[ECA-5314] - KaRA Usability: should be able to notify what partition (name) was performed
[ECA-5316] - KaRA Usability: rename the word Partition for appoval parts
[ECA-5340] - KaRA Usability: Shorten auto-generated username to 32 chars

EJBCA 6.5.5


[ECA-5495] - Update of imported CA certificate is not persisted to the CertificateData table

[ECA-5496] - IKB certificate import should not use the current CA certificate if public key does not match
[ECA-5501] - Don't initialize classes in ServiceManifestBuilder

EJBCA 6.5.4

[ECA-5206] - CMP revocation requests fails CA authorization if issuer CA has X.500 ordering
[ECA-5253] - NPE should be avoided when not receiving an OCSP response in CmpProxyServlet
[ECA-5305] - Regression: SecureXMLDecoder doesn't allow import of CTLog objects
[ECA-5323] - Client toolbox start script not working for p11 when JAVA_HOME is set
[ECA-5387] - Issuer Alternative Name not included in Root CA until it's renewed
[ECA-5440] - Verification of database protection not working for Custom Certificate extensions

New Feature
[ECA-5279] - Support RegisteredID in subject alternative name
[ECA-5322] - Ability to use variables in email subject for email expiration service

[ECA-5300] - Certificate Policies in the same order in certificate encoding as in the GUI
[ECA-5459] - Only regard revocation reasons *Compromise and unspecified as CA private key compromise in VA

EJBCA 6.5.3


[ECA-5085] - Regression: ca editca fails on an NPE if --fields parameter is missed.
[ECA-5089] - Security hardening
[ECA-5091] - Single Active Certificate Constraint does not cause publishing when called from CMP
[ECA-5129] - Security issue
[ECA-5144] - Regression: Bug in Key Recovery

[ECA-5038] - State more clearly in documentation that Peers is enterprise only
[ECA-5093] - Add debug logging when testing CT publisher connections
[ECA-5094] - Potential security issue
[ECA-5096] - In SCEP servlet don't info log auth failure that has already been audit logged
[ECA-5099] - Potential security issue
[ECA-5131] - Update Japanese Language Files
[ECA-5135] - ejbca-db-cli verify command should support individual table verification
[ECA-5158] - ejbca-db-cli "verify integrity protection" flag does not affect tables related to RoleData

New Feature
[ECA-5136] - CHR override for IS and DV certificates

EJBCA 6.5.2


[ECA-4684] - Possible to enter more pages than there are results in View Audit Logs page
[ECA-5020] - Statedump bash script is unintentionally included with release zip
[ECA-5021] - Regression: Statedump is no longer able to import crypto tokens without activating them
[ECA-5022] - CMP: Unable to find existing end entity profiles
[ECA-5030] - Can't select uninitialised root CA as signer for local uninitialised sub-CA
[ECA-5033] - Role display issue adding end entities
[ECA-5034] - Can't use negative values in FieldEditor / editcertificateprofile command
[ECA-5043] - If the folder defined by cmp.backend.extracertissuer does not exist, an NPE is thrown.
[ECA-5048] - Single Active Certificate Constraint does not cause publishing
[ECA-5069] - editca CLI command fails when renaming a CA
[ECA-5071] - NPE thrown when importing statedump with prefix for CA CN field in subject DN
[ECA-5073] - Security Issue
[ECA-5075] - Possible session caching issues on SCEP alias page
[ECA-5081] - Viewing deleted userdata may show session cached value of previously viewed user

[ECA-5007] - Use last full CRL generation date as input to certificate expiration
[ECA-5024] - Don't log error when cAId column does not exist in AdminGroupData
[ECA-5076] - Log as failed login event if certificate does not belong to any role

New Feature
[ECA-4610] - eIDAS: New ETSI DN attribute "organizationIdentifier"

EJBCA 6.5.1


[ECA-4549] - In Basic Access Rules, 'All' is listed last in the list of CAs
[ECA-4834] - Security hardening
[ECA-4856] - Security Hardening
[ECA-4858] - Confusing audit log message when reactivating a crypto token
[ECA-4860] - CryptoToken Id not updated when importing a statedump with the merge option
[ECA-4862] - CmpMessageHelper.createUnprotectedErrorMessage throws an NPE if a nonce is not included in the CMP message
[ECA-4872] - System configuration page broken in WildFly 10
[ECA-4882] - CMP Proxy: Message signer chain should have its own configuration key in cmpProxy.properties
[ECA-4883] - CMP Proxy: NPE when the right CA certificate is not found
[ECA-4884] - Reference to Hudson in code when deploying ant
[ECA-4885] - Key recovery requires 'Edit End Entities'-rights
[ECA-4889] - Change all references from "Enrolment" to "Enrollment"
[ECA-4892] - Clearing caches fails locally if clearing the cache on any clustered nodes fails as well.
[ECA-4893] - CMP Proxy: Revocation status cache is read incorrectly
[ECA-4923] - ClientToolBox is missing lib/ejbca-ws.jar dependency
[ECA-4925] - Old version of cert-cvc still under lib
[ECA-4928] - CMP Proxy Servlet doesn't properly handle messages with faulty ASN.1 syntax
[ECA-4931] - Minor security issue
[ECA-4945] - Edit admin entities broken in WildFly 10
[ECA-4955] - CMP Proxy swallows underlying error message when verifying certificate path
[ECA-4956] - Regression: Key alias in CMS CA service was changed so it can not be read after upgrade
[ECA-4974] - Regression: SecureXMLDecoder doesn't allow import of CertificatePolicy objects
[ECA-4988] - CMP Aliases can't handle that End Entity Profiles are renamed
[ECA-4990] - CMP aliases can't handle CA removal
[ECA-4992] - SHA256WithRSAAndMGF1 broken in some cases
[ECA-4996] - Editing a CMP configuration while having limited access leads to hidden aliases being deleted

[ECA-4673] - Downloading an non-existent delta-CRL on the public web leads to a 404
[ECA-4795] - External RA: NPE in external RA gui when externalra-gui.issuerchain points to a non existing file
[ECA-4906] - Limit OCSP Nonce to 32 bytes
[ECA-4932] - Exclude install properties files from ejbca.ear
[ECA-4947] - Resetting an end entity password after key recovery should not require 'Edit End Entities'-rights
[ECA-4963] - Certificate Profiles: Keep sorting, but sort default profile types first.
[ECA-4998] - Document that CMP Unid support currently isn't supported

New Feature
[ECA-4473] - Shell script for running statedump tool

[ECA-4868] - Security Issue



[ECA-5767] - Soft CA Token key alias set to wrong value in upgrade from 4.0
[ECA-5764] - Backport: Key alias in CMS CA service was changed so it can not be read after upgrade
[ECA-5784] - Legacy script based autoenrolment should not remove end entity profile
[ECA-5798] - Backport clientToolBox fix to EJBCA Community



[ECA-4872] - System configuration page broken in WildFly 10
[ECA-4945] - Edit admin entities broken in WildFly 10
[ECA-5687] - EJBCA 6.5.0 Community post-upgrade does not fail gracefully



[ECA-4931] - Minor security issue
[ECA-4955] - CMP Proxy swallows underlying error message when verifying certificate path



[ECA-4860] - CryptoToken Id not updated when importing a statedump with the merge option



[ECA-4862] - CmpMessageHelper.createUnprotectedErrorMessage throws an NPE if a nonce is not included in the CMP message

EJBCA 6.5.0


[ECA-2841] - Document Password Limitation in manuals and sample files.
[ECA-3600] - The /ca_functionality/edit_ca is missing from advanced Access Rules
[ECA-3859] - E-mail doesn't work in usernamemapping in self-registration
[ECA-4262] - Name constraints encoding incorrect in a certain case
[ECA-4310] - Certificate profile key length restriction ignored when creating CA
[ECA-4478] - Display "Base64 log ids" when listing CT logs
[ECA-4518] - Cloning a fixed hard token certificate profile leads to GUI bug
[ECA-4535] - ArrayIndexOutOfBounds when upgrading EJBCA 4 installations
[ECA-4546] - Regression: Approvals page ignores 'Expired' status
[ECA-4551] - Implement non-partitioned CRLs that will work with name-changed CSCA
[ECA-4579] - GUI: Some spaces added in original values in End Entity profile
[ECA-4582] - Regression: Edit end entity profile notifications bug
[ECA-4584] - GUI: Display problem of Extended Key Usages, in View Certificates
[ECA-4587] - Regression: test20MaliciousOcspRequest hangs forever on everything but Wildfly8
[ECA-4588] - "Renew Browser Certificate"-link in Public Web broken
[ECA-4602] - CMP: EEC authmodule - Checking for CA authorization does not work
[ECA-4613] - Don't allow deletion of CT logs that are still in use by a Certificate Profile
[ECA-4616] - Regression: EJBCA WS CLI shows a lot of warnings
[ECA-4623] - Handle CertificateCreateException with null ErrorCode in public web
[ECA-4626] - Duplicate DN values fail in the Self-Registration forms
[ECA-4627] - Security Hardening
[ECA-4628] - GUI: CA Structure & CRLs usability
[ECA-4631] - Security Issue
[ECA-4634] - The check whether Subject Directory Attributes fulfill profile always fails in Self-Registration
[ECA-4644] - Fix the jbosslogsigning target
[ECA-4656] - NPE on system configuration page if no other page has been loaded before it
[ECA-4662] - Test CrmfRAPbeRequestTest does not clean up correctly
[ECA-4663] - Regression: Standard superadmin shows up as 'Custom' in Basic Access Rules View
[ECA-4664] - CompressedCollection silently allows add() after closeForWrite()
[ECA-4666] - CmpTestCase can't be run against CmpProxy
[ECA-4669] - Revoking/Republishing certificate by selecting its serial number from audit log outputs NPE
[ECA-4671] - Possible infinite recursion, leading to OOM in intresources
[ECA-4677] - Audit log: Only show valid conditions for each search column
[ECA-4683] - Trying to view deleted end entity gives NPE
[ECA-4686] - Approval requests from Self Registration appear to originate from CLI
[ECA-4694] - CMP: EEC authmodule - Checking for CA authorization still does not work
[ECA-4700] - Fix bugs related to Auditor role
[ECA-4707] - PeerInternalKeyBindingUpdaterWorker should check status of CA's CryptoToken before trying renewal
[ECA-4709] - NPE when trying to display remote IKB where remote cert is not present on CA
[ECA-4714] - Security issue
[ECA-4718] - Regression: EndEntityManagementSessionTest.test07MergeWithWS fails on the community release
[ECA-4719] - ocsp.reqsigncertrevcachetime not defined in defaultvalues.properties
[ECA-4721] - Certificate Transparency tab in System Configuration shows up in Community Edition
[ECA-4733] - Security hardening of new Statedump GUI
[ECA-4736] - Handle changed Subject DN in statedump files
[ECA-4738] - Missing properties in cesecore-common library
[ECA-4740] - CmpProxyServlet doesn't calculate process time correctly
[ECA-4745] - Certificate Profile: Don't save values of disabled fields to make audit easier
[ECA-4747] - Imported certificate profile does not include AvailableCAs in the GUI
[ECA-4752] - Possible NPE in ConcurrentCache when using DEBUG logging
[ECA-4754] - ejbca.org index page broken in chromium
[ECA-4757] - Help reference not visible in services page
[ECA-4762] - RA Administrators (Pre-defined role template) privileges are missing
[ECA-4765] - GeneralPurposeCustomPublisher doesn't surround command arguments with quotes.
[ECA-4812] - Healthcheck of CAs get key count wrong and checks for previousCertSignKey
[ECA-4814] - SQL error in schema for Postgres databases
[ECA-4815] - Fix some JUnit test failures in JDK8
[ECA-4824] - Information leak in debug log
[ECA-4830] - Minor security hardening
[ECA-4832] - Security issue
[ECA-4839] - Certificate download redirect does not work with non-ASCII characters in the Subject DN
[ECA-4841] - Regression: Events are not shown in the 'View Log'
[ECA-4843] - Regression: ConfigurationHolder can no longer read built in properties
[ECA-4847] - Don't lock down statedump in fresh installations

[ECA-659] - Add restriction for key algorithm in certificate profiles
[ECA-1910] - CAs in alphabetic order in the CA Structure & CRLs page
[ECA-3204] - Re-factoring of P11Slot
[ECA-3780] - Split and kill the src-directory
[ECA-3929] - Improve rendering of crypto tokens on the CA Activation page.
[ECA-4075] - Document that naming in IS end entities should not be changed
[ECA-4237] - Peer connections should send full client certificate chain
[ECA-4274] - Eliminate redundant images from docs
[ECA-4393] - Reduce number of errors from the OCSP signing cache about expired CAs
[ECA-4401] - Can not read private key with alias containing åäö from keystore
[ECA-4403] - Parallel CT log submission
[ECA-4404] - TLS session re-use for CT submission
[ECA-4481] - Cache revocation status of request signers in OCSP responder
[ECA-4482] - Make new transaction log variable for ISSUER_NAME and REQ_NAME in original order
[ECA-4543] - Implement CSCA "CA Name Change" feature from ICAO 9303 7th part 12
[ECA-4552] - Allow statedump to merge existing CryptoTokens
[ECA-4562] - Make sure that there is only one set of code handling HSM keys.
[ECA-4563] - CMP: ResponseStatus in CmpErrorResponseMessage is not used and should be removed
[ECA-4564] - CMP: return message SYSTEM_UNAVAILABLE when profiles can not be read/found in RA mode
[ECA-4570] - Document validation error messages returned by CMP Proxy
[ECA-4574] - GUI: System Configuration sub-section order
[ECA-4575] - GUI: Better CryptoToken alias default value
[ECA-4576] - Several SAN DNSname in EMPTY profile
[ECA-4577] - GUI: SHA-256 by default in CA creation form
[ECA-4583] - GUI: CryptoToken page usability (private key export)
[ECA-4595] - GUI: CA creation form usability
[ECA-4598] - Make SecConst.MAXIMUM_QUERY_ROWCOUNT into a configurable value
[ECA-4599] - EndEntityManagementSessionBean.revokeCert needlessly tries to revoke all certificates
[ECA-4601] - Don't require "/ct/v1" in CT log URL
[ECA-4607] - Allow CT Log public keys to be uploaded in DER format
[ECA-4620] - Security issue
[ECA-4629] - General code improvement
[ECA-4633] - New RSA key sizes for the Extended Services in CAs
[ECA-4638] - Minor improvements to CT Logs timeouts
[ECA-4643] - Remove Dependency checker test.
[ECA-4648] - Better configuration default values for languages
[ECA-4668] - Proactive public web security hardening
[ECA-4672] - Change CMP errors codes, missing aliases and already revoked
[ECA-4674] - Proactive web security hardening
[ECA-4676] - Allow CMP Proxy server to use multiple CA keychains
[ECA-4696] - Add path to SafeNet Luna Client 6.1 to default PKCS11 libraries
[ECA-4697] - Add path to SoftHSM to default PKCS11 libraries
[ECA-4699] - Replace deprecated references CertTools methods
[ECA-4701] - Update XStream and limit classes that can be deserialized by Statedump
[ECA-4703] - Use newer BC pattern in CertTools to get rid of some warnings
[ECA-4704] - Upgrade BouncyCastle to 1.54
[ECA-4712] - Remove BaseCryptoToken.extractKey(String, String, String)
[ECA-4720] - Document that the site search uses Google
[ECA-4726] - Make "CA Name Change" configurable through Global Configuration
[ECA-4734] - Document getAuthorizedAvailableAccessRules better
[ECA-4737] - Combine the efforts of ECA-4566 and ECA-4568
[ECA-4742] - Clarify error message when admin certificate does not belong to a user
[ECA-4748] - cmpclient: Use SHA256 as signature algorithm
[ECA-4773] - Lock down statedump when upgrading
[ECA-4775] - Improve statedump CLI lockdown handling
[ECA-4827] - Default healthcheck.publisherconnections to 'false' as documented in the admin guide
[ECA-4845] - Improve error messages for approvals.

New Feature
[ECA-4164] - Support for importing DER-encoded CA certificate file via CLI command "ca importcacert"
[ECA-4177] - DER-encoded format as output option during enrollment via CSR
[ECA-4319] - Include information in key binding CSR when creating from CLI
[ECA-4474] - Prefix/override support for statedump during import
[ECA-4504] - Make sure that a signature algorithm supported by the HSM is used when the algorithm is not specified.
[ECA-4508] - Ability to define custom order of DN in issued certificates
[ECA-4561] - Add restriction for EC curve names in certificate profiles
[ECA-4566] - Add signature validation of signed requests in CmpProxy
[ECA-4567] - Add HMAC PBE validation of signed requests in CmpProxy
[ECA-4568] - Revocation checking of signature certificates in CMP Proxy
[ECA-4569] - Separate library for certificate path validation
[ECA-4600] - Add a CMP client for test purposes
[ECA-4608] - Add Bull HSM default options for GUI access
[ECA-4609] - GUI: Display the SHA-256 certificate fingerprint
[ECA-4640] - GUI enabled statedump import of uploaded file
[ECA-4641] - GUI enabled statedump import of bundled file
[ECA-4698] - Add generics to CertTools.getCertfromByteArray methods
[ECA-4761] - CA name should be displayed in the delete CA prompt

[ECA-4138] - Write complete system tests for ClientToolBox
[ECA-4497] - Remove .cvsignore files from SVN repository
[ECA-4498] - Remove the CESeCore backup/restore scripts from the release zips
[ECA-4618] - CMSIncrementalMode is deprecated in Java 8 and should be removed from our config
[ECA-4717] - Add systemd sample configuration for RHEL/CentOD
[ECA-4730] - Remove old install guides from doc/howto

EJBCA 6.4.2


[ECA-4555] - PKCS#11 credentials are displayed incorrectly when creating CryptoToken
[ECA-4646] - Clear caches failing with NPE in OcspExtensionsCache when an extension class is not found

[ECA-4463] - Add additional pages to Auditor Role
[ECA-4682] - Log X-Forwarded-For if present in OCSP requests

EJBCA 6.4.1

[ECA-4262] - Name constraints encoding incorrect in a certain case
[ECA-4535] - ArrayIndexOutOfBounds when upgrading EJBCA 4 installations
[ECA-4582] - Regression: Edit end entity profile notifications bug
[ECA-4592] - Approvals contains no relevant information
[ECA-4602] - CMP: EEC authmodule - Checking for CA authorization does not work
[ECA-4623] - Handle CertificateCreateException with null ErrorCode in public web
[ECA-4631] - Security Issue

[ECA-4574] - GUI: System Configuration sub-section order
[ECA-4575] - GUI: Better CryptoToken alias default value
[ECA-4576] - Several SAN DNSname in EMPTY profile
[ECA-4577] - GUI: SHA-256 by default in CA creation form
[ECA-4583] - GUI: CryptoToken page usability (private key export)
[ECA-4595] - GUI: CA creation form usability
[ECA-4612] - Security Issue

EJBCA 6.4.0


[ECA-3576] - 'Enforce unique DN' creates a stack trace in public web
[ECA-4016] - Unable to activate a crypto token imported by statedump after restarting JBoss
[ECA-4022] - Can not use Brainpool or explicit ECC curve in CLI (e.g. import CA certificate, list/export CA)
[ECA-4030] - "Key sequence" always set to 00000 when saving uninitialised CA with available crypto token
[ECA-4171] - Missing parameter for the --end-entity-password option does not cause statedump import command to fail immediately
[ECA-4172] - End entities inaccessible after changing the subject DN of an uninitialised CA
[ECA-4197] - Role access rules not updated when changing subject DN of an uninitialised CA
[ECA-4228] - Clean redundant method declaration in PublisherSession and PublisherSessionLocal
[ECA-4276] - External RA SCEP junit test broken after BC updates
[ECA-4283] - Warning about missing intresources running External RA SCEP
[ECA-4284] - Possible to create a rollover certificate for a CA waiting for CSR
[ECA-4286] - ClientToolBox PKCS11HSMKeyTool can no longer handle sun config file
[ECA-4288] - Change usage license info in csv_to_endentity.sh
[ECA-4295] - Incorrect documentation on "Finish User" setting.
[ECA-4296] - SCEP Client Certificate Renewal shouldn't demand a challenge password
[ECA-4298] - Probably wrong description of parameters in help for importcacert command
[ECA-4306] - Use UTF-8 in German Admin GUI translation
[ECA-4326] - CRLDownload service can't handle multiple revocation changes in a CRL
[ECA-4327] - Links from cert enrollment completed page for IE is broken
[ECA-4333] - Detect available EC curves in JDK by OID
[ECA-4339] - DirectoryName subjectAltName is not added
[ECA-4356] - Regression: Sorting of certificates has become random
[ECA-4357] - Regression: external-ra-gui doesn't deploy
[ECA-4364] - Regression: Error editing Publishers under CA Functions in Admin Web
[ECA-4367] - ejbca-ws-generate not run after the addition of CA rollover WS operations
[ECA-4368] - intresources missing in externalra-gui war file
[ECA-4369] - NPE when trying to create custom publisher that is not pre-edited
[ECA-4371] - SCEP Client Certificate Renewal allows renewal using expired certificates
[ECA-4381] - OCSP TransactionLogger prints SERIALNUMBER instead of SN for REQ_NAME
[ECA-4385] - Internal issue
[ECA-4397] - Include custpubl publishers in build
[ECA-4399] - System test auth token classes should be commonly accessible
[ECA-4400] - Security Issue
[ECA-4402] - Subject alternative names dropped when using "Allow merge DN Web Services"
[ECA-4405] - ra addendentity CLI command breaks when hard token issuers are enabled
[ECA-4414] - Typo error in System Configuration page
[ECA-4416] - Verification of CRLs on CAs using Brainpool ECC does not always work
[ECA-4418] - Expect OCSP signing if EKU in OCSP signing certificate is marked critical
[ECA-4419] - Statedump 6.3 can't import 6.2 dump because ValidationAuthorityPublisher in not on the classpath
[ECA-4435] - SCEP: Use empty content in CACert PKCS#7 messages
[ECA-4453] - Peerconnector tests and Statedump fails to start due to JNDI problems (NoInitialContextException)
[ECA-4457] - EjbcaWS.findCerts(username, isValid=true) should not fetch expired certificates from database
[ECA-4469] - 'Edit Service' page: uppercase/lowercase inconsistency in drop down menu
[ECA-4471] - Unable to view certificate with E field in issuer DN
[ECA-4472] - EJB CLI fails if standalone argument is used after a standalone-enabled switch
[ECA-4475] - Validation javascript on End Entity Profile page throws exception
[ECA-4479] - CMP RA requests with only notBefore requested does not work
[ECA-4483] - Remote EJB serialization of Collection<Certificate> hangs on JBoss 7.1.1.GA
[ECA-4484] - EjbcaEventTypes.CA_ROLLEDOVER is missing its language reference
[ECA-4489] - No checkbox "Renew keys” on 'Edit CA' page
[ECA-4492] - NPE during standard SCEP Certificate Renewal
[ECA-4494] - Single Active Certificate Constraint misses certificates due to subject DN differing between UserData and CertificateData
[ECA-4495] - NPE in EJBCA WS findCerts when no base64CertData is stored
[ECA-4503] - Test case in CertificateCreateSessionTest uses wrong status constants
[ECA-4510] - Can't delete admin in access role
[ECA-4513] - Unchecking auto-activate does not persist for auto-generated crypto tokens using default password
[ECA-4523] - Security Issue, information leak
[ECA-4525] - CustomCertExtensions and ExtendedKeyUsages are sorted alphabetically instead of numerically
[ECA-4536] - Regression: Approve Action Name not displayed
[ECA-4542] - 'List of End Entity Profiles' displays nothing in Auditor pre-defined role
[ECA-4554] - NPE in remote IKB page when multiple CA clusters connect to the same VA

[ECA-3418] - Optimize JBoss reload during install
[ECA-3815] - Improve batch command instructions
[ECA-4034] - Include end entities in statedump export by default
[ECA-4113] - Modify BatchCreateTool to allow easy cleanup of files from p12 directory
[ECA-4163] - Move ScepRequestGenerator out of general code
[ECA-4174] - PKCS#11 symmetric key unwrapping for KeyRecovery broken for some HSMs on JDK >= 1.7.0_75
[ECA-4248] - Swap username and serialnumber for PUBLISHER_STORE_CERTIFICATE audit event
[ECA-4254] - Document prerequisite for trusting external CA's leaf cert from IKB
[ECA-4273] - Cosmetic cleanup of IEjbcaWS
[ECA-4281] - GUI: Optimization of the header banner of Admin GUI
[ECA-4287] - Pre-emptive rewrite of CertificateProfile cache
[ECA-4291] - Add system tests for EjbcaWS.caCertResponseForRollover
[ECA-4300] - Convert System Configuration page to JSF
[ECA-4301] - Add tabs to System Configuration Page
[ECA-4304] - Allow prefix for self registered users
[ECA-4305] - Disable choice in self registration when referenced profile does not exist
[ECA-4313] - Allow help text for custom publishers in language file
[ECA-4317] - Document how to encrypt the datasource password in standalone.xml for JBoss EAP 6.4/JBoss AS 7.1
[ECA-4325] - Remove CertificateCreationException from code
[ECA-4330] - Backport ECA-2576 to 6.2
[ECA-4331] - Make the static values for revocation reasons into a new type.
[ECA-4342] - Have cryptotokens excluded from Clear All Caches by default.
[ECA-4351] - Lower log level of misconfigured CertificatePolicies to WARN
[ECA-4352] - Always use EC curves OID when possible for key generation
[ECA-4361] - Add logging of 'X-Forwarded-For' in OCSP transaction log
[ECA-4365] - Document that Healtch check can be enabled/disabled per CA
[ECA-4376] - Add "All CAs" option to Rollover Service worker.
[ECA-4390] - GUI: System Configuration page usability
[ECA-4406] - Improve how upgrade versions are read, making migration from 6.2.10+ to 6.3+ possible
[ECA-4407] - Clarify Illegal key length exception message as limitation by certificate policy
[ECA-4415] - GUI: Certificate Profiles page usability
[ECA-4430] - Bundle JEE6 API library to minimize appserver build time dependency
[ECA-4431] - Update XML schemas for JEE6
[ECA-4440] - Fix use of deprecated version of storeCertificateRemote in CertificateStoreSessionRemote
[ECA-4441] - Rewrite the ExternalRA GUI to use JSF 2.0 and CSS
[ECA-4449] - GUI: CryptoToken page usability
[ECA-4454] - Certificate Profiles: Sort Custom Certificate Extension and EKUs alphabetically by label.
[ECA-4455] - CustomCertExtensions: Remove limit on number of certificate extensions (was: Identify by OID instead of ID)
[ECA-4456] - Allow EjbcaWS.findCerts(usename, isValid) to work without UserData
[ECA-4458] - Improvements to Certificate Extensions overview page
[ECA-4460] - Extended Key Usages overview page should be sorted by OID.
[ECA-4461] - Add input validation control to SAN in EEP
[ECA-4462] - Minor improvements to Auditor role
[ECA-4465] - GUI: End-Entity Profile usability
[ECA-4470] - Document how EKUs and CCEs are imported in upgrade
[ECA-4480] - ExtRA GUI DB2 support
[ECA-4490] - Upgrade EJBCA to BC 1.53
[ECA-4515] - Remove translation of CustomCertExtension displayname into readable text
[ECA-4517] - Buttons for type of Certificate Profile etc. are confusing for new users
[ECA-4531] - ExtendedKeyUsages: remove deprecated method
[ECA-4537] - 'End Entity Profiles' are not displayed in Access Rules

New Feature
[ECA-3436] - Support WildFly 8
[ECA-4264] - Ability to generate link certificate from key on HSM
[ECA-4279] - Add ability to specify revocation reason and revocation date when importing certificates in the CLI
[ECA-4282] - Allow CMP Proxy to work with External RA backend
[ECA-4341] - Add CertificateProfileID to OCSP transaction logs
[ECA-4343] - Custom Certificate Extensions and EKUs without recompilation
[ECA-4344] - Introduce a Read-Only admin to EJBCA
[ECA-4345] - Granular control over elements of the DN in End Entity Profiles
[ECA-4360] - SCEP Client Certificate Renewal on a rollover CA
[ECA-4372] - New setting for specifying certificate chain order in the public web.
[ECA-4396] - Compile and deploy on WildFly 9
[ECA-4459] - Certificate Extensions should define their own property fields
[ECA-4502] - Improve upgrade procedure with database version detection.

[ECA-4289] - Remove outdated sample file change_p12_pwd.c
[ECA-4292] - Remove Support for XKMS
[ECA-4466] - AdminWeb CSS styles clean up
[ECA-4468] - Remove site:publish ant target

Master Ticket
[ECA-4432] - Remove JEE5 and JDK6 support
[ECA-4375] - Update documentation to reflect dropped JBoss5 and JDK6 support.
[ECA-4417] - Remove build and install script specifics for JEE5 app servers and JDK6.
[ECA-4433] - Get rid of Hibernate compatibility libs
[ECA-4437] - Update ExternalRA GUI to JEE6

EJBCA 6.3.2


[ECA-4198] - Regression: ScepServlet can't compile in CE
[ECA-4202] - Random failure in CMP stress test
[ECA-4236] - Peer connection are unable to verify server certificates with critical server auth EKU
[ECA-4258] - Table PeerData creation is missing from create-tables-ejbca-*.sql
[ECA-4259] - Scep Certificate Renewal is configurable in RA Mode

[ECA-4038] - Have EJBCA DB CLI fail nicely when built in Community Edition
[ECA-4186] - WS - Use the "isRunningEnterprise()" method in EjbcaWSTest
[ECA-4201] - SCEP test improvements
[ECA-4206] - Add documentation about new WS CLI commands
[ECA-4211] - Use ISO8601 date format for CA expiration in initialization log
[ECA-4245] - GUI: CA creation page usability
[ECA-4255] - Update EJBCA architecture diagrams
[ECA-4260] - Add flowchart of SCEP enrollment/renewal to admin docs
[ECA-4263] - Move static class load from CryptoTokenFactory singleton to init
[ECA-4265] - Small improvements of SCEP config JSF
[ECA-4268] - Improve build time
[ECA-4269] - Update CMP Proxy README

New Feature
[ECA-4168] - SCEP support for CA certificate rollover
[ECA-4178] - Admin GUI translated in Czech language
[ECA-4199] - Add Enterprise/Community identifier to internal.properties
[ECA-4205] - Add new WS CA Admin commands to the WS CLI

[ECA-4119] - Enterprise feature
[ECA-4120] - Enterprise feature

EJBCA 6.2.10

[ECA-2138] - External RA GUI cannot handle SubCA certificates with critical CDP
[ECA-2282] - Publishing certificate from certificate view GUI to queued publisher causes error message but publishing works anyway
[ECA-3789] - Stack trace if CAs in Certificate Profile and End Entity Profile don't match
[ECA-3887] - An NPE is thrown at user when submitting invalid CSR during enrollment
[ECA-3999] - Make healtcheck setting configurable for new CAs
[ECA-4104] - Removing PKCS#11 token makes Cypto Token GUI unusable
[ECA-4141] - Several issues regarding End Entity Rules in basic mode
[ECA-4147] - Review/fix usage of getAuthorizedEndEntityProfileIds
[ECA-4180] - Update FileUpload library used by ExternalRA GUI
[ECA-4195] - Ocsp key renewal timer not starting automatically
[ECA-4203] - "Check Certificate Status" reports incorrect/misleading status
[ECA-4209] - Regression: Ad hoc upgrade of OCSP might be broken by the CachingCryptoToken
[ECA-4232] - Regression: Certificate keyUsage invalid from CSR when using allowKeyUsage override
[ECA-4243] - POP is not verified properly on WS requests
[ECA-4246] - EJBCA Token Certificate Enrollment: Text differs from button name
[ECA-4249] - ClientToolBox OCSP test does not work with HTTP GET

[ECA-4081] - Remove name lookup done by OCSP responder
[ECA-4146] - Upgrade BouncyCastle to 1.52
[ECA-4157] - Allow import of certificates for non-revoked end entities using importcert command
[ECA-4191] - Upgrade cert-cvc project to BC 1.52
[ECA-4192] - Replace deprecated methods: constructor for AuthorityKeyIdentifier, and ECPoint.getX/getY
[ECA-4194] - Add possibility to prompt for password in CLI calls to setpwd
[ECA-4196] - Replace EJBCA logotypes in documentation
[ECA-4210] - Validate OCSP signing chain
[ECA-4223] - Add favicon to ExternalRA GUI
[ECA-4227] - Update EJBCA logo and favicon
[ECA-4231] - Change variable names in BaseCaAdminCommand.java
[ECA-4266] - Small documentation improvements

New Feature
[ECA-4214] - Ability to rename end entities
[ECA-4226] - CLI command to remove Publisher with dependencies
[ECA-4233] - Add Certificate Profiles setting to limit certificate storage
[ECA-4242] - Certificate Profile Setting for restricting certificate data being written to the CertificateData/Base64CertData tables



[ECA-4208] - OcspKeyBindings are not listed as available default responders
[ECA-4209] - Regression: Ad hoc upgrade of OCSP might be broken by the CachingCryptoToken

[ECA-4038] - Have EJBCA DB CLI fail nicely when built in Community Edition
[ECA-4245] - GUI: CA creation page usability
[ECA-4260] - Add flowchart of SCEP enrollment/renewal to admin docs

[ECA-4119] - Enterprise feature
[ECA-4120] - Enterprise feature
[ECA-4196] - Replace EJBCA logotypes in documentation
[ECA-4227] - Update EJBCA logo and favicon

EJBCA 6.3.1


[ECA-4044] - Ignore EJBCA test certificates from been published using the Peer connector
[ECA-4048] - Peer System: Failure to connect when list of trusted certs is empty
[ECA-4068] - Add PeerData to drop tables SQL script
[ECA-4073] - typo in exception 'Failed to write audit log...'

[ECA-3146] - Allow an renewal of an external CA certificate by import
[ECA-3951] - Add a column to InternalKeyBindingPage/CLI to warn for inactive certificate
[ECA-4033] - Do not include administrators registered via certificate serial numbers in statedump
[ECA-4092] - Create module for separate enterprise and community specific implementation
[ECA-4093] - Lower log-level of CmsCAService "KEYSTORE is null..." message
[ECA-4117] - CMPProxy not updated to work with different cmpalias

New Feature
[ECA-3581] - Single Active Certificate Constraint
[ECA-3754] - CLI: Create a table utility
[ECA-4062] - WS API support to create a new CA and Superadmin certificate
[ECA-4063] - WS APIs for monitoring certificate expiration
[ECA-4064] - SCEP support for Client Certificate Renewal
[ECA-4159] - Show what version documentation applies to at all times

[ECA-4145] - Document all audit log messages

EJBCA 6.2.9


[ECA-3619] - Wrong administrator removed from role when deleting at the same time with two separate CA admins
[ECA-3788] - CLI needs to set argument --password together with the value when setting it
[ECA-3879] - Fix logging of default OCSP responder properly
[ECA-4049] - Certificates of non-CAs are accepted when importing external CAs
[ECA-4071] - A base64 decoder exception is thrown when inspecting a specially-crafted CSR
[ECA-4122] - Typo in Crypto Token HSM Slot
[ECA-4148] - EJBCA WS Test test25CreateandGetCRL fails when delta CRLs are enabled
[ECA-4152] - "Renew Browser Certificate" should require notifications to be set.
[ECA-4156] - Regression: BaseCryptoToken has lost caching of keys since EJBCA4
[ECA-4160] - X509CertStoreSelector does not work as used in BC 1.51
[ECA-4173] - CLI command ca getcacert always outputs root CA certificate when using the -der option
[ECA-4179] - SCEP stress test regression
[ECA-4184] - WaitingForApprovalException declares property as public

[ECA-4128] - Replace references to deprecated class DiskFileUpload
[ECA-4137] - Test throw away CA issuance over web service interface
[ECA-4181] - Several EjbcaWS tests fail when EEP-limitations are enabled
[ECA-4182] - Replace deprecated classes: PEMWriter, DERObjectIdentifier and DERTags

[ECA-4090] - Remove broken NetID integration code

EJBCA 6.2.8


[ECA-3602] - jboss-cli.bat fails when called from jboss.xml on JDK >= 7.21
[ECA-3807] - Root CA key is always used when decrypting SCEP requests
[ECA-3963] - Save and Test Connection with CT publisher should fail if no CT logs are configured
[ECA-4043] - Timing issue in CaRenewCACommandTest
[ECA-4065] - "Renew" button still exists for a revoked CA, produces stacktrace
[ECA-4067] - Regression: Default RA Admin doesn't have access to the Add End Entity page
[ECA-4070] - External CAs turn up on the list of possible CAs when creating End Entities
[ECA-4074] - AlgorithmIdentifier of RFC 6960 id-pkix-ocsp-pref-sig-algs extension is not parsed correctly
[ECA-4083] - OCSP configuration per certificate profile id is used for CERTPROFILE_NO_PROFILE
[ECA-4094] - Remove extraneous authorization checks from PublisherDataHandler
[ECA-4095] - Incorrect log output in publisher authorization check
[ECA-4096] - Access rule /ca_functionality/edit_publishers does not allow role to edit publishers
[ECA-4101] - Security Issue
[ECA-4103] - References to deprecated rule '/super_administrator'
[ECA-4107] - Allow creation of non standard conformant RAW custom extension
[ECA-4110] - Approve Action - NPE after click on the username
[ECA-4112] - Regression: External CAs not listed as "Available CAs" in CLI when using addadmin
[ECA-4116] - Remove notes and test extension from certextensions.properties
[ECA-4131] - CT options can't be changed when using only publishing
[ECA-4136] - HardToken Certificate Profile Type has wrong label

[ECA-3831] - adminmenu.jsp still refers to legacy /superadmin rule
[ECA-4011] - Disable "Name Constraints" fields when External CA is selected
[ECA-4018] - Upgrade to BouncyCastle 1.51
[ECA-4039] - Improve HealthCheck free memory control
[ECA-4053] - Speed up HSMKeyTool stress test
[ECA-4087] - Update EJBCA copyright notice to match homepage
[ECA-4098] - Make sure sure that CAs in add/edit end entity screen are arrange alphabetically
[ECA-4108] - Possibility to disable CT submission for existing non-CT certificates
[ECA-4111] - Upgrade cert-cvc subproject to BC 1.51
[ECA-4114] - Sort CryptoTokens by name when creating a new Key Binding
[ECA-4139] - Editing CMP, SCEP and system configuration requires root privileges

Master Ticket
[ECA-3971] - Improve OCSP responder performance
[ECA-4054] - Reload CA certificate cache in the background
[ECA-4055] - Avoid unnecessary OCSP response signature checks
[ECA-4072] - Avoid interactions with AuditLogger and TransactionLogger when disabled
[ECA-4082] - Improve OcspServlet.addRfc5019CacheHeaders
[ECA-4084] - Improve OCSP HSM signing thread behaviour
[ECA-4085] - Additional caching of objects that are the same between multiple OCSP requests

New Feature
[ECA-3976] - Cache SCTs in OCSP responses
[ECA-4052] - Allow override of EJBCA's subject DN ordering in web service call for issuing certificate
[ECA-4106] - Allow to specify number of SCTs in OCSP responses

[ECA-4060] - Create a subtarget to ant ziprelease that creates a versioned zip of the statedump source.

EJBCA 6.3.0


[ECA-2478] - UnrevokeEndEntity unrevokes cert but not user
[ECA-3528] - GUI: Some messages not localized in Admin Web
[ECA-3590] - Cache the slot list
[ECA-3598] - Fix handling of invalid ZIP contents when importing certificate profiles
[ECA-3599] - Fix handling of invalid ZIP contents when importing end entity profiles
[ECA-3609] - Name constraints properties are duplicated in CLI editca command
[ECA-3631] - database valid connection sql for VA publisher is taken from database.properties instead of va-publisher.properties
[ECA-3634] - OCSP does not audit and transaction log UNAUTHORIZED messages
[ECA-3656] - Forbidden characters can be allowed
[ECA-3719] - GUI: Publisher page usability
[ECA-3745] - Some language have not the standard language code
[ECA-3797] - Statedump incorrectly tries to export full BasePublisher object
[ECA-3804] - httpsserver.an (altname) is ipaddress by default, and no dnsName matching CN
[ECA-3813] - GUIDGeneratorTest fails intermittently
[ECA-3841] - JAR file used by CT should be rebuilt for JDK6
[ECA-3849] - Admin must be authorized to all CAs to import keybinding certificate
[ECA-3855] - Loading saved CMP configuration referencing a deleted EEP results in NPE
[ECA-3892] - GUI: A lot of event messages not set in "View Log"
[ECA-3908] - Allow OcspKeyRenewalTest to run predictably on system with existing AuthenticationKeyBindings
[ECA-3949] - Status parameter in "keybind create" command shouldn't be case sensitive
[ECA-3960] - CaPKCS11SessionTest fails and never recovers if test is aborted
[ECA-3968] - Sort and count peer connectors correctly in statedump
[ECA-3993] - ejbca-db-cli does not work due to PeerConnector
[ECA-4003] - "CRL Updater" service doesn't update the CRL
[ECA-4012] - Reject IP addresses in dNSName name constraints
[ECA-4032] - Regression: Key Recoverable not set in EE when activated and required in profile

[ECA-2272] - Refactoring some DN attributes and Alternative names naming
[ECA-2340] - GUI: Audit Log usability
[ECA-2576] - New key sizes available in certificate profiles
[ECA-3043] - Document SameRequestRateLimiter better
[ECA-3256] - Split the va-war module into its logical parts
[ECA-3412] - Rework VA/OCSP documentation
[ECA-3414] - Clean up Exception handling in SignSessionBean
[ECA-3601] - Enterprise feature
[ECA-3654] - Enterprise feature
[ECA-3674] - Allow certificate validity before current date using end entity ExtendedInformation
[ECA-3720] - GUI: Certificate Profile page usability
[ECA-3726] - Make CertSafe implement CustomPublisherUiSupport
[ECA-3746] - GUI: Displaying the language name in configuration sections
[ECA-3753] - Add OpenSC PKCS#11 to default crypto token library path
[ECA-3769] - CryptoToken usage should also include internal key bindings
[ECA-3773] - Add NIST PIV Card Authentication extended key usage
[ECA-3809] - Improve the message for signed SubCAs regarding the need of *.pem or *chain.pem
[ECA-3824] - CertSafePublisher should use a dropdown pane for setting authentication keybindings
[ECA-3854] - Optimize Language tool
[ECA-3869] - Sort key aliases by name in InternalKeyBinding edit view
[ECA-3874] - RSA 4096 keys pre-selected in Crypto Token form
[ECA-3891] - GUI: Firefox CRLs direct import removed
[ECA-3930] - CryptoTokenManager: Add a column for auto-activation status.
[ECA-3955] - Add some missing OCSP system tests
[ECA-4051] - Correct documentation of CLI command when updating a CMP alias

Master Ticket
[ECA-3144] - Improved sub system integration (EJBCA Peer Systems)
[ECA-3652] - Create PeerMessage datatype, ORM and CRUD beans
[ECA-3653] - Create basic JSF pages for Peer mgmt
[ECA-3659] - Connect GUI with CRUD
[ECA-3671] - Add auth checks to CRUD bean
[ECA-3694] - Milestone: Make PingMessage work from a PeerConnector created in the GUI
[ECA-3699] - Outgoing TLS configuration as part AuthenticationKeyBinding
[ECA-3700] - Rename peerconnector-common to *-ejb and move common classes under ear/lib/..jar
[ECA-3702] - Basic publishing to peer system
[ECA-3704] - Framework for making custom publisher configuration nicer
[ECA-3710] - Do parallel publishing when the same thing is published to multiple targets
[ECA-3711] - Changes to publishing API for efficient publishing of full CertificateData (and Base64CertData)
[ECA-3712] - Efficient resynchronization of data between CA and Peer VA
[ECA-3715] - Requested capabilities should be saved when creating peer connector
[ECA-3722] - Create CLI support for PeerConnector
[ECA-3742] - Publish the same updateTime that is used in the CA's database
[ECA-3751] - Manual renewal of OcspKeyBinding at peer
[ECA-3752] - Behavioral configuration for PeerConnectors
[ECA-3756] - Make InternalKeyBinding access rules configurable
[ECA-3757] - Minor PeerConnector refactoring and documentation
[ECA-3759] - Service for automatic renewal of remote key bindings
[ECA-3762] - Documentation: Create a security model for PeerConnectors
[ECA-3770] - PeerConnector GUI improvements
[ECA-3775] - Forbid start and return error when background task with same id exist
[ECA-3777] - ListPeersCommand improvements
[ECA-3778] - Drop concept of capabilities and use regular access rules framework
[ECA-3781] - Improve peer message format
[ECA-3782] - Stop connection pool and prevent start when peer connector is disabled or URL changes
[ECA-3784] - More fine grained access rules for peer connectors
[ECA-3785] - Disable plain http connections for peers
[ECA-3786] - Shorten peer connector Servlet URL
[ECA-3787] - Option for synchronization dry run
[ECA-3803] - Peer connector system tests
[ECA-3805] - Propagation of peer connection errors to UI
[ECA-3806] - CLI for generic peer connection settings
[ECA-3810] - Minor PeerConnector GUI improvements
[ECA-3811] - Lookup authentication token at pool startup
[ECA-3825] - Allow one AuthenticationKeyBinding to be used per Peer Connector
[ECA-3833] - JEE5 support for enterprise edition only SSBs
[ECA-3839] - Use one connection pool per outgoing id instead of URL
[ECA-3840] - Cache PeerOutgoingInformation objects
[ECA-3846] - More fine grained errors than UnknownMessageTypeResponse without information leakage
[ECA-3850] - Use separate GlobalConfiguration for peer connections
[ECA-3867] - Correct peer module license headers
[ECA-3876] - Statedump support for peer connectors and configuration
[ECA-3881] - Improve error message when peer responds with an unknown or broken message
[ECA-3882] - PeerConnector: Ugly errors when using illegal characters in URL
[ECA-3898] - Adjust logging of handled failures during peer publishing
[ECA-3899] - Show mismatched access rules for incoming peer authorization instead of fixing it
[ECA-3923] - Handle additional server side certificate end entity alias from PeerConnectionsTest
[ECA-3928] - Rename Remote Systems menu item to "Peer System"

New Feature
[ECA-3705] - Create a plugin interface for rules
[ECA-3800] - get the certificate of an ocsp keybinding
[ECA-3885] - New signature algorithm SHA512withECDSA

[ECA-3962] - EJBCA Enterprise feature

EJBCA 6.2.7


[ECA-3902] - Update EJBCA user guide documentation
[ECA-3973] - OCSP key renewal for all keys leads to NPE when logging
[ECA-3977] - Regression: CMP algorithmId lacking DERNull when using PKCS#11
[ECA-3978] - End entities aren't sorted in statedump output
[ECA-3983] - External CAs turn up on the "CA Activation" list.
[ECA-3991] - CertTools.stringToBcX500Name fails for sn=#foo
[ECA-3994] - ejbca-db-cli copy command does not work due to invalid temp files
[ECA-3995] - Upgrade documentation for CMP has wrong ordering of arguments
[ECA-4000] - Potential security issue without known exploit
[ECA-4007] - "Certification Authorities" and "Publishers" missing from admin menu with access rule /ca_functionality (recursive, accept)
[ECA-4009] - Post upgrade fails when old admin groups don't exist
[ECA-4014] - CRL Downloader doesn't store empty CRLs
[ECA-4019] - Wrong error message for Name Constraint violations with short subject DNs

[ECA-3798] - Statedump: Incorrect number of end entity profiles are logged as exported
[ECA-3970] - Log in OCSPResponder when revoked OCSP certificates are read to the cache
[ECA-3984] - Debug log HTTP response body on CT log error
[ECA-3985] - Edit CA page load is slow with many keys in referenced Crypto Token
[ECA-3986] - Optimize CAToken.getTokenStatus
[ECA-3989] - Allow recovery from a bad upgrade of CA Tokens to CryptoTokens
[ECA-3992] - Remove critical BC warnings in order to upgrade BouncyCastle to version 1.51
[ECA-4008] - Port adjustable transaction timeouts to JBoss 7 / EAP 6
[ECA-4017] - Remove database lookups that can be read from cache
[ECA-4024] - Add a [?] link from the User Data Sources page to the admin guide

New Feature
[ECA-4006] - Add test for legacy subject encoding with override enabled via CMP



New Feature
[ECA-2842] - Add SAN SRVName OtherName for XMPP Client certificates (RFC 6120)
[ECA-2843] - Add SAN XmppAddr OtherName for XMPP Client certificates (RFC 6120)



New Feature
[ECA-5322] - Ability to use variables in email subject for email expiration service



New Feature
[ECA-5279] - Support RegisteredID in subject alternative name



[ECA-4947] - Resetting an end entity password after key recovery should not require 'Edit End Entities'-rights



[ECA-4885] - Key recovery requires 'Edit End Entities'-rights

EJBCA 6.2.6


[ECA-3608] - EJB CLI cryptotoken create command issues
[ECA-3828] - Regression: HttpMethodsTest and WebdistHttpTest test failures
[ECA-3862] - Security Issue
[ECA-3931] - Key recovery fails when user data has changed CA
[ECA-3933] - Symmetric keys in crypto token's HSM slot prevent listing of slot keys
[ECA-3935] - Regression: Wrong key length used when creating keystore from public web
[ECA-3936] - Extra space at end of line in transaction log.
[ECA-3937] - Result of stand-alone JUnit tests are discarded during ant test:run
[ECA-3943] - Fix ServiceManifestBuilderTest
[ECA-3944] - superadmin.cn value lacks quotes in cli.xml
[ECA-3948] - OCSP log values ISSUER_NAME_DN and SIGN_ISSUER_NAME_DN contain SERIALNUMBER= instead of SN=
[ECA-3958] - Cannot create new CertSafe publisher
[ECA-3969] - Default OCSP responder is not used for external CAs without OCSP key binding
[ECA-3972] - PKCS#11 keys aren't extractable when they should be

[ECA-3916] - WS: Return the EndEntity/Certificate profile of a specific profile ID
[ECA-3927] - Make systemtests.properties available to peer module and PKCS#11 system tests
[ECA-3938] - Add a regression test for ocsp.nonexistingisrevoked
[ECA-3942] - Improve logging of ServiceManifestBuilderTest failures
[ECA-3954] - Improve the properties output of InternalKeyBindingListCommand to show default property values
[ECA-3956] - OCSP response if the requested certificate is revoked is identical in logs to case where issuer of signing cert is revoked.
[ECA-3967] - Update httpclient and httpcore to latest version

New Feature
[ECA-3939] - Add EV Certificate specific DN components

EJBCA 6.2.5


[ECA-3901] - Possible NPE when debug is enabled
[ECA-3906] - Missing key in CryptoToken for mapped purpose in CAToken will hang healthcheck
[ECA-3907] - CAToken to CryptoToken upgrade failure
[ECA-3909] - InternalKeyBindingMgmtSessionBean.generateNextKeyPair fails if nextKey already exists

[ECA-3723] - Allow verbose preference for CLI
[ECA-3866] - JavaDoc CLI enums
[ECA-3905] - Add instructions how to import certificate profiles in GUI
[ECA-3915] - External RA GUI browser enroll does not work with FF 33 and later

New Feature
[ECA-3900] - Allow CT log publisher to use HTTP Proxy java system settings

EJBCA 6.2.4


[ECA-3633] - CMP response caPubs field contain entity certificate instead of CA certificate
[ECA-3657] - RA administrator, failure while Approvement
[ECA-3716] - Regression: Externally imported CAs appear in list of signers when creating a CA
[ECA-3718] - Fix using trusted certificates in Internal Key Binding
[ECA-3776] - Prevent API call from setting InternalKeyBinding status to "active" if there is no referenced certificate
[ECA-3814] - getcacert does not return CA Certificate
[ECA-3822] - CertSafePublisher.testConnection doesn't test URL properly
[ECA-3834] - CertSafePublisher does not work under JDK6
[ECA-3845] - Certificate Transparency, not selecting any CT log passes issuance even if Min SCTs is 1
[ECA-3853] - AKID is different from CA SKID in CRLs, if not using SHA1
[ECA-3868] - Attempting to use a non-ocsp certificate for an OCSPKeyBinding fails silently

[ECA-3826] - ant install shows annoying but harmless error messages
[ECA-3843] - Create a link from basic access rules page to documentation
[ECA-3848] - Shift GlobalConfiguration* to CESeCore, make plugin friendly
[ECA-3860] - New call to get registered global configuration types
[ECA-3889] - Allow more than one IKB renewal per second

New Feature
[ECA-3580] - Certificate Transparency: Private Domains
[ECA-3794] - Default OCSP responder improvements

[ECA-3801] - Enterprise feature

EJBCA 6.2.3


[ECA-3749] - Batch generation information for end entities in statedumps ignored during import
[ECA-3755] - Regression: Modifying approval settings when editing a certificate profile is broken
[ECA-3760] - Possible ClassCastException when using Subset of SubjectDN in Certificate Profile
[ECA-3763] - InternalKeyBinding.getListOfTrustedCertificates trusts everything if specified with a non existing certificate
[ECA-3765] - ca init command in cli.xml is missing two switches
[ECA-3779] - Values from first loaded certificate profile is shown and saved when editing other profiles
[ECA-3783] - Statedump can not export (custom)publisher where all classes are not on statedump classpath

New Feature
[ECA-3437] - Cert Safe Publisher for EJBCA

EJBCA 6.2.2


[ECA-3683] - Statedump: For an uninitialised CA, it appears in its own list of possible issuers.
[ECA-3687] - Error upgrading old installations to JBoss 7 (jboss serialization)
[ECA-3692] - Regression: Certificate and CRL store download pages empty after server restart
[ECA-3695] - 100% upgrade from EJBCA 4 to 6 fails on CertificatePolicy
[ECA-3696] - If there are Ocsp key binding with messed up certificate, you can get NPE
[ECA-3698] - Clear all caches makes crypto tokens off-line
[ECA-3714] - Authority Information Access is deselected in Certificate Profiles under some circumstances when upgrading from EJBCA 4 to EJBCA 6
[ECA-3721] - Import of internal key bindings via statedump requires crypto token to be online
[ECA-3725] - EJBCA CLI prompts twice for the CLI password when using -p
[ECA-3727] - Deprecated (null) extended key usages visible in Certificate profile
[ECA-3729] - Statedump: Properties object is copied the wrong way when generating cryptotoken keys from a template
[ECA-3730] - Not finding some OCSP request signer certificate in DB
[ECA-3732] - clientToolbox ocsp test was not updated after that the root certificate was removed from the certificate chain in the OCSP response.
[ECA-3733] - cryptotoken create command requires attr flag
[ECA-3735] - Statedumped end entities do not keep clear password settings
[ECA-3736] - Unable to "Save and Initialize" externally-signed sub-CA imported via statedump
[ECA-3744] - InternalKeyBindingCreateCommand misses a null check for missing cryptotokens

[ECA-3688] - "ant build" failes on JBoss EAP 6.2 installed via RPM package from Redhat repositories
[ECA-3690] - Possible information leakage
[ECA-3691] - Improve message when profile changes name during work in the GUI
[ECA-3707] - Do not generate non-active XKMS and CMS certificates as it can violate name constraints

New Feature
[ECA-3149] - OCSP responder support for CertId using SHA256 in OCSP requests

[ECA-3703] - Upgrade tomahawk to latest 1.1.14

EJBCA 6.2.1


[ECA-3589] - First CRL not created when initialising root CA after statedump import
[ECA-3613] - Regression: The CLI doesn't parse the value ca.name from install.properties if it contains spaces.
[ECA-3615] - SECURITY: Security issue
[ECA-3617] - Allow Enterprise Edition to run system tests sans Statedump
[ECA-3620] - Import/export profiles rendered during unrelated operations
[ECA-3621] - Can't save or initialize uninitialized (= statedump imported) externally-signed CA
[ECA-3635] - Regression: Missing user notice and CPS in certificate policy extensions
[ECA-3643] - Autoactivate switch in CryptoTokenCreateCommand is obfuscated
[ECA-3645] - CLI complaining about unknown CA with id 0 (Improve output for unbound admins)
[ECA-3648] - Importing certificate - no email specified error
[ECA-3650] - Changing the Subject DN on an uninitialized (=statedump-imported) CA causes all extended services to be lost
[ECA-3661] - Statedump can't import PKCS#11 cryptotokens with slots referenced by label
[ECA-3664] - Invalid key specification for uninitialised key after importing a statedump
[ECA-3670] - Fix exceptions when excluding system/cmp/admin config in statedump
[ECA-3675] - Not all defined external RA datasources added in persitence.xml
[ECA-3679] - Regression: CA soft keystore pwd is always default when creating CA using CLI
[ECA-3685] - Int to Long cast exception upgrading OCSP

[ECA-3501] - Create CryptoToken key aliases (needed for InternalKeyBindings) during statedump import
[ECA-3592] - Update CA IDs for uninitialised CAs when saving
[ECA-3606] - Make HSM system tests configurable
[ECA-3618] - Configurable environment for testAdminWebSecurityHeaders
[ECA-3622] - Fix cosmetic issues with statedump
[ECA-3624] - Hide Name Constraint textboxes for external CAs without keys
[ECA-3625] - Handle external CAs (=without keys) in Statedump
[ECA-3626] - Proper setup of environment for testAuthenticationWithMissingCertificate
[ECA-3630] - Allow importing Key Bindings in statedump even when key aliases are missing
[ECA-3638] - Don't include external CAs in statedump export by default
[ECA-3640] - Modifying uninitialised CAs (from statedump) even if keys are missing/crypto token is offline
[ECA-3662] - Don't export end-entity passwords from statedump
[ECA-3663] - Don't export crypto token auto-activation passwords in statedump
[ECA-3665] - Import all crypto tokens in inactive state during statedump import
[ECA-3666] - Better error message during statedump export if crypto token is offline
[ECA-3667] - Show warnings during statedump export for exclude patterns that did not match anything
[ECA-3668] - Improve options format of statedump tool
[ECA-3669] - Better warning/error output in statedump utility
[ECA-3677] - Do not allow export of CA keystores not protected by password
[ECA-3689] - Improve parameter naming per internal suggestions

New Feature
[ECA-3636] - Statedump CLI command to initialize statedump-imported CA
[ECA-3637] - Ability to limit what is exported in statedump
[ECA-3639] - Placeholders for keys in crypto tokens imported via statedump
[ECA-3642] - Include end entity information in statedump

EJBCA 6.2.0


[ECA-3216] - Return unsigned response "unauthorized" when no default responder configured, or wrongly configured
[ECA-3299] - OCSP request signer verification does an additional database lookup
[ECA-3454] - Inconsistent skip options for state dump import
[ECA-3481] - Minor security hardening
[ECA-3489] - Fail fast creating CVCCAs when unique certificatedata_idx12 is enabled
[ECA-3492] - renameRole() tries to change primary key and triggers a HibernateException
[ECA-3495] - The public part of a key is still on the P11 token after the private part is removed.
[ECA-3496] - java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException when selecting empty crypto token for internal key binding
[ECA-3499] - Overwriting a CA with StateDump can leave cert/ee profiles in an invisible state
[ECA-3506] - ejbca-ws-generate target missing dependencies
[ECA-3517] - "Lock wait timeout exceeded" when disabling multiple access rules with MariaDB Galera
[ECA-3518] - NPE if only period length is provided for private key usage period
[ECA-3521] - Certificate & End-Entity Profiles with missing CAs become invisible, even for superadmin
[ECA-3534] - NullPointerException when adding a user without password
[ECA-3535] - State dump unselects "Any CA" from profiles during import
[ECA-3536] - ejbca-db-cli does not work since change to use ServiceLocator
[ECA-3537] - Clean up exception handling in CertificateCreateSession
[ECA-3551] - Certificates are not submitted to CT when generated from CLI, etc.
[ECA-3582] - CMP can not handle some valid CSRs.
[ECA-3587] - Update default Modifiable Fields in User Data Sources
[ECA-3588] - Regression: PrintableString encoding for DNs does not work
[ECA-3594] - Security related
[ECA-3596] - Creating limited CertificateData fails with certain databases
[ECA-3605] - Error when trying to create authenticated CVC CSR

[ECA-631] - Enforce naming constraints present in CA-certificates
[ECA-2126] - Certificates that are issued in revoked state should never be active
[ECA-2690] - Create a CLI parameter handler
[ECA-3320] - Simpler format for specifying CA validity dates
[ECA-3468] - Implement statedump Subject DN renaming properly inside EJBCA
[ECA-3477] - Give focus to incorrectly marked fields in edit CA page
[ECA-3482] - Minor security hardening
[ECA-3483] - Minor security hardening
[ECA-3484] - Minor security hardening
[ECA-3490] - ICAO Master List Signer extended key usage
[ECA-3491] - Allow system tests to target non-localhost interface
[ECA-3494] - Suppress repeated OcspSigningCache warnings
[ECA-3502] - Allow system tests to use HSM when available
[ECA-3503] - SSB cached in CertificateCache
[ECA-3509] - ExternalRA: Oracle Database Support in database mapping setup
[ECA-3510] - Replace references to java.util.Vector
[ECA-3513] - Audit log when a CT pre-certificate is generated and sent to a log
[ECA-3515] - SCEP: Rewrite the configuration process to use one URL and multiple aliases
[ECA-3516] - SCEP: Implement configuring SCEP in the AdminGUI
[ECA-3519] - Minor security hardening
[ECA-3524] - Improve memory usage during CRL generation
[ECA-3525] - Do not use the HSM for hashing when signing data
[ECA-3531] - SCEP: Remove DefaultCA configuration
[ECA-3532] - Fix documentation of the command "ejbca.sh config cmp uploadfile"
[ECA-3538] - clientToolBox p11 test multiple times in same jvm, to test if objects on a p11 token can be updated from another application.
[ECA-3540] - External RA: Oracle Database mapping support in RA GUI
[ECA-3544] - Make error messages and success messages easier to distinguish
[ECA-3547] - GUI: Better item order for the System Functions menu
[ECA-3555] - CLI: able to list key bindings with non existing cryptotokens
[ECA-3557] - Add simplified CAInfo constructors
[ECA-3561] - Request subCA certificate from external CA without uploading the chain
[ECA-3565] - Rewrite Certificate Profile page in JSF
[ECA-3566] - Encapsulate HashID properly
[ECA-3569] - Effectivize the reloading of CaCertificateCache
[ECA-3572] - Use JavaScript for certificate installation redirect in public web
[ECA-3579] - Remove CERT_TEMP_REVOKED since it's not used

New Feature
[ECA-688] - Import / Export profiles from WebUI
[ECA-2114] - Rename EJB CLI for fetching CA certificates from getrootcert to getcacert
[ECA-3109] - Add native support for Name Constraints
[ECA-3123] - ICAO DocumentType List certificate extension
[ECA-3124] - Add the Issuer Alternative Name certificate extension to the GUI
[ECA-3530] - Ant targets for creating source and binary releases of CESeCore
[ECA-3542] - Support for IE11 in Public Web
[ECA-3543] - Support IE11 in External RA GUI
[ECA-3559] - Service for populating database with revocation status of certificates from CRL
[ECA-3584] - Choice of token type in Public Web self-registration page

[ECA-3394] - French language files updated for the new functionalities
[ECA-3419] - CAAdminSessionBean.exportCAKeyStore throws Exception
[ECA-3478] - Have all system tests write results to the same directory
[ECA-3546] - French language files updated for SCEP Configuration
[ECA-3420] - Convert all EJB CLI commands to the new standard

EJBCA 6.1.3


[ECA-3520] - CAs from statedump signed by external CA cannot be initialised
[ECA-3523] - Backport Statedump bug fixes to 6.1
[ECA-3526] - GUI: Missing l10n message keys in CMP Alias Edit page
[ECA-3527] - GUI: Misspelled DN attribute in CMP Alias Edit page

EJBCA 6.1.2

[ECA-3514] - Browser enrollment link is generated with incorrect encoding

EJBCA 6.1.1

[ECA-3479] - Regression: OCSPSigningCache debug causes an NPE for internal OCSP default responders
[ECA-3480] - Regression: Creating a CA in Adminweb issues Stacktrace
[ECA-3485] - Regression: Certificate Profiles with EAC 2.10 AT role doesn't work with database protection
[ECA-3487] - Regression: Unique certificatedata_idx12 is not detected

EJBCA 6.1.0

[ECA-3179] - Regression: NoTicket (r17302) introduced a dependency on EJBCA in a CESeCore test class
[ECA-3182] - Regression: ECA-2988 introduced a dependency on EJBCA in a CESeCore test class
[ECA-3427] - Syntax for jboss-cli.bat through ant targets fails in Win
[ECA-3432] - CertificateCreateException: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "LU002" when trying to create a foreign DVCA
[ECA-3433] - OcspResponseGeneratorSessionBean.init should not throw AuthDeniedException
[ECA-3435] - JUnit failure in PublisherTest when DB protection enabled, add subjectKeyId to CertificateInfo
[ECA-3439] - Creating a CA with DN: <anyfield>=, creates a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
[ECA-3447] - Regression: serial numbers in administrator list are not clickable
[ECA-3452] - Make sure that decline+recursive rules aren't saved from the GUI
[ECA-3455] - Files missing from cesecore-common.jar
[ECA-3457] - Unnecessary WARN message
[ECA-3458] - Ant paths don't work Windows via jboss-cli
[ECA-3460] - State dump tool does not import any data with "-overwrite no"
[ECA-3467] - Mail from address is not configured
[ECA-3470] - SCEP operations may fail when using an HSM

[ECA-3348] - Add individual OCSP get cache settings for revoked, unknown and good responses
[ECA-3351] - OCSP: don't include root certificate in response certificate chain
[ECA-3411] - Use SHA256WithRSA as default for ManagementCA
[ECA-3429] - Compile on Glassfish 4
[ECA-3430] - Compile on WildFly 8
[ECA-3434] - Upgrade Guava library in order to deploy in JEE7 container
[ECA-3440] - Support running clientToolBox EjbcWsRaCli with IBM java
[ECA-3443] - Allow empty values for start and end time without printing 'invalid' when adding end entity
[ECA-3445] - Document how to use slotLabels with clientToolBox
[ECA-3461] - Add encryption key information to key recovery data in database
[ECA-3472] - Improve usability of edit CA page by marking required fields

New Feature
[ECA-3133] - Support RFC6960 extension for client requested algorithm selection
[ECA-3350] - OCSP: Add option to include signer certificate or not
[ECA-3415] - CVC access control template for additional DGs
[ECA-3444] - Allow longer certificate serial numbers than 64 bits
[ECA-3449] - Show issuer and seralNumber after public web enroll

[ECA-3450] - Update the Public Web logo filename for better integration

EJBCA 6.0.4

[ECA-3055] - Not authorized to edit publisher when publisher cache disabled
[ECA-3198] - Regression: ECA-2973 introduced a dependency on EJBCA in CESeCore test code
[ECA-3210] - CA upgrade when ExtRACAServiceWorker fails to persist
[ECA-3337] - KeyBind EJB CLI fingerprint reference is case sensitive
[ECA-3361] - Cannot deploy with web-services disabled
[ECA-3364] - ExternalRA: Allow SCEP GetCACaps without message parameter
[ECA-3366] - Syntax in jboss-cli.bat for passing commands fails in Win
[ECA-3372] - OCSP Archive Cutoff can give NPE
[ECA-3373] - init() method is not called on OCSP extensions
[ECA-3375] - CLI ca restorekeystore gives exception for soft ca
[ECA-3382] - Test files have lost character encoding, change source file encoding to UTF-8
[ECA-3383] - CertTools.genPKCS10CertificationRequest does not use the specified provider
[ECA-3386] - httpserver.external.privhttps default to 8443 even though httpserver.privhttps is set to something else
[ECA-3387] - Can not edit Sub CA signed by external CA
[ECA-3388] - editcapage.jsp contains a slightly confusing help text
[ECA-3389] - OCSP key binding properties visible for authentication key binding
[ECA-3392] - InternalKeyBindingDataSessionBean.getInternalKeyBindingForEdit(int) throws NPE if no value was found.
[ECA-3395] - Proper handling of certificate import/update when base64cert is not populated
[ECA-3396] - InternalKeyBinding error using Postgres 9
[ECA-3397] - Subject key ID not published by VA publisher
[ECA-3398] - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException thrown when importing OCSP key binding certificate
[ECA-3399] - Incorrect error message when editing uninitialised CAs if private keys are missing
[ECA-3401] - Can not generate keys on soft crypto token with allowExport=false
[ECA-3403] - Admin GUI create CRL fails with UTF-8 encoded CA DN
[ECA-3405] - StateDump test fails because of refactorization
[ECA-3406] - Trying to delete a non-existing keybinding causes NPE
[ECA-3408] - StateDump import overwrites CAs with the same name without asking
[ECA-3410] - StateDumpTest needs Hibernate compatibility jar
[ECA-3421] - Upgrade jar file
[ECA-3423] - Fix statedump overwrite response handling and test

[ECA-2828] - Document authorization rules in EJBCA
[ECA-2982] - Add option to 'bin/ejbca.sh ca republish' command to republish only CA certificate and CRL
[ECA-3081] - Improved error message during batch generate when using invalid key size
[ECA-3082] - Improve message about configuration during batch generate
[ECA-3150] - Remove scripts used on ejbca.org from bundled documentation.
[ECA-3169] - Improve wording of some options of "Externally signed CA"
[ECA-3290] - Cache headers still present for OCSP responses containing nonce
[ECA-3365] - Audit log Internal Key Binding operations
[ECA-3370] - Allow import of OCSP certificates with non-repudiation key usage
[ECA-3371] - Make JBoss EAP 6 specific physical file deployment of BC provider
[ECA-3374] - Add JUnit test for OCSPUnidExtension
[ECA-3384] - Add a password argument to CaImportCACommand
[ECA-3385] - Movie audit implementation classes to cesecore-ejb-interface
[ECA-3404] - StateDump test should run from test:runsys when availabe
[ECA-3407] - Optimize JBoss reload during deploy
[ECA-3409] - Sort XML in statedump exports in a deterministic order
[ECA-3424] - Regression: All cli commands prints out loading batch properties from default

Master Ticket
[ECA-3355] - Implement Certificate Transparency

[ECA-3368] - Deploy on JBoss EAP 6.2.0 has disabled datasource by default
[ECA-3380] - Move keybinding implementation classes from cesecore-ejb-interface to cesecore-common
[ECA-3400] - Shift OcspExtension* to cesecore-common from cesecore-ejb-interface

[ECA-3377] - Create unit tests for all CLI Commands

EJBCA 6.0.3

[ECA-3293] - Customer specific LDAP Publisher should use correct time in loginfo attribute
[ECA-3297] - Other Rules for Supervisor role is not cleared if previously selected for another role type
[ECA-3339] - Statedump doesn't delete certain .jar files on "ant clean"
[ECA-3341] - Creating internal key binding with CLI does not consider types for property values
[ECA-3344] - Regression: PKCS11 sun config does not work
[ECA-3345] - Regression: Max-Age and Response validity no longer visible/editable for ocsp key bindings
[ECA-3346] - CMP Config CLI command should use lazy instatiation of remote EJB
[ECA-3349] - EJBCA deployment not working in WINx64 due to PKCS11
[ECA-3360] - Ejbca deployment tries to use jboss-cli.sh instead of jboss-cli.bat on windows
[ECA-3367] - Editing Key binding integer/long value sin GUI removes the value (becomes default 0)

[ECA-3289] - Do not cache "Unknown" OCSP GET responses
[ECA-3347] - Modify EJB CLI to use ServiceLocator
[ECA-3352] - Faster CLI start, use lazy instantiation in EJB CLI
[ECA-3359] - Move authentication tokens from cesecore-interface to cesecore-common

New Feature
[ECA-3314] - OCSP Archive Cutoff
[ECA-3332] - Add Extended Revoked Definition OCSP extension when returning revoked for non existing certificate
[ECA-3335] - Create a standalone manifest builder tool

[ECA-3316] - Modularize EAC
[ECA-3338] - Modularize CMP vendor CA mode
[ECA-3340] - Modularize ValidationTool
[ECA-3342] - Make JUnit tests run for EJBCA Community

EJBCA 6.0.2

[ECA-2449] - Creating a CA without a valid SubjectDN causes double JS popups.
[ECA-3321] - Improve CMP configuration user interface
[ECA-3324] - Quote arguments of ca init during install
[ECA-3327] - SaferDailyRollingFileAppender extends wrong base class
[ECA-3328] - OCSP Signing cache should handle cache discrepancies gracefully
[ECA-3331] - EJBCA does not deploy without ejbca-db-cli sources available
[ECA-3334] - Change untilNextUpdate and maxAge properties in OcspKeyBinding from Integer to Long

[ECA-3132] - Support returning "revoked" for unknown certificates in line with RFC6960
[ECA-3309] - Some versions of MySQL picks bad index mixing OR and AND
[ECA-3318] - CMP: Include certificate chain in certificate responses
[ECA-3323] - Reload OCSP cache manually
[ECA-3325] - Minimize locking in audit log's sequence counter

EJBCA 6.0.1

[ECA-3302] - Escaping of user-provided data when no characters are forbidden
[ECA-3303] - SECURITY: XSS issue
[ECA-3306] - Leaving out "Validity" with Javascript disabled gives an exception
[ECA-3307] - Renamed CAs not be overwritten by statedump
[ECA-3308] - OCSP HealthCheck does not work with InternalKeyBindings
[ECA-3310] - Wrong items are selected in uninitialized CAs

[ECA-3295] - Allow editing most fields in uninitialized CAs
[ECA-3301] - Unify error messages for invalid username and pwd
[ECA-3312] - Can't create CAs with DSA extended services key
[ECA-3313] - Problems with extended services and uninitialized (statedumped) CAs
[ECA-3317] - Allow import even if not all files exist

Master Ticket
[ECA-3296] - Improve Statedump usability and fix bugs

New Feature
[ECA-3311] - Ability to choose names to not overwrite during statedump import

[ECA-3305] - Modularize database integrity protection and database cli

EJBCA 6.0.0


[ECA-1015] - A ' is valid in an email address - but gets stripped by EJBCA.
[ECA-1640] - Sample code for advanced custom extension missing some arguments
[ECA-1947] - LDAPPublisher have problems with comma in DN
[ECA-2144] - ExtRA PKCS10Request does not set user status to FAILED after failed requests
[ECA-2150] - SignSessionTest.test37privateKeyUsagePeriod_both fails randomly
[ECA-2159] - Password not cleared issuing keystores
[ECA-2200] - CA defined certificate policy ignored when renewing CA
[ECA-2330] - Build failure for External RA with OpenJDK if JavaScript is not available
[ECA-2365] - OCSPCAService upgrade on every startup
[ECA-2393] - Create Certificate Authority Page only gives blank page on wrong validity input
[ECA-2442] - Multiple selectable email addresses in rfc822 altName gives wrong display in edit end entity
[ECA-2477] - Import CA does not generate initial CRL
[ECA-2527] - Wrong exception thrown in HardTokenSessionBean for some errors.
[ECA-2534] - Regression: Not checking that the administrator has the role defined in the hard token issuer any more.
[ECA-2547] - clientToolBox StressTestCommand always logs an error when a certificate is returned
[ECA-2669] - Still possible to create DECLINE RECURSIVE rules in CLI
[ECA-2689] - Misleading error message in JBoss log while trying create a sub CA from the CLI when the root CA is offline.
[ECA-2719] - Download of certificates from Admin GUI fails in Chrome when using "strange" usernames
[ECA-2734] - OCSP rekeying not implemented in trunk yet.
[ECA-2794] - EJB and WS CLI have bad type outputs
[ECA-2815] - OcspExtensionsCache should be made thread safe
[ECA-2834] - Unhelpful error message when changing permission rules for non-existing end entity profile in CLI
[ECA-2860] - Default CRL overlap time is set to 10 hours instead of 10 minutes for imported CA
[ECA-2863] - CMP FailInfo codes are sent as incorrect codes
[ECA-2865] - rfc822Name field can be edited when adding new end entity even if not marked as modifiable
[ECA-2877] - ant test:run breaks installation. Figure out why and fix
[ECA-2894] - Messing up the Validity field in Certificate Profiles gives no warning
[ECA-2905] - PrivateKeyUsagePeriod not matching notBefore of certificate when using validityOverride
[ECA-2914] - Filename of downloaded keystore file is truncated
[ECA-2918] - Clear all caches gives bad error message when host can not be reached
[ECA-2921] - Deprecate InitializeHardTokenIssuing
[ECA-2923] - JUnit class junit.framework.Assert has moved to org.junit.Assert
[ECA-2934] - Revoking a CA revokes all issued certificates, but with fixed reason
[ECA-2940] - Ant target test:runsys broken
[ECA-2952] - Update to new logo in renewal pages
[ECA-2958] - Wrong comments about PrimeCard
[ECA-2961] - Button for viewing CA certificate chain has incorrect text
[ECA-2964] - Native query mapping using MariaDB
[ECA-2977] - ProviderException not handled in BaseCryptoToken
[ECA-2989] - AccessTreeCacheTest can fail if reading the configuration takes too long time
[ECA-2994] - Broken property "xkms.response.causedforsigning" in defaultvalues.properties
[ECA-2996] - Update/set CryptoToken auto-activation PIN from EJB CLI
[ECA-3024] - Error during startup with integrity protected audit disabled
[ECA-3031] - Support EC key generation with ClientToolBox
[ECA-3035] - CA and CryptoToken creation not handled in a transaction.
[ECA-3036] - Cryptotoken prevents a CA to be created with the same name as a previous one.
[ECA-3046] - Help reference for Windows Autoenroll broken
[ECA-3052] - Minor authorization issue
[ECA-3054] - OcspResponseGeneratorSessionBean merely logs a failed signature attempt
[ECA-3056] - Issue PEM with full certificate chain from Public Web certificate request
[ECA-3057] - CryptoTokenManagement logs success deletion even if no crypto token is deleted
[ECA-3058] - CryptoTokenManagement logs success before action is tried
[ECA-3061] - Clean-up CAInterface bean and dependencies
[ECA-3065] - NPE: Inactive (including unsigned) CAs should be ignored by the OCSP Signing Cache
[ECA-3072] - Cmp default CA setting is DN in one place and CA name in another
[ECA-3074] - CMP TCP sets log level to FINEST for JBoss 7/EAP6
[ECA-3079] - Close all existent resource leaks
[ECA-3087] - 'bin/ejbca.sh ca info <unknownca>' tosses stacktrace instead of helpful error message
[ECA-3088] - Test missing for creating a subca from CLI
[ECA-3096] - 'ra finduser' command outputs password as 'null' if hidden.
[ECA-3098] - Regression: Home screen in Admin GUI shows online CAs to be offline for some roles.
[ECA-3101] - Regression: RequestMessage.getRequestX500Name returns SERIALNUMBER instead of SN
[ECA-3103] - Test failures because of left over stuff in database
[ECA-3107] - Investigate strange output from OCSP
[ECA-3111] - JBoss 7 / EAP 6 always binds to
[ECA-3113] - JBoss 7: Can't run ant install on HS with blank password
[ECA-3115] - JBoss EAP 6 freezes with WS stress test with 30 threads
[ECA-3117] - client toolbox p11 multi thread test fails when slot is given with TOKEN_LABEL.
[ECA-3121] - Regression: OCSP signing cache may fail to load on startup
[ECA-3129] - Keystore is used instead of truststore for validating client certificates
[ECA-3131] - Encode EC private keys in generated PKCS#12 keystores with NamedCurves
[ECA-3134] - JBOSS 7 / EAP 6 fails in deployment
[ECA-3138] - External RA IE cert enroll ignoring (override) of encryption provider selection
[ECA-3141] - Regression: ECA-3056 introduced a dependency on EJBCA in CESeCore code
[ECA-3142] - Regression: ECA-2973 introduced a dependency on EJBCA in CESeCore code
[ECA-3143] - Regression: ECA-3056 introduced an other dependency on EJBCA in CESeCore code
[ECA-3176] - Regression: Keys possible for CA renewal are only RSA
[ECA-3177] - Data is not validated before being passed to org.bouncycastle.util.encoders.Base64.decode in findActiveCertificatesByType
[ECA-3183] - Healthcheck failure when there are not active OcspKeyBindings
[ECA-3184] - JBOSS7 /EAP 6 fails in installation
[ECA-3186] - Regression: Custom certificate extensions added to certextensions.properties
[ECA-3188] - Document Internal Key Bindings
[ECA-3197] - ClientToolBox requires that CA certificate be included CSP response in order to verify
[ECA-3200] - Healthcheck status is enabled when editing a CA
[ECA-3203] - Disable of CryptoToken auto-activation takes token offline
[ECA-3207] - Regression: add-hoc upgrade of PKCS#11 keystore on VA responder not working
[ECA-3209] - Regression: OCSP default responder configuration uses subject instead of issuerDN
[ECA-3212] - Internal Key Binding certificate link has caid=0
[ECA-3213] - Regression: CA healthcheck does not check token status
[ECA-3215] - Roles renamed with RoleManagementSessionBean.renameRole get wrong primary keys
[ECA-3219] - OcspKeyBinding contains values that become cast to BigDecimals instead of Integers
[ECA-3220] - Regression: Reload OCSP signing cache uses wrong timer property, and a value of 0 makes timers go crazy
[ECA-3221] - Can't edit an OCSPKeyBinding without filling Serial Number (for Trusted Certificates) field.
[ECA-3223] - When new CA is generated with soft keys, unwanted warnings appear in jboss log
[ECA-3224] - Trying to create Internal Key Binding without crypto tokens gives NPE
[ECA-3227] - DirectoryCache should catch errors in initialization
[ECA-3234] - Hard Token Functionality header printed twice
[ECA-3235] - Unwanted warning in jboss-log when we create keys through AdminGUI
[ECA-3237] - cmpTcpProxy fails to start, missing defaultvalues.properties
[ECA-3239] - InternalKeyBindings with a deleted CryptoToken throw NPE when trying to view/edit
[ECA-3242] - Errors in jboss log when 'ca createcrl' and some CAs are not active
[ECA-3246] - Unwanted warning in jboss-log when running AuthenticationModulesTest
[ECA-3251] - Activating/deactivating CA logs as Crypto Token activated/de-activated
[ECA-3266] - EndEntityManagementSession.addUser throws a strange exception
[ECA-3269] - Unwanted warning in jboss-log when running XKMSKRSSTest
[ECA-3270] - Test 'testPublisherOperations' fails when running EjbcaWsCommonCriteriaTest
[ECA-3271] - External CESeCore configuration override is read from the wrong location
[ECA-3274] - Unwanted warnings in jboss-log when running RAApiTest
[ECA-3276] - Unwanted error in jboss-log when running CrmfRARequestTest
[ECA-3277] - Unwanted warning in jboss-log when running NestedMessageContentTest
[ECA-3279] - Fix issues in OCSP TransactionLogger
[ECA-3280] - Upgrade instructions need to be updated for JBoss 7 / EAP 6.1
[ECA-3281] - Fix upgrade message from 4.x to 6.0
[ECA-3284] - ValueExtractor fails for ApprovalId Integer in DB2
[ECA-3286] - Browser enroll Firefox does not take configured encoding into account
[ECA-3287] - OCSP signing exhausts threadpool after some time
[ECA-3288] - Saving "Other rules" when edit access rules does not work
[ECA-3294] - Security issue
[ECA-3300] - OCSP Transaction Logger outputs a newline between each log entry

[ECA-519] - Move configuration file from bin/ to conf/
[ECA-786] - Email notification cannot be edited correctly
[ECA-1010] - Simplify installation procedure
[ECA-1398] - Enforce PrivateKeyUsage period when CAs issue certificates
[ECA-1594] - HashCode of Subject/Issuer DN in a certificate is not always the same as CA Id
[ECA-1814] - Make non consecutive ID possible for Extended Key Usage
[ECA-2023] - Trim the values in catoken.properties when importing a CA from CLI
[ECA-2049] - Constants in CertificateHelper should be final
[ECA-2164] - test01PinServiceToNodesIncludingThis is failing randomly
[ECA-2208] - Move authorization for hard tokens into hard token session bean and remove authorization caching.
[ECA-2225] - server TLS for mail requires manual configuration
[ECA-2367] - Refactor CrlCreateSession for CRL publishing
[ECA-2492] - Improve mysql-privileges script to allow users at different hosts etc
[ECA-2500] - Upgrade to BC v1.47
[ECA-2510] - Move methods in PublisherQueueSessionBean to local only.
[ECA-2528] - Clean SecConst
[ECA-2540] - Improve support for ipv6 in subjectAltNames
[ECA-2545] - SCEP GetCaCert operation doesn't support empty message
[ECA-2554] - CMP: Need better error message when a request is not signed by the sender
[ECA-2558] - Improve the run times of some system tests
[ECA-2561] - CMP: Remove repeated code to return the value cmp.authenticationparameter
[ECA-2565] - Move CliAuthenticationToken to authentication component
[ECA-2566] - Disallow server generated tokens when user submits a CSR in public web
[ECA-2568] - CMP: improve ConfirmationMessageHandler
[ECA-2582] - Make an enum for end entity types
[ECA-2623] - Use new BC API for CRL creation.
[ECA-2628] - Use BC CMP classes instead of Novosec
[ECA-2641] - Use BC 1.47 OCSP classes
[ECA-2680] - Clean HardTokenSessionBean of unnecessary AuthenticationToken parameters.
[ECA-2683] - Clean authorization handling in AdminPreferenceSessionBean
[ECA-2684] - Clean authorization in CertReqHistorySession
[ECA-2685] - Clean authorization in KeyRecoverySessionBean
[ECA-2686] - Clean Authorization in ServiceSessonBean
[ECA-2692] - Handle HSM timeouts - handle timeouts elegantly.
[ECA-2725] - CAInfo.setValidity should have long parameter
[ECA-2752] - Deprecate and stop using UserDataConstants. Use EndEntityConstants instead
[ECA-2757] - Add more getters and setters and null checks, use Lists instead of Collections where needed.
[ECA-2793] - Improve javadoc for RoleManagementSession
[ECA-2800] - Move OCSPUnid* classes from org.ejbca.core.protocol.ocsp to org.ejbca.core.protocol.ocsp.extension.unid
[ECA-2807] - Remove PrimeCardHSM references from documentation
[ECA-2821] - Increase concurrency in stand alone tests
[ECA-2826] - RoleManagementSessionBean requires additional authorization checks
[ECA-2840] - ant javatruststore -Dtrust.keystore parameter is treated relative to the ejbca/bin/ directory
[ECA-2857] - EndEntityAccessSession.findUserBySubjectAndIssuerDN should return a List
[ECA-2864] - Change the wording for the E-mail Domain option in end entity profiles
[ECA-2879] - Add custom serialno test test that fails when there is no unique index
[ECA-2895] - Provide ability to provide the administrator password through file for new admins roles GUI with CLI user
[ECA-2903] - Simplify AuthenticationToken framework
[ECA-2908] - Support ECC for CMP signature protection
[ECA-2917] - Rename AdminCA1 to ManagementCA
[ECA-2941] - Unclear description of CRL publishing conditions in Validation Authority Publisher
[ECA-2943] - Modularize the CESeCore source tree
[ECA-2948] - Improve handling of default profiles when using CMP RA mode
[ECA-2957] - Add known PKCS#11 libraries as default available
[ECA-2965] - Allow password to be supplied via command line for clientToolBox PKCS11HSMKeyTool generate
[ECA-2970] - Log remote IP for ADMINISTRATOR_LOGGED_IN events and web service access
[ECA-2978] - Database connection problems can give stacktrace with no msg
[ECA-2986] - Property for hiding manual classpath entry from custom publishers and services
[ECA-2987] - Add debug logging in AccessTreeCacheTest
[ECA-3016] - Ugly errors creating CA with CLI when CryptoToken or CA already exists
[ECA-3018] - Exception classes should end with "Exception" not "Error"
[ECA-3020] - Fix tests using incorrect values for CRL settings
[ECA-3022] - Turn of autocompletion of password on public web
[ECA-3026] - Have parameters outputted from localized messages even if not found
[ECA-3027] - Improve CMP configurations possibilities
[ECA-3028] - Make possible using custom CMP configurations through alias in the URL
[ECA-3030] - Make possible to edit CMP configurations in the AdminGUI
[ECA-3033] - Upgrade BC from 1.49b01 to 1.49b15
[ECA-3062] - Simplify certificate enrollment page
[ECA-3064] - Disable CertReqHistory by default for new CAs
[ECA-3069] - Replace deprecated class org.bouncycastle.jce.PKCS10CertificationRequest with org.bouncycastle.pkcs.PKCS10CertificationRequest
[ECA-3091] - Detect browser directly instead of using of via the log-in page
[ECA-3093] - Re-sort menu options in Admin GUI alphabetically
[ECA-3094] - Update nomenclature in CLI
[ECA-3099] - Add a "result page" after certificate enrollment has been performed
[ECA-3102] - Public Web: rename password to enrollment code
[ECA-3104] - Default key length for batch generation should be 2048, not 1024
[ECA-3105] - Introduce ability of not having any QC statements in the QC extension in certificate profile configuration
[ECA-3106] - Keylength defaults should be 2048 not 1024
[ECA-3108] - Encoding of MS Certificate Template Name extension should be BMPString
[ECA-3112] - Limited admins in admin GUI spams with INFO logs
[ECA-3136] - Support listing of PKCS#11 slots in the AdminGUI by token label
[ECA-3145] - Clean up left overs of EJBCA OCSP code
[ECA-3166] - Use better wording for Certificate Request Data in Admin GUI
[ECA-3175] - Clear All Caches button should also clear GUI session cache
[ECA-3189] - CMP: Read the CA from the relevant End Entity instead of from the request or cmp.defaultca
[ECA-3190] - CMP: Enforce configuration of EndEntityCert authentication module for KeyUpdate request
[ECA-3191] - CMP: Improve the conditions and readability of CMP authentication modules
[ECA-3206] - CMP: Remove PBE authenticating of ConfirmMessage
[ECA-3218] - OCSP cache update logs access control
[ECA-3243] - Editing Internal Key Bindings is slow
[ECA-3244] - Error message about OCSP key renewal although renewal is disabled
[ECA-3245] - Clean up and format the UPGRADE document
[ECA-3247] - Unwanted warning in jboss-log when running CrmfRAPbeRequestTest
[ECA-3254] - Unwanted warning in jboss-log when running CmpRaThrowAwayTest
[ECA-3257] - Exception cancelling already cancelled OCSP renewal timers
[ECA-3259] - unwanted warning in jboss-log when running ProtocolOcspSignedHttpTest
[ECA-3262] - Make saving global and cmp configuration safe
[ECA-3263] - Allow AnyCA to be the only selected available CA in EEPs
[ECA-3285] - Datasources should have validate-on-match=true in order to reconnect from failures

Master Ticket
[ECA-3049] - Optimize trunk
[ECA-3116] - Possibility to Export/Import all CA configurations (a.k.a "The Great Dump")
[ECA-3252] - CMP log fixes for CC test plan
[ECA-3261] - Master ticket for OCSP log tickets

New Feature
[ECA-862] - Command for ascii/XML dump of CA installation
[ECA-1866] - WS-API to get last CRL for a CA
[ECA-1998] - Support for GOST R digital signature and hash algorithms
[ECA-2066] - Support for JBoss 7.1 and EAP 6
[ECA-2621] - cert-cvc: upgrade to work with BouncyCastle (BC) v1.47
[ECA-2691] - Handle HSM timeouts - allow creation of pure keepalive services from GUI/CLI
[ECA-2722] - Validation/conformance tool for certificates and OCSP responses
[ECA-2780] - Integration of DSTU4145-2002 in EJBCA
[ECA-2801] - Manage HSM keys from web GUI
[ECA-2881] - Ukrainian translation of admin GUI
[ECA-2926] - External RA GUI and SCEP deploy on JBoss 7
[ECA-2930] - SCEP RA mode for blind certificate issuance
[ECA-2936] - Support ECC for database integrity protection
[ECA-2972] - EJBCA support for South Slavic languages - Bosnian QA process
[ECA-2973] - Unified OCSP
[ECA-2974] - Use ServiceLoader for Publishers and Services
[ECA-2988] - Unified OCSP: In main build, merge Standalone and Integrated OCSP into a single SSB
[ECA-2992] - White listing of available CryptoToken PKCS#11 slots
[ECA-3092] - Make it possible to hide the menu in publicweb
[ECA-3095] - HSM slot label. Resolve existent issues from ECA-3071, add support for GUI/CLI/Upgrade
[ECA-3128] - Add support for slot labels to ca init command, database protection and ocsp

[ECA-2296] - Master Issue: Look over authorization in all session beans.
[ECA-2298] - Master issue: Unify all names in EJBCA
[ECA-2317] - Migrate OCSP functionality from CESeCore to EJBCA
[ECA-2350] - Add support to other match values than X500Principal based
[ECA-2445] - Rename all references to "Admin Groups" to "Roles"
[ECA-2462] - Rename RSASignSessionBean to SignSessionBean
[ECA-2464] - Change references from 'User' to EndEntity where appropriate. UserAdminSessionBean should be renamed EndEntityManagementSessionBean
[ECA-2488] - Remove all internal references to UserAdminSession.changeUser
[ECA-2498] - Go through build-dependencies.xml and search for and remove nonexisting files in classpaths and include tags
[ECA-2499] - Improve some @BeforeClass and @AfterClass in tests
[ECA-2521] - Merge changes from ECA-1978
[ECA-2522] - Merge changes from ECA-2094
[ECA-2523] - Merge changes from ECA-2157
[ECA-2524] - Merge changes from ECA-2468
[ECA-2525] - Merge changes from ECA-2504
[ECA-2526] - Merge changes from ECA-2518
[ECA-2531] - Remove org.ejbca.config.ExtendedKeyUsageConfiguration
[ECA-2541] - Replace the contents of EjbRemoteHelper with a clever datastructure
[ECA-2550] - Remove transient from PrePersist, PreUpdate and PostLoad annotation
[ECA-2555] - Merge changes from ECA-2454
[ECA-2556] - Make sure that EjbRemoteHelper is used instead of JndiHelper for retrieving remote interfaces
[ECA-2562] - CMP: More tests for the KeyUpdate request
[ECA-2581] - Eliminate the duplicate constants in SecConst and EndEntityConstants
[ECA-2596] - Merge changes from ECA-2580
[ECA-2597] - Merge changes from ECA-2585
[ECA-2605] - Merge changes from ECA-2575
[ECA-2611] - Merge changes from ECA-1979
[ECA-2619] - CliAuthenticationProviderSessionBean does not follow our naming standard
[ECA-2620] - Upgrade hibernate to latest version
[ECA-2622] - Merge changes from ECA-2583
[ECA-2630] - Reimplement OCSP HealthCheckServlet
[ECA-2631] - Merge changes from ECA-2579
[ECA-2635] - Merge changes from ECA-2627
[ECA-2637] - Merge changes from ECA-2634
[ECA-2640] - Merge changes from ECA-2633
[ECA-2646] - Merge changes from ECA-2584
[ECA-2651] - Merge changes from ECA-2577
[ECA-2688] - AccessRulesConstants.ROLE_SUPERADMINISTRATOR should be declared deprecated and removed internally
[ECA-2702] - EjbcaWebBean code cleanup
[ECA-2707] - Merge changes from ECA-2625
[ECA-2735] - Verify that the functionality of ECA-2069 is ok in trunk
[ECA-2744] - Merge changes from ECA-2624
[ECA-2748] - Merge changes from ECA-2745
[ECA-2751] - Merge changes from ECA-2750
[ECA-2754] - Merge changes from ECA-2753
[ECA-2756] - Merge changes from ECA-2755
[ECA-2767] - Merge changes from ECA-2759
[ECA-2772] - Merge changes from ECA-2769
[ECA-2803] - Merge changes from ECA-2746
[ECA-2831] - Merge changes from ECA-2829
[ECA-2850] - Merge changes from ECA-2802
[ECA-2898] - Merge changes from ECA-2897
[ECA-2900] - Merge changes from ECA-2890
[ECA-2902] - Merge changes from ECA-2899
[ECA-2925] - Upgrade to BouncyCastle 1.49b01
[ECA-2959] - UniqueSernoWSTest fails due to JBoss 7 classloader
[ECA-2979] - Unified OCSP: Move StandAlone OCSP files into main build
[ECA-3023] - Document JBoss 7 hardening
[ECA-3041] - Make sure EJBCA builds and deploy on JBoss 7.2 and EAP 6.1
[ECA-3044] - Use fast Random, instead of slow SecureRandom for GUID generation
[ECA-3048] - Upgrade BouncyCastle to 1.49 final
[ECA-3075] - XKMS KRSS tests not working on JBoss 7 / EAP6
[ECA-3084] - OCSP transaction logging and safer log4j not working
[ECA-3127] - External RA not working on JBoss 7
[ECA-3130] - Update Admin GUI HSM chapter with new Crypto Token GUI
[ECA-3148] - Rename the files under ejbca/doc/sql-scripts/ with the appropriate name (ejbca version)
[ECA-3193] - Sample custom publisher with UID=certificate serialNo in decimal
[ECA-3228] - Make sure that system tests clean up after themselves
[ECA-3229] - Remove unnecessary warnings during build and startup
[ECA-3241] - Eliminate deprecated values from ocsp.properties as far as possible and remove them from all but upgrade code.
[ECA-3291] - Access rules unclear

Technical task
[ECA-3152] - Possibility to Export/Import all CryptoTokens
[ECA-3153] - Possibility to Export/Import all CAs
[ECA-3154] - Possibility to Export/Import all Certificate Profiles
[ECA-3155] - Possibility to Export/Import all End Entity Profiles
[ECA-3156] - Possibility to Export/Import all Publishers
[ECA-3157] - Possibility to Export/Import all Services
[ECA-3158] - Possibility to Export/Import all Roles
[ECA-3159] - Possibility to Export/Import all CMP configuration
[ECA-3192] - Possibility to change Subject DN in dump files from CLI

EJBCA 5.0.14


[ECA-3469] - Problem adding several administrators
[ECA-3473] - Internal error when using default responder on standalone OCSP for X.500 issuer DN order

EJBCA 5.0.13


[ECA-3293] - Customer specific LDAP Publisher should use correct time in loginfo attribute
[ECA-3344] - Regression: PKCS11 sun config does not work
[ECA-3421] - Upgrade jar file

[ECA-3343] - Some versions of MySQL picks bad index mixing OR and AND

EJBCA 5.0.12


Security fixes

EJBCA 5.0.11


[ECA-2984] - ejbcaClientToolBox.sh CMPKeyUpdateStressTest works only with one thread
[ECA-3083] - SaferLog4j jar does not build correctly
[ECA-3211] - End entity username should be stripped when doing end entity look-up in CMP
[ECA-3217] - Nodes in cluster not database protection stable
[ECA-3268] - Inconsistent use of strip() and stripIncludingXss() methods

[ECA-2951] - Clean up CSS for new pages in 5.0 and 6.0 branches
[ECA-3037] - Support for multiple Vendor CA authentication certificates for CMP
[ECA-3050] - Base64CertData table
[ECA-3053] - Don't show password in build summary
[ECA-3066] - Support ECDSA for OCSP automatic key renewal
[ECA-3071] - Allow reference of PKCS#11 slots by token label
[ECA-3151] - Add hostname to startup log message
[ECA-3178] - Add configuration option for specifying non-allowed characters in subject DN

New Feature
[ECA-2990] - Customer specific LDAP publisher
[ECA-3025] - Built in profiling capabilities
[ECA-3070] - Add WS keyrecovery method for specified certificate
[ECA-3194] - Allow ejbca-db-cli to work on database with only AuditRecordData

EJBCA 5.0.10

[ECA-1872] - Batch Enrollment GUI can not use JKS as keystore
[ECA-2495] - Exception in view old log
[ECA-2968] - IE10 browser enrollment doesn't work
[ECA-3009] - Unhelpful error message when changing permission rules for non-existing end entity profile in CLI

[ECA-1826] - Possibility to create link certificates following the certificate profile
[ECA-2456] - Support other CMP signature algorithms than SHA1
[ECA-2944] - Remove one dependency from SignSessionBean on bean implementation in CeSeCore
[ECA-2966] - ClientToolBox batch functionality for certreq and installcert
[ECA-2976] - Debug log healthcheck message
[ECA-2983] - Add index on CertificateData.status to index sql script
[ECA-2997] - Make the CA certificate chain download provide better suggestion for file name to browser
[ECA-3005] - Backport CMP ECC improvements to 5.0
[ECA-3007] - Remove service execution audit events not needed
[ECA-3010] - Improve CLI support for editing certificate profiles and publishers
[ECA-3017] - Add parameter to ca init cli to use explicit ECC parameters

New Feature
[ECA-2241] - Support STARTTLS extension for the LDAP Publisher
[ECA-2985] - Add possibility to publish cert serial to LDAP custom schema
[ECA-3004] - Command Line Support to Create a SubCA signed by an External CA
[ECA-3006] - Add editca CLI command
[ECA-3019] - Manage Services from the CLI

EJBCA 5.0.9


[ECA-2915] - EJBCA DB CLI verify reports error if multiple nodes are logging
[ECA-2922] - Upgrade fails because not all aspects are migrated
[ECA-2929] - Revocation does not perform as expected in all circumstances
[ECA-2937] - Unable to create new CA with soft CA token without auto-activation
[ECA-2938] - Key renewal with soft CA token does not always persist the new keys
[ECA-2950] - Unsupported SubjectAltName object from a certificate request encoded to the string "null"
[ECA-2954] - lastUpdate and tryCounter columns in PublisherQueueData do not get updated in case of CRL publisher failures


[ECA-2859] - CMP end entity certificate authentication requires clear text password set for user
[ECA-2882] - Do not store active certificates in queue for ValidationAuthorityPublisher that only publish revoked
[ECA-2904] - Compile and run on JDK7
[ECA-2913] - CMP: Need better error message when a request is not signed by the sender
[ECA-2960] - ClientToolbox key generation enhancement.

New Feature

[ECA-2901] - CMP vendor certificate authorization
[ECA-2907] - Add cache for Publishers

EJBCA 5.0.8

[ECA-2376] - Republishing certificates to LDAP when multiple certificates per user are allowed fails if certificate is already present
[ECA-2710] - Last certificate gets republished twice when using '-all' in cli
[ECA-2781] - Searching by certificate serial number fails if certificate has same subject DN across multiple end entities
[ECA-2839] - CMP certificate authentication with KeyId for End Entity profile uses wrong string
[ECA-2845] - End entity presence (existing username) not checked properly during import
[ECA-2878] - Setting a certificate's status to CERT_NOTIFIEDABOUTEXPIRATION (21) locks out user from admin GUI

[ECA-2655] - Do not require private key to verify audit logs with ejbca-db-cli
[ECA-2708] - Can not revoke certificates that are on hold
[ECA-2824] - Not possible to obfuscate log signer key password.
[ECA-2846] - Make the bin/ejbca.sh ca importcertdir comand output filenames in case of errors
[ECA-2875] - Able to use unlimited no of arguments for clientToolBox on Windows

New Feature
[ECA-2847] - Add an option to 'bin/ejbca.sh ca importcertdir' command to ignore errors

[ECA-2869] - Ensure EJBCA builds with ant 1.7

EJBCA 5.0.7

[ECA-2822] - SECURITY: Minor administrator escalation issue

EJBCA 5.0.6

[ECA-2695] - Creating a CA via the CLI doesn't update the ca cache.
[ECA-2704] - Error in usage text for 'ejbca.sh ra listusers'
[ECA-2712] - Some properties in ejbca.properties are never read
[ECA-2713] - mail.contentencoding has wrong name in sample file
[ECA-2715] - VA health check no longer checks if database is available
[ECA-2719] - Download of certificates from Admin GUI fails in Chrome when using "strange" usernames
[ECA-2721] - Hibernate generates different hash-names for foreign constraints than list in SQL scripts
[ECA-2733] - Can not edit key sequence for a CA
[ECA-2736] - Key Recovery does not work when CA is signed by an external CA
[ECA-2738] - NPE running EJBCA containing HSM CA when no PKCS11 provider is available
[ECA-2739] - Key recovery not working using some HSMs
[ECA-2743] - Can not have different database dialect for EJBCA and External RA service
[ECA-2758] - Re-activating suspended certificates does not work with VA-publisher
[ECA-2762] - Upgrade from v4 to v5 not working for "imported CA"
[ECA-2763] - User is loosing priviliges after upgrade from v4 to v5
[ECA-2764] - Multiple certificates with different subject DN for CA
[ECA-2765] - Revoke CLI can not revoke certificates for a user that is revoked
[ECA-2766] - setclearpwd from CLI with non-existing user
[ECA-2778] - Plus character in CA DN breaks Download of Certificates
[ECA-2789] - The method for creating primary keys for access user aspects is broken
[ECA-2790] - SECURITY: Fix minor privilege escalation issue
[ECA-2797] - Only possible to view the newest hard token for an end entity.
[ECA-2799] - Improve RFC 4387 feature documentation
[ECA-2809] - Unable to use "modified" at the "Search End Entities" page.

[ECA-1696] - CertTools.getCertsFromPEM(*) should declare it returns a List as the order of certificates are important
[ECA-2183] - There is a code which will be never executed for external SCEP
[ECA-2656] - Unable to receive certificates from external CA that has invalid algorithm id parameters
[ECA-2693] - Improve error message when providing invalid signature algorithm
[ECA-2700] - Rate limit health check
[ECA-2776] - Disable jasper compilation in default build

New Feature
[ECA-2727] - Self-registration with admin approval
[ECA-2740] - Ant target for renewing application server keystore
[ECA-2747] - Extended Key Usage for WiFi EAP authentication
[ECA-2788] - Support CertHash extension in OCSP responder

[ECA-2716] - Remove unused properties

EJBCA 5.0.5


[ECA-2650] - A few EJB methods do not log access control
[ECA-2662] - Strip whitespace from username entered in public web
[ECA-2667] - AllwaysAllowLocalAuthenticationToken can be denied access
[ECA-2673] - End entitiy profiles with AnyCA causes RA admins to not be able to add user
[ECA-2674] - Editing access rules gives exception
[ECA-2694] - Can not create CA with non default soft token pwd from CLI

[ECA-2382] - Performance improvements, profiling
[ECA-2529] - Don't use Security Audit Log when doing healthchecks
[ECA-2553] - Improve CRL generation memory requirements
[ECA-2572] - Update index recommendations
[ECA-2573] - Merge enforcement queries to save database round-trip
[ECA-2618] - Remove authentication checks on CertConf messages
[ECA-2632] - Internal resources speed optimizations
[ECA-2639] - Do not use unneeded access control for internal CAInfo lookups and avoid ee profile cloning when not needed
[ECA-2642] - Improve Tomcat configuration
[ECA-2643] - Authorization checks does not always have to start a new transaction
[ECA-2645] - Fix transaction management for background updates to CAData
[ECA-2648] - Optimize away redundant query in WS getAdmin
[ECA-2652] - Multiple authorization checks in a single access controls invocation.
[ECA-2657] - Merge two CA access control log entires into one
[ECA-2659] - Merge Admin GUI access controls and remove redundant checks
[ECA-2675] - JBOSS with APR makes EJBCA deploy fail
[ECA-2676] - Replace the string "/super_administrator" with the constant AccessRulesConstants.ROLE_SUPERADMINISTRATOR

New Feature
[ECA-2629] - Add Japanese language file
[ECA-2653] - Enforce issuerDN,serialNumber uniqueness with database query if no unique index is present
[ECA-2687] - Allow CVC CAs to be created from the CLI

EJBCA 5.0.4

New Feature
[ECA-2590] - Possibility to only publish revoked certificates to external VA DB
[ECA-2603] - "unknown is good" changed for some URLs used in the OCSP request.
[ECA-2612] - Add Kerberos PKINIT-related EKU's to default configuration file

[ECA-2588] - Missing run.bat in ejbca db cli
[ECA-2613] - Annotate @ApplicationException(rollback=true) in all exceptions thrown from log system

[ECA-2563] - CMP: clean up CMP tests
[ECA-2600] - Add possibility to specify certificate profile to ca init CLI command
[ECA-2602] - Do not allow creationg of CAs with weak key lengths
[ECA-2607] - clientToolBox OCSP only accepts 16 char hex serial numbers
[ECA-2614] - ClientToolBox OCSP starts slow

[ECA-2564] - CMP: Correct the CrmfKeyUpdateTest
[ECA-2589] - External RA Junit test target does not work on windows
[ECA-2591] - Regression: ExternalRA does not work
[ECA-2594] - XSS issues
[ECA-2595] - EndEntityInformation.getPrintUserData compares to EndEntityConstants.USER_SENDNOTIFICATION instead of EndEntityConstants.USER_PRINT
[ECA-2601] - Prevent possible SQL injection
[ECA-2604] - Importing end entity profiles with an unknown CAid in it causes error
[ECA-2608] - CMP revocation requests are sensitive about DN order
[ECA-2609] - Publisher logs success even if publisher returns false
[ECA-2610] - Certificate Profile GUI weirdness in MSIE

EJBCA 5.0.3

New Feature
[ECA-2539] - CMP: Get KeyUpdateRequest working even in RA mode

[ECA-2543] - We need a way to log CMP messages from CMPProxy

[ECA-2536] - Modify tests in CliCommandAuthenticationTest to play with Glassfish

[ECA-2261] - SenderKeyID does not need to be set in a CMP request
[ECA-2527] - Wrong exception thrown in HardTokenSessionBean for some errors.
[ECA-2534] - Regression: Not checking that the administrator has the role defined in the hard token issuer any more.
[ECA-2535] - Security Audit Log with a single empty "msg" gives NullPointerException in Admin GUI
[ECA-2538] - Creating certificates from CLI with approvals enabled does not work
[ECA-2544] - Upgrading Certificate Profiles can remove Authority Information access under certain conditions
[ECA-2548] - Error clicking some service buttons when no service selected
[ECA-2551] - test:runone does not work on windows
[ECA-2552] - CMP: Skip verifying CertificateConfirmationRequest if not required
[ECA-2567] - CMP: Should use EjbRemoteHelper in CrmfRARequestTest
[ECA-2574] - Minor XSS issue

EJBCA 5.0.2

[ECA-2118] - Regression: Bug in adding new End-Entity with fixed RFC822Name in profile
[ECA-2197] - VA build fails sometimes
[ECA-2206] - GlobalConfiguration needs to check authorization differently
[ECA-2373] - Unsafe parsing of externalra-caservice.signature.required
[ECA-2403] - Custom roles do not seem to work from Basic Mode
[ECA-2413] - Deleted End Entities still show up on the list of "Previously Added End Entities" in the "Add End Entities" screen
[ECA-2422] - Regression: Import of profiles fails as CA IDs are different
[ECA-2423] - Use selected as template changes CAs to "any CA" for certificate profiles
[ECA-2424] - Default value for cmp.tcp.logdir is /log and not ./log causing Exception at startup
[ECA-2425] - Can not use CLI to create admin roles
[ECA-2426] - Supervisor role does not work as expected
[ECA-2427] - CLI can't set role rules for rules from CESeCore
[ECA-2428] - Persistent NFE after setting admin rule with certSerialNumber=qwerty_1
[ECA-2429] - Inconsistency in VA health-check properties comment and used URL
[ECA-2432] - Regression: tests fail on glassfish v2
[ECA-2433] - Regression: Healthcheck does not give any output if not ALLOK
[ECA-2435] - Chinese characters doesn't work in "Edit End Entity Profles" for DN attributes
[ECA-2436] - Reading OCSP messages over http1.1 with chunked encoding can fail
[ECA-2438] - Check where CAAdminSession.getCAInfo is expected to return null, but it throws
[ECA-2440] - DB2 database schema test fails on CRLData
[ECA-2444] - CMP Revoke Response Message is unprotected sometimes
[ECA-2448] - Regression: Available languages only contains EN by default
[ECA-2455] - Erroneous log output when renaming a role
[ECA-2457] - Editing Access Rules doesn't log correctly
[ECA-2458] - Audit logging for End Entity Profiles needs to be more detailed
[ECA-2459] - Audit logging for Role Access Users needs to be more detailed
[ECA-2460] - Audit logging for Role Access Rules needs to be more detailed
[ECA-2472] - Failure to publish CRL do not audit log CRL_PUBLISH failure
[ECA-2476] - null pointer when trying to recover lost HSM in external OCSP
[ECA-2479] - Regression: admins addadmin/removeadmin command malfunctions with match_type
[ECA-2480] - Regression: HARDTOKEN_REMOVE is audit logged as HARDTOKEN_ADD
[ECA-2482] - Minor XSS issues
[ECA-2484] - Regression: NoClassDefFound trying to run ejbca-db-cli
[ECA-2502] - Token id not logged correctly when password testing fails for soft tokens
[ECA-2506] - Audit log verification prints lots of errors after 1 row failed
[ECA-2511] - Missing column in SQL table create scripts
[ECA-2512] - NPE in WS if admin cert revoked
[ECA-2516] - Not possible to view hard token in admin GUI.
[ECA-2519] - SuperAdmin default role created with incorrect rule

[ECA-2384] - Move EndEntityProfile authorization from gui code to session bean
[ECA-2420] - Document database and security audit integrity protection
[ECA-2437] - Improve the CMP KeyUpdate stress test in ClientToolBox
[ECA-2441] - Update to new EJBCA logo in public and admin webs
[ECA-2446] - Log details what changed when editing services
[ECA-2461] - User data source API improvements
[ECA-2465] - Hard token API improvements
[ECA-2469] - Audit logging for Admin Preferences needs to be more detailed
[ECA-2470] - UpgradeableDataHashMap.diff does not handle String arrays
[ECA-2471] - Audit log details of publisher change and don't audit log failures
[ECA-2497] - Unreadable code in VerifyPKIMessage
[ECA-2501] - More efficient CRL download
[ECA-2508] - Audit log the security audit protection during startup
[ECA-2515] - Possibility to define which symmetric encryption algorithm to use for clientToolBox HSM encrypt/decrypt

New Feature
[ECA-2430] - Plugin build system
[ECA-2434] - Add CMP KeyUpdate stress test in clientToolBox
[ECA-2505] - Scripts for backup and restore

[ECA-2348] - Replace org.cesecore.util.Tuplet with AbstractMap.SimpleEntry
[ECA-2352] - Move methods from ComplexAccessControlSessionBean and ComplexRoleManagementSessionBean which would rather be in CESeCore
[ECA-2408] - CESeCore and EJBCA have overlapping and redundant rules for viewing logs
[ECA-2415] - Move the method saveGlobalConfigurationRemote out of GlobalConfigurationSessionBean and into a test proxy
[ECA-2439] - Remove unused AuthenticationToken from EndEntityProfileSession.getEndEntityProfile
[ECA-2485] - ISaferAppenderListener, SaferDailyRollingFileAppender are duplicates
[ECA-2490] - Authentication Logging does not conform to CC demands
[ECA-2496] - Remove AuthenticationSessionBean

EJBCA 5.0.1

[ECA-2396] - More XSS issues
[ECA-2402] - Regression: Supervisor role does not authorize the admin to view the log
[ECA-2407] - CMP: Allow only NestedMessageContent when an authorized administrator is not required when sending a CMP request
[ECA-2414] - CMP: When checkAdminAuthorization is set to 'false', verifying the issuer of extraCert should not be done.
[ECA-2416] - CMP message handler tries to create unid req handler

[ECA-2342] - Check authorization and make methods local-only in UserAdminSession
[ECA-2400] - Split xdocs in two separate sites, ejbca.org site and documentation site
[ECA-2409] - ProfileDefault for cmp.ra.certificateprofile

New Feature
[ECA-1153] - Support for Permanent Identifiers (RFC 4043)
[ECA-2410] - Document EJBCA Djigzo integration
[ECA-2411] - Support for authorityInformationAccess in CRLs

[ECA-2210] - Verify no-cache settings for CMP over HTTP
[ECA-2404] - Add healthcheck doc to admin guide

EJBCA 5.0.0

[ECA-2035] - Document when Key Recovery checkbox can be used
[ECA-2163] - Webservice warning in boot.log on JBoss 6
[ECA-2201] - Mixed SSL and non-SSL cause warnings on the on-server documentation pages
[ECA-2235] - External VA doesn't correctly publish CRLs from CAs with X.509 naming order
[ECA-2244] - Build failure with OpenJDK if JavaScript is not available
[ECA-2248] - Fix circular dependencies so that EJBCA can install
[ECA-2249] - Fix all system tests so that they run in EJBCA 5.0
[ECA-2251] - CertificateData.findAllOnHold is missing a query parameter
[ECA-2260] - CRL file name returned from VA differs from public web, should be .crl
[ECA-2271] - Bug with DN State et DN Locality attributes
[ECA-2279] - Regression: Disable Command Line Interface doesn't seem to have any effect any more
[ECA-2294] - Use of CMS key to sign CSV/logfile export is not logged.
[ECA-2301] - Regression: Can not save access rules
[ECA-2303] - NPE when trying to change a role from CLI
[ECA-2310] - Regression: Can not rename Roles
[ECA-2311] - Regression: Edit access rules shows wrong Role Template
[ECA-2319] - Verify revocation status of internal certificates when external certificate authentication is enabled
[ECA-2323] - Regression: NPE when trying to view administrators
[ECA-2326] - Regression: Match type are not showing correctly
[ECA-2329] - Regression: datasource.jndi-name-prefix not changed when switching to GlassFish
[ECA-2331] - Regression: exception thrown if cmp.autenticationmodule is not set in cmp.properties
[ECA-2339] - Audit Log GUI messages
[ECA-2343] - Strange 'help' features in EJBCA CLI
[ECA-2344] - Regression: admin can not access "Basic Functions" page unless access to all CAs
[ECA-2349] - Regression: VA deployment fails as default config file can not be loaded
[ECA-2357] - Regression: Access rule templates cannot be applied
[ECA-2358] - Regression: Download audit as XML results in empty file because some properties are not included in zip or have defautl values
[ECA-2360] - Regression: "Basic functions" cannot be browsed after adding an HSM CA
[ECA-2362] - Sample value in install.properties.sample referes to pre-cesecore class names
[ECA-2363] - Regression: databaseprotection.properties not included when doing a zip release
[ECA-2366] - Regresssion: CRL not published after CRL creation
[ECA-2374] - Regression: NPE when using signed external RA messages
[ECA-2375] - CA expire time incorrectly shown in the CLI
[ECA-2377] - Regression: can not renew a CA after upgrade from v4 to v5
[ECA-2378] - Regression: upgrade CertificatePolicy of CAs after upgrade from v4 to v5

[ECA-2086] - Introduce tooltip or help-link for "Process Certificate Request" and "Sign Certificate Request" buttons in Admin GUI
[ECA-2149] - Add revocation reason capability to CRL import CLI command, and add JUnit testing
[ECA-2155] - UserAdminSessionBean.assertAuthorizedToEndEntityProfile() and UserAdminSessionBean.assertAuthorizedToCA () need tests.
[ECA-2162] - Move some methods from CAAdminSession to CASession and use cache
[ECA-2165] - Rename RaAdminSession to AdminPreferencesSession
[ECA-2173] - minor optimization to PublisherSession
[ECA-2177] - Constant for un-revoking not documented in extra.db.CertificateRequest
[ECA-2187] - Update pt_PT translation
[ECA-2203] - Make release zip 10MB smaller
[ECA-2207] - Publisher Queue session should not log to logSession
[ECA-2215] - Place .properties files in a jar under lib/ in the EAR
[ECA-2216] - Glassfish 3 needs public access modifier for access between .jars
[ECA-2217] - Dynamically loaded classes aren't found by Glassfish 3.1
[ECA-2218] - Handle endorsed .jars from Glassfish 3.1
[ECA-2226] - Bundle multiple ORM files with EJBCA
[ECA-2234] - Make EJBCA build in production mode by default.
[ECA-2246] - Upgrade system tests from Junit3.8 to Junit4
[ECA-2268] - Enable database integrity protection for all internal EJBCA tables
[ECA-2280] - Improve testing on CSRs
[ECA-2289] - Welcome screen - workflow for CRL creation on status
[ECA-2292] - Better error message when services are not running (XKMS, OCSP, CMS...)
[ECA-2295] - Add to the documentation an example verify/decode of the log file export
[ECA-2307] - Reduce memory consumption when using InternalResouces
[ECA-2322] - Add authorization and look over token usage in PublisherSession
[ECA-2333] - Support for none DN based match values in User Aspects
[ECA-2341] - CMP EECAuthenticationModule: The attached extraCert does not need to be in the database

New Feature
[ECA-2180] - Renew CA from CLI
[ECA-2193] - Ability to use extension override in Web Service call processCertReq
[ECA-2245] - Produce an authentication provider for web based requests
[ECA-2263] - Implement CLI authentication
[ECA-2273] - New CLI for direct database interactions
[ECA-2305] - Support for setting cardnumber from WS
[ECA-2306] - Integrate new CMP features in Ejbca 5
[ECA-2309] - CLI command to edit fields in publishers and certificate profiles

[ECA-1078] - Verify that the microsoft certificateprofile works with a windows 2008 server domain
[ECA-2170] - Migrate all classes from org.cesecore to org.ejbca
[ECA-2171] - Master Issue: Refactor classes from CESeCore into EJBCA
[ECA-2228] - Merge Security Audit from CESeCore 1.1.0 into EJBCA
[ECA-2229] - Create mock SSBs to allow for implementation of secure audit.
[ECA-2230] - Move org.cesecore.authentication and org.cesecore.authorization
[ECA-2232] - Restructure functional tests in EJBCA to use a deployable for remote EJB access.
[ECA-2236] - Remove references to EJBCA's authentication, authorization and admin groups and replace them with CESeCore equivalents.
[ECA-2238] - Remove all references of the old logger and replace it with Secure Audit
[ECA-2240] - Merge Certificates from CESecore 1.1.0 to EJBCA
[ECA-2247] - Fix EJBCA CLI to work with EJBCA 5.0
[ECA-2250] - Admin GUI to work with EJBCA 5.0
[ECA-2252] - Remove faulty EJBCA references from CESeCore code
[ECA-2255] - Migrate built in Extended CA services to separate classes
[ECA-2258] - Refactoring 'WITH' paramerters
[ECA-2262] - Move ConfigurationSessionBean into into system tests JAR
[ECA-2265] - Allow EjbcaConfigurationHolder to use defaultvalues.properties
[ECA-2274] - Create mock session bean for AccessControl and AuditLog to be used in standalone VA mode
[ECA-2281] - Removed unused Admin from UserAdminSessionBean.existsUser
[ECA-2284] - Unnerf AlwaysAllowLocalAuthenticationToken
[ECA-2304] - Master Issue: Merge all changes made during CESeCore 1.1.0 to 1.1.1
[ECA-2308] - Make CustomCertSerialnumberWSTest run even with no index in database
[ECA-2313] - Merge issues from CESECORE-108
[ECA-2315] - Merge changes from CESECORE-198
[ECA-2318] - Merge revision #1208 from CESECORE-266 into EJBCA
[ECA-2320] - Merge changes from CESECORE-197
[ECA-2324] - Merge changes from CESECORE-269 to EJBCA

EJBCA 4.0.16

[ECA-2495] - Exception in view old log
[ECA-3059] - Database rolled back for failed CRL publishings instead of put in queue

[ECA-3050] - Base64CertData table

EJBCA 4.0.15

[ECA-2991] - Add the missing variable ${user.C} for e-mails

[ECA-1826] - Possibility to create link certificates following the certificate profile
[ECA-2884] - Create the variable ${user.UID} for e-mails
[ECA-2976] - Debug log healthcheck message

New Feature
[ECA-2985] - Add possibility to publish cert serial to LDAP custom schema

EJBCA 4.0.14

[ECA-2897] - Wrong example of external SSL port number in web.properties

[ECA-2882] - Do not store active certificates in queue for ValidationAuthorityPublisher that only publish revoked
[ECA-2890] - GUI: Better link from Public Web to Administration Web, via reverse proxy
[ECA-2899] - Do not display passwords in stdout during build

New Feature
[ECA-2907] - Add cache for Publishers

EJBCA 4.0.13


[ECA-2376] - Republishing certificates to LDAP when multiple certificates per user are allowed fails if certificate is already present
[ECA-2704] - Error in usage text for 'ejbca.sh ra listusers'
[ECA-2710] - Last certificate gets republished twice when using '-all' in cli
[ECA-2745] - GUI: Request Browser Certificate Renewal page update
[ECA-2750] - GUI: Logout links miss on some Web Public pages
[ECA-2759] - Unexpected form closing, when editing Certificate Profile
[ECA-2761] - Downgraded EJBCA from 5 to 4 get NULL CA Token
[ECA-2778] - Plus character in CA DN breaks Download of Certificates
[ECA-2786] - GUI: Remove "OCSP" text in navigation menu of Public Web
[ECA-2809] - Unable to use "modified" at the "Search End Entities" page.

[ECA-2746] - Clean up message keys, and some titles
[ECA-2753] - GUI: Web Public pages improvement
[ECA-2755] - GUI: Administration pages improvement (adding home link)
[ECA-2769] - GUI: Key Usage form improvement
[ECA-2776] - Disable jasper compilation in default build
[ECA-2802] - Clean up message keys, and section titles
[ECA-2813] - Class RequestInstance should allow to provide a password
[ECA-2823] - Backport ECA-2244, don't require javascript to build
[ECA-2829] - GUI: Update Renew title in the Public Web navigation
[ECA-2832] - GUI: Fix 'Fetch CA certificate' title in the Public Web page
[ECA-2875] - Able to use unlimited no of arguments for clientToolBox on Windows

New Feature
[ECA-2727] - Self-registration with admin approval
[ECA-2740] - Ant target for renewing application server keystore
[ECA-2747] - Extended Key Usage for WiFi EAP authentication

[ECA-2624] - Clean up message keys

EJBCA 4.0.12

New Feature
[ECA-2705] - OCSP key renewal at absolute times
[ECA-2706] - Allow Certificate Expiration Notification Service to specify Certificate Profiles
[ECA-2709] - Publisher for sampling of issued certificates

[ECA-2069] - Better log message when querying for not existing CA and default responder CA does not exist
[ECA-2714] - Hide the HARDTOKEN profiles in "Certificate Expiration Checker" configuration if "Issue Hardware Tokens" hasn't been enabled
[ECA-2724] - When deleting a Certificate Profile, list which end entities/end entity profiles that use it.

[ECA-2077] - OCSP rekeying does not work on JBoss 6.1.0 and JBoss EAP5
[ECA-2719] - Download of certificates from Admin GUI fails in Chrome when using "strange" usernames

[ECA-2625] - Language tool for developers and localizers

EJBCA 4.0.11

New Feature
[ECA-2629] - Add Japanese language file
[ECA-2696] - Custom revocation date in EJBCA

[ECA-2579] - Help message keys refactoring

[ECA-2662] - Strip whitespace from username entered in public web
[ECA-2664] - Cleartext links (http) in documentation
[ECA-2699] - ejbca.sh CLI exportprofiles function can't handle special characters in filename

[ECA-1979] - GUI: End-Entity (profile, add, edit) forms usability
[ECA-2577] - GUI: Configuration forms improvement
[ECA-2583] - GUI: LDAP Publishers form layout improvement
[ECA-2584] - GUI: Improvement of in-line help in all forms
[ECA-2627] - Process CA: forms layout improvement, and message keys refactoring
[ECA-2633] - GUI: Improve Services form
[ECA-2634] - GUI: View Certificate popup improvement
[ECA-2661] - Possible to use aliases for CRL Naming in RFC4387 CRL Store
[ECA-2675] - JBOSS with APR makes EJBCA deploy fail

EJBCA 4.0.10

New Feature
[ECA-2590] - Possibility to only publish revoked certificates to external VA DB
[ECA-2603] - "unknown is good" changed for some URLs used in the OCSP request.

[ECA-2564] - CMP: Correct the CrmfKeyUpdateTest
[ECA-2594] - XSS issues

[ECA-2563] - CMP: clean up CMP tests
[ECA-2575] - GUI: Administrator groups page headers improvement
[ECA-2580] - GUI: Improve View CA table layout (rows: header, sections, footer)
[ECA-2585] - GUI: Change Rename button in all Object lists

EJBCA 4.0.9

[ECA-2574] - Minor XSS issue

EJBCA 4.0.8, 2012-02-09
New Feature
[ECA-2539] - CMP: Get KeyUpdateRequest working even in RA mode

[ECA-2261] - SenderKeyID does not need to be set in a CMP request
[ECA-2476] - null pointer when trying to recover lost HSM in external OCSP
[ECA-2482] - Minor XSS issues
[ECA-2504] - Rename LIST button in Approve Actions section
[ECA-2544] - Upgrading Certificate Profiles can remove Authority Information access under certain conditions
[ECA-2552] - CMP: Skip verifying CertificateConfirmationRequest if not required
[ECA-2567] - CMP: Should use EjbRemoteHelper in CrmfRARequestTest

[ECA-1978] - Certificate Profile form improved
[ECA-2094] - Edit CA form improved
[ECA-2454] - Improve all table layout (rows: header, sections, footer)
[ECA-2468] - Formats and Units (GUI usability and keys refactoring)
[ECA-2497] - Unreadable code in VerifyPKIMessage
[ECA-2501] - More efficient CRL download
[ECA-2518] - Add link to Help page for ECDSA keys

[ECA-2157] - Clean up CSS code

EJBCA 4.0.7

New Feature
[ECA-2410] - Document EJBCA Djigzo intregration
[ECA-2430] - Plugin build system
[ECA-2434] - Add CMP KeyUpdate stress test in clientToolBox

[ECA-2197] - VA build fails sometimes
[ECA-2396] - More XSS issues
[ECA-2429] - Inconsistency in VA health-check properties comment and used URL
[ECA-2435] - Chinese charaters doesn't work in "Edit End Entity Profles" for DN attributes
[ECA-2436] - Reading OCSP messages over http1.1 with chunked encoding can fail
[ECA-2444] - CMP Revoke Response Message is unprotected sometimes

EJBCA 4.0.6


New Feature
[ECA-2368] - CMP, Implement message type KeyUpdateRequest

[ECA-2369] - NestedMessageContentTest does not clean up the test certificates it creates
[ECA-2380] - Minor XSS issue
[ECA-2383] - Cannot import empty CRL via CLI

EJBCA 4.0.5


New Feature
[ECA-2332] - Admin GUI ServletFilter for client certificate emulation

[ECA-2325] - Add custom cert serno and extension parsing the generatenewuser WS command

[ECA-2297] - NestedMessageContent implements version RFC2510 instead of RFC4210
[ECA-2302] - Publishing Queue Fails on slow publishers
[ECA-2338] - CMP End entity certificate authentication module does not work in client mode
[ECA-2346] - Certificate issuance verification does not detect when CAs public key (in HSM) does not match CA certificate
[ECA-2354] - Should not be possible to run service initialization after start

EJBCA 4.0.4

New Feature
[ECA-2105] - Add support for Signature protection of CMP confirm messages
[ECA-2161] - EJBCA add-on build option
[ECA-2194] - Add CMP Client mode using HMAC protection for user pwd
[ECA-2195] - Add modular authentication facility for CMP
[ECA-2196] - Add certificate authentication, by external cert, to CMP client mode
[ECA-2202] - Certreq WS CLI command support for altName
[ECA-2209] - Add new CMP client mode authentication methods
[ECA-2242] - Add certificate authentication, by external cert, to CMP RA mode
[ECA-2243] - Support multiple protection in CMP RA mode
[ECA-2264] - Support for certificate extensions with raw and/or dynamic value
[ECA-2267] - Support for adding/editing certificate extension data for an end entity in Admin Web
[ECA-2269] - Certificate extension value from WS and WSCLI. Certificate serial number from WSCLI.
[ECA-2275] - Add CMP tests in ClientToolBox

[ECA-2192] - Support other than DN in CMP recipient field
[ECA-2205] - Link to French installation guide contributed by asyd
[ECA-2285] - Allow getCA from CaSessionBean without requiring a transaction

[ECA-2253] - Add classes from cesecore to EJBCA sources to allow downgrade from 5.0 to 4.0

[ECA-2145] - EJBCA is not prepared to receive signature protected CMP Confirm messages
[ECA-2199] - Certreq WS CLI command ignores outputpath
[ECA-2213] - Enforce unique subject DN does not work with unused fields in EE profile
[ECA-2224] - Create Browser Certificate, Create Keystore pages have incorrect titles
[ECA-2231] - SCEP enrollment with CA-name containing spaces fails
[ECA-2235] - External VA doesn't correctly publish CRLs from CAs with X.509 naming order
[ECA-2254] - Way to indicate that a certificate should not be generated and stored on a HW token
[ECA-2256] - cmpHttpProxy does not build
[ECA-2257] - When a certificate is revoked and this certificate is not in LDAP it is logged as an error that the cert can not be removed and a task to remove is queued.
[ECA-2260] - CRL file name returned from VA differs from public web, should be .crl
[ECA-2270] - MSIE enrollment fails under certain conditions
[ECA-2276] - Approvals are denied because requestAdmin is not local admin token
[ECA-2278] - Finding free ids checks the id incorrectly
[ECA-2283] - Hard tokens are listed in wrong order in the GUI
[ECA-2286] - The VA page listing URLs to to CA certificates and the VA page listing URLs to CRLs is blank for some installations.
[ECA-2299] - Reading CMP messages over http1/1 with chunked encoding can fail

EJBCA 3.11.5

[ECA-2594] - Fixed some XSS issues.

EJBCA 3.11.4

[ECA-2557] - Minor XSS issues: merge bugfix from ECA-2482

EJBCA 3.11.3

[ECA-2065] - Certificate enrollment using OS X 10.6 and Safari 5.0.3
[ECA-2152] - Certificate not published to OCSP when reactivating after jboss restart.
[ECA-2212] - Problem between 'ant install' and 'ant deploy' on JBoss EAP 5.1.

EJBCA 4.0.3

[ECA-2188] - CMP improvements and minor bug fixes
[ECA-2189] - Fetch CMP regToken Control from CertRequest as well as CertReqMsg

[ECA-2101] - CMP error parsing POP signing key from BC1.46 clients
[ECA-2104] - CMP protection using digital signatures is missing DERNull for RSA AlgorithmParameters
[ECA-2181] - Exception deleting end entity profiles, AccessRulesData.findCountByCustomQuery does not use valuextractor
[ECA-2190] - POPO verification fails for BC1.46 signed CMP messages

EJBCA 4.0.2

New Feature
[ECA-1405] - Support for adding PrivateKeyUsagePeriod certificate extension
[ECA-1678] - Support Public Web enrollment in Chrome
[ECA-2172] - Storing of a secret not allowed to be in certificate in a DB with mapping to a fieald in the certificate.

[ECA-1827] - Optimize unique subject DN check
[ECA-1909] - End-Entity popups layout improved
[ECA-1959] - Public web layout improved
[ECA-1975] - View Log layout improved
[ECA-1976] - Fix PMD warnings
[ECA-2075] - Use ISO 8601 date format for absolute CertificateValidity, LogjDevice and in interfaces
[ECA-2076] - Change label 'CRL Publishers' to 'Publishers' for CAs
[ECA-2081] - Optimize EJBCA
[ECA-2084] - Create combined JDK patch for SHA224WithECDSA and RSAWithMGF1
[ECA-2097] - End-Entity Search form usability
[ECA-2100] - Make the number of BCrypt rounds configurable
[ECA-2106] - Improve CertificateProfileCache and EndEntityProfileCache
[ECA-2107] - Use getResultList instead of getSingleResult for JPA queries
[ECA-2110] - Improve log error message when CMP RA CA does not exist
[ECA-2111] - View History popup improved
[ECA-2115] - Use StringBuilder instead of StringBuffer where thread safety isn't required
[ECA-2119] - Optimize DNFieldsUtil
[ECA-2125] - GUI usability: History navigation in popups

[ECA-2006] - Certain hexadecimal values of the Validity field on the Edit CA page are parsed incorrectly
[ECA-2065] - Certificate enrollment using OS X 10.6 and Safari 5.0.3
[ECA-2085] - During install asked twice to input password
[ECA-2098] - Check for unique index on (certificate serialNumber, issuerDN) does not work as expected
[ECA-2108] - Property for custom available access rules miss-spelled
[ECA-2113] - CA Tokentype ignored during installation
[ECA-2132] - Start and end time displaying bugged in View EE popup
[ECA-2133] - DN displaying bugged in View Certificate popup
[ECA-2136] - Displaying of DN attributes which contains several spaces
[ECA-2137] - Fix EJBCA Web Configuration layout
[ECA-2143] - External RA PKCS12 request gives NPE
[ECA-2152] - Certificate not published to OCSP when reactivating after jboss restart.
[ECA-2153] - Error serial number start with 0
[ECA-2154] - Cert-cvc date decoding does not take timezone into consideration
[ECA-2158] - Export log as CSV does not work
[ECA-2166] - CertificateExpireTest does not remove the test CA
[ECA-2168] - If ServicetimerSessionBean.timeoutHandler throws exception multiple timers are created
[ECA-2169] - Possible too much logging when violating unique user public key and/or DN
[ECA-2176] - Deploying XKMS on JBoss 6 downloads dtd from w3c

[ECA-2073] - Update generated documentation
[ECA-2091] - Upgrade Extended CA services to include implementation classpath
[ECA-2147] - Clean up HTML code
[ECA-2148] - Message keys refactoring

EJBCA 3.11.2

[ECA-1981] - End Entity History: Administrator is not listed right (NullPointerException)
[ECA-1996] - NPE in approvals page when logged in as RA Admin without End Entity Profiles access rights
[ECA-2008] - Date in certificate profile decreased by one if different daylight savings time
[ECA-2024] - External CAs are set to expired, and treated as normal CAs giving exceptions in log
[ECA-2037] - Compilations fails on JDK 5
[ECA-2092] - Not possible to revoke some certificate after upgrading from 3.4.x to 3.11.1
[ECA-2102] - Some WS calls do not write the DN and issuer DN of the client making the call to the WS transaction log.
[ECA-2120] - External OCSP does not deploy on JBoss 5.1
[ECA-2127] - Republishing a revoked certificate to VA does not work
[ECA-2131] - Republish button in Admin GUI's view certificate page will not work when CertReqHistory isn't present for the certificate.
[ECA-2135] - Republish button in Admin GUI does not work for special characters

[ECA-2012] - Support named curves for Brainpool ECC in PKCS11 HSMs
[ECA-2082] - Add note about potential future error in fresh installations on EJBCA 3.11.0 and 3.11.1 on MySQL.

New Feature
[ECA-2009] - Add GlassFish database schema for Oracle
[ECA-2013] - Support SHA224WithECDSA on PKCS11 HSMs
[ECA-2014] - Support signing with SHA256WithRSAandMGF1 on PKCS11 HSMs
[ECA-2018] - Possibility to disable command line interface
[ECA-2021] - WS Call for retrieving CA path
[ECA-2022] - Add Web Service RA standalone application
[ECA-2083] - Add Import CRL to the EJBCA CLI
[ECA-2093] - CA CLI: Add import certificates from a directory of PEM files
[ECA-2112] - Web service operation issuing certificate from public key
[ECA-2141] - ExtRA certificate request that also edit user and sets serial number

EJBCA 4.0.1

[ECA-2090] - Can not browser enroll with IE

EJBCA 4.0.0

New Feature
[ECA-200] - Serialized database object not compatible between different app servers
[ECA-1286] - Additional notification template tag requestAdmin.CN
[ECA-1348] - Update user's SubjectDN from EJB CLI
[ECA-1516] - Possibility to revoke a certificate with the ejbca.sh tools (using the serial number)
[ECA-1522] - EJBCA CLI command to list lastUpdate and nextUpdate for each CA's last CRL
[ECA-1595] - Add Adobe PDF Signature extended key usage
[ECA-1700] - Add customLog WS CLI command
[ECA-1867] - Perform ampersand escaping for XML-based database sources
[ECA-1875] - New JUnit test for parsing Glassfish's JEE standard validation
[ECA-1905] - Function in public web to dump/inspect contents of certificates/CSRs
[ECA-2000] - Add SPOC PKI, CSN369791, extended key usages
[ECA-2013] - Support SHA224WithECDSA on PKCS11 HSMs
[ECA-2014] - Support signing with SHA256WithRSAandMGF1 on PKCS11 HSMs
[ECA-2021] - WS Call for retrieving CA path
[ECA-2022] - Add Web Service RA standalone application
[ECA-2072] - Handle database with case sensitive column names

[ECA-687] - WebService API does not work on Weblogic
[ECA-735] - Additional default 'chain' link on the public CRL/CA page
[ECA-852] - Improve handling of error in WS-API for unknown errors like underlying SQLExceptions.
[ECA-899] - Specify min password length in Bits - regardless of method used to express them
[ECA-964] - Change all "revokation" to "revocation" and "revoce" to "revoke" throughout the sourcecode
[ECA-1064] - Simplify configuration depending on appserver.type
[ECA-1099] - PMD Warnings
[ECA-1378] - Don't display Log4jLogDevice in View log function in admin-GUI
[ECA-1511] - Make EJBCA JBoss 6.0 compliant
[ECA-1528] - Remove CRL number from Publisher.storeCRL method
[ECA-1586] - Possible to prompt for passwords during install and don't display on screen
[ECA-1601] - GeneralPurposeCustomPublisher should have parameter for deltaCRL
[ECA-1623] - Refactor unit tests to comply to JUnit3 standard
[ECA-1648] - Date format of the setStartTime and setEndTime WS functions
[ECA-1656] - Adapt ProtocolOcspHttpTest to Windows
[ECA-1667] - E-mail template: use an e-mail address from SAN or entity account
[ECA-1750] - The Elimination of TestTools
[ECA-1755] - Replace usage of SimpleDateFormat with commons.lang FastDateFormat
[ECA-1786] - Get all tests up and running post EJB3-conversion
[ECA-1833] - Log devices that use the database should be responsible for creating new transactions
[ECA-1839] - Remove JNDI lookup for local interfaces and replace with proper injection wherever possible.
[ECA-1840] - Move CMP TCP Service to a separate appserver independent module
[ECA-1843] - Move configuration from ejb-jar.xml to Commons Config read property files
[ECA-1849] - Refactor HealthCheck component to allow for injection of local interfaces.
[ECA-1852] - Change Log4J property file bundled with EJBCA on non-JBoss application servers to XML format
[ECA-1863] - Make org.cesecore.core.ejb.ca.store.CertificateProfileSessionBean from CertificateStoreSessionBean
[ECA-1868] - Extract EndEntityProfileSession from RaAdminSession in preparation for CESeCore.
[ECA-1878] - Improve speed of HttpMethodsTest
[ECA-1880] - Run unit JUnit tests in parallel
[ECA-1886] - Add new authorization check to internal getCA method
[ECA-1888] - Move detection of referenced publishers and CAs to CertificateProfileSessionBean
[ECA-1890] - AuthorizationSessionBean tosses AuthorizationDeniedException for unexceptional conditions.
[ECA-1896] - Remove unused methods in CreateCRLSession
[ECA-1899] - Support for RSA CAs with SHA384 and SHA512 in admin GUI
[ECA-1900] - Replace Class.forName(SomeClass.class.getName()) with SomeClass.class
[ECA-1929] - Convert CertificateDataUtil to abstract base class for CertificateStoreSessionBean and CertificateStoreOnlyDataSessionBean
[ECA-1943] - Only merge ejbca-custom once per build
[ECA-1970] - Simplify query for batch users
[ECA-1989] - Mildly confusing message during default install "Generating for all FAILED."
[ECA-1991] - Change references to ejb-interface_ejb3 to just ejb-interface
[ECA-1993] - Migrate EJBCA from junit3 to junit4
[ECA-2011] - Improve build scripts
[ECA-2016] - Improvement of CA Administrators access rules
[ECA-2019] - Update generated documentation
[ECA-2030] - Use atomic update of LogConfigurationData.logEntryRowNumber
[ECA-2033] - Use @Override on all EJB methods
[ECA-2064] - Ugly exception in cli trying to set pwd for non existing used
[ECA-2088] - Remove CertificateData created during test for index certificatedata_idx1

[ECA-1319] - Upgrade apache beanutils to > 1.8
[ECA-1671] - CAInfo.setincludeInHealthCheck misspelled
[ECA-1716] - Migrate from J2EE to JEE5
[ECA-1717] - Drop support for JDK 1.5
[ECA-1718] - Convert EJB 2.1 interfaces to their EJB 3.0 counterpart
[ECA-1719] - Update EJBCA WS and XKMS
[ECA-1720] - Migrate Entity Beans to JPA 1.0
[ECA-1721] - Migrate all Stateless Session Beans from EJB 2.1 to EJB 3.0
[ECA-1722] - Use JPA QL instead of JDBC
[ECA-1723] - Remove XDoclet
[ECA-1728] - Refactor Admin GUI as self contained module depending on EJB interfaces
[ECA-1730] - Refactor Public Web components as self contained modules depending on EJB interfaces
[ECA-1777] - Add the unit test for CMP extractUsernameComponent created in ECA-1736 to EJBCA4
[ECA-1832] - Remove ProtectedLog
[ECA-1851] - Remove support for OC4J
[ECA-1854] - Enterprise bean class must declare all class static fields as final
[ECA-1879] - Extract AdminEntity and AdminGroup handling from AuthorizationSession in order to comply with the CeSeCore spec.
[ECA-1884] - Drop Jasper reports
[ECA-1892] - Remove unused methods in SignSession
[ECA-1894] - With caching EJBCA should recover from a database failure
[ECA-1903] - Remove myfaces jars
[ECA-1904] - Extract CRUD operations from CreateCrlSession into a new bean
[ECA-1907] - Extract some CRUD operations for CAs from CaAdminSessionBean to new SSB
[ECA-1913] - Message keys refactoring
[ECA-1920] - Move configuration of inistial administration CA to install.properties
[ECA-1922] - Remove TableProtect mechanism
[ECA-1926] - Move Log4J JBoss appenders to separate module
[ECA-1927] - Upgrade commons-configuration to latest version (1.6)
[ECA-1928] - Upgrade commons-lang to latest version (2.5)
[ECA-1940] - Upgrade commons-logging to latest version (1.1.1)
[ECA-1942] - Upgrade log4j to latest version (1.2.16)
[ECA-1944] - Merge ECA-1853 and ECA-1931 to trunk
[ECA-1971] - HTML/CSS compliance and code cleaning
[ECA-1974] - Document current state of Test EJBCA 4 on WebLogic AS 10.3.4
[ECA-1977] - Remove deprecated methods from BasePublisher and update ICustomPublisher to match.
[ECA-1984] - Remove deprecated methods from CertificateProfile
[ECA-1986] - Remove deprecated certtools.dnorderreverse
[ECA-1987] - Document current state of EJBCA 4 on WebSphere AS 7
[ECA-1992] - Remove unused env entries from CMP WAR's web.xml
[ECA-2036] - Test for CVE-2010-4476

[ECA-579] - Log queries for administrator data are incorrect
[ECA-1151] - startTime/endTime format in end entity profile incoherence
[ECA-1212] - Edit administrator groups does not work on Weblogic 9/10
[ECA-1327] - Creating CA from CLI using a certificate profile not derivative of ROOTCA or SUBCA causes a NullPointerException.
[ECA-1352] - The CA DN is not the CA displayed in CA certificate view
[ECA-1397] - postalAddress DN component is has wrong encoding
[ECA-1515] - ejbca.sh ca listexpired return revoked certificates
[ECA-1591] - External OCSP tests in TestPublisher fails on Postgres
[ECA-1604] - Trying to create a CVCA with incomplete SubjectDN results in NullPointerException
[ECA-1615] - Forgetting to define key encryption key in hard token results in NullPointerException on certificate creation with CSR
[ECA-1624] - Test test06RequestCounter in UserDataTest system test apparently does not clean up after itself
[ECA-1647] - ServiceTimerSession does not loop through the correct timers in case of exception
[ECA-1650] - JUnit tests cannot handle EndOfLine characters on Windows
[ECA-1673] - OCSP Service Locator URI fills in default value even if we want to have it empty
[ECA-1686] - CertificateStoreSessionBean.findCertificatesByXX inconsistent behavior when user does not exist
[ECA-1689] - Possible NullpointerException in admin GUI if ee profile is removed in database
[ECA-1695] - EjbcaWS.getAvailableCertificateProfiles and getAvailableCAsInProfile throws NullPointerException if profile does not exist
[ECA-1697] - Possible NPE when merging WS DN
[ECA-1699] - X.500 DN order with multiple attributes (e.g. DC, OU)
[ECA-1753] - externalra-gui does not work with jBoss 5.1.0.GA.
[ECA-1767] - Subject DN field with only the space character leads to Exception
[ECA-1799] - notSerializableException running userquerywith remote EJBs
[ECA-1806] - Get timers working again in EJBCA4
[ECA-1809] - Services based on EJB Timer service does not work on Weblogic Server 10.0
[ECA-1829] - XKMSKISSTest fails due to inproper matching och SubjectDNs
[ECA-1841] - Error adding end entity with several required and non required OUs
[ECA-1861] - Batch generation does not work when there are lots of new users with empty passwords in database
[ECA-1864] - CATokenOfflineException is converted to CADoesntExistsException
[ECA-1887] - Redeployment on Glassfish 2.1.1 does not work
[ECA-1919] - EndEntityProfileSessionBean.findFreeEndEntityProfileId may fail and loop
[ECA-1951] - Can't add admin groups when logged in as SuperAdmin
[ECA-1956] - EJBCA doesn't handle well SCEP request with multivalue relative distinguishable name with a space in it
[ECA-1973] - Certificate archiving does not work when creating CRLs using WS (4.0 dev regression only)
[ECA-1980] - Unable to delete end entity profile
[ECA-1981] - End Entity History: Administrator is not listed right (NullPointerException)
[ECA-1982] - External OCSP responder does not work with ECC algorithm
[ECA-1988] - WARs depend on classes from ejbca-ejb.jar and not only EAR bundled libs
[ECA-1994] - Arrays.asList does not like an empty array of Integer
[ECA-1995] - NullPointerException creating request if cachain is null
[ECA-1996] - NPE in approvals page when logged in as RA Admin without End Entity Profiles access rights
[ECA-1999] - SECURITY: Replace simple password hasing with BCrypt salted password hasing
[ECA-2002] - CRLs must be published when they are created
[ECA-2004] - The Edit CA form is submitted even when an error in the input is detected
[ECA-2005] - Catch NoResultException for javax.persistence.Query.getSingleResult
[ECA-2007] - Always check for null before trying to remove something with entityManager
[ECA-2008] - Date in certificate profile decreased by one if different daylight savings time
[ECA-2010] - Wrong menu displaying according to Admin access rules
[ECA-2024] - External CAs are set to expired, and treated as normal CAs giving exceptions in log
[ECA-2025] - Download of certificates via ejbca/adminweb/ca/endentitycert does not work
[ECA-2028] - Build script error for WS
[ECA-2031] - WebdistHttpTest use case sensitive check for HTTP header
[ECA-2045] - CAActivation page requires wrong permission to view
[ECA-2055] - Reactivation is no longer possible in Admin GUI when viewing certificate
[ECA-2057] - CertificateData.findUsernamesByExpireTimeWithLimit's query is missing IS keyword.
[ECA-2059] - Random hickups with services
[ECA-2060] - CARepublishCommand has might publish CRL with wrong CRLNumber
[ECA-2061] - CaRepublishCommand throws exception publishing server certificates
[ECA-2062] - CRLs are not always created in a new transaction
[ECA-2071] - AccessRuleData matching for CAs and EndEntityProfiles
[ECA-2089] - ExternaRAServiceWorker cannot access external database in container managed transaction

EJBCA 3.11.1

[ECA-1908] - Certificate popup layout improved
[ECA-1952] - Add favicon to public and admin web
[ECA-1958] - Add message "Integrated by"
[ECA-1961] - Header, Footer, and global layout improved
[ECA-1972] - CA information popup layout improved

[ECA-1946] - cert-cvc 1.2.12 maven pom still has version tag 1.2.11
[ECA-1948] - MySQL mapping for KeyRecoveryData.certSN is incorrect
[ECA-1949] - MySQL mapping for UserData.cardNumber is inconsistent in in SQL create script and mapping files.
[ECA-1950] - ETSI QC value limit can not have 0 value
[ECA-1953] - Sybase ServiceData.nextRunTimeStamp and runTimeStamp was inconsistent compared with other long fields
[ECA-1955] - Error upgrading from EJBCA 3.6.x to 3.11.x
[ECA-1962] - Editing certificate profile, session information spills over to other edits when using the "Back to certificate profiles" link
[ECA-1963] - Trying to use Cardnumber in EE profile gives error about missing UNSTRUCTUREDADDRESS
[ECA-1964] - Ugly NPE in log for field error during add end entity
[ECA-1965] - UserDoesntFullfillEndEntityProfile is wrapped twice in LocalUserAdminSessionBean
[ECA-1966] - Add end entity modifies cached end entity profiles
[ECA-1985] - UnstructuredAddress dn field does not work

EJBCA 3.11.0

New Feature
[ECA-63] - Implement RFC4387, cert store access via http
[ECA-1264] - Add extended information to edit user WS-API.
[ECA-1711] - GUI application for batch-enrollment from CSR:s
[ECA-1784] - Add version column to database tables
[ECA-1842] - Be able to separate log files depending on CA
[ECA-1844] - Function to fluch caches across a cluster from admin GUI
[ECA-1850] - ClientToolBox command for db managemnt in a generic ways.
[ECA-1853] - External OCSP responder also a CRL Distribution point
[ECA-1885] - Options to issue certificates without database storage
[ECA-1893] - Supply custom certificate serial number over CMP in RA mode
[ECA-1901] - Support one CMP RA secret per CA
[ECA-1938] - Database mapping for Oracle on GlassFish
[ECA-1859] - Add SSH extended key usages
[ECA-1860] - Add MS Code Signing extended key usages

[ECA-1712] - Add End-Entity forms usability
[ECA-1765] - Possibility to pin a service to specific cluster nodes
[ECA-1768] - Make Ubuntu quick start guide doc
[ECA-1816] - Forms layout improved
[ECA-1819] - Make nextRunTimeStamp a column in database to avoid updating long column
[ECA-1837] - Optimize use of ExtendedInformation to not store anything if not used
[ECA-1847] - Make data types consistent across all databases
[ECA-1848] - Only log CA expired warnings to server.log
[ECA-1857] - End-Entity Profile form improved
[ECA-1858] - Certificate Authority form improved
[ECA-1862] - Optimize creation of User and Certificate objects in database
[ECA-1877] - SPOC interop requires "unusual" countries which the CVC library does not permit
[ECA-1895] - Set correct port in administration link in public web
[ECA-1897] - Improve error message for violating unique subject DN
[ECA-1912] - Add new RSA key sizes: 1536 bits, 8192 bits
[ECA-1921] - Search End Entities layout improved
[ECA-1935] - Use random password for autogenerated passwords in WS-API certificateRequest
[ECA-1937] - New RSA 1536 Bit for Hard Token Profiles

[ECA-1923] - Deprecate TableProtect mechanism
[ECA-1924] - Introduce new (unused) database column for future integrity protection

[ECA-1841] - Error adding end entity with several required and non required OUs
[ECA-1845] - Wrong reference in on line doc link for renew ca
[ECA-1871] - It's possible to change the value of 'OCSP Service Locator URI' when 'Use Authority Information Access' is turned on
[ECA-1914] - Import of certfificate profiles referring to CVC CAs failed i CLI
[ECA-1915] - TestCustomCertSerialnumberWS not compilable without JBoss
[ECA-1917] - Class not found during marshalling when running tests on GlassFish
[ECA-1918] - Web services tests fails on GlassFish
[ECA-1930] - Error using creatcrl cli on Glassfish
[ECA-1931] - NPE in OCSP at load
[ECA-1934] - Standalone VA/OCSP missing jar when deploying on GlassFish
[ECA-1936] - Some characters double encoded in admin GUI
[ECA-1939] - XMLEncoding/decoding of ExtendedInformation complains about BigInteger
[ECA-1945] - Username not displayed in popups

EJBCA 3.10.6

New Feature
[ECA-1264] - Add extended information to edit user WS-API.

[ECA-1877] - SPOC interop requires "unusual" countries which the CVC library does not permit

[ECA-1841] - Error adding end entity with several required and non required OUs
[ECA-1845] - Wrong reference in on line doc link for renew ca
[ECA-1914] - Import of certificate profiles referring to CVC CAs failed i CLI

EJBCA 3.10.5

New Feature
[ECA-1791] - Logging the certificate SubjectDN when an admin logs in with an external cert and displaying this info in Log View
[ECA-1822] - Command line to clear internal caches

[ECA-1663] - Option to specify CRL Expire Period fields etc. in months
[ECA-1741] - Clean authentication session bean
[ECA-1756] - Configurable cache for end entity profiles
[ECA-1795] - It should be possible to run the CMP TCP Proxy as a Windows service
[ECA-1797] - Page sub-titles harmonized
[ECA-1800] - Name as a word, name as a DN attribute
[ECA-1802] - Improve CAInfo cache to use configurable time
[ECA-1805] - Configurable cache for certificate profiles
[ECA-1807] - Document 'Finish User' CA config
[ECA-1811] - Improve caching of global configuration and authorization data
[ECA-1813] - Re-order all the Extended Key Usage
[ECA-1816] - Forms layout improved
[ECA-1818] - Make log configuration cache time configurable
[ECA-1823] - HSM p11 key attribute test and default.
[ECA-1824] - New "fixed" username generation scheme in CMP RA mode
[ECA-1831] - Lower log level from info to debug for expired CA warnings
[ECA-1834] - Use only fingerprint index to check for unique cert serialnumber

[ECA-1745] - Can not re-publish a certificate when CertReqHistory is not used
[ECA-1780] - Doc update CMP over TCP not supported on Glassfish
[ECA-1830] - Update german language file

[ECA-1739] - Unique subjectDN serialnumber cannot be edited.
[ECA-1747] - Change how an approval administrator is identified, approval does not work with external administrators
[ECA-1759] - Admin GUI crashes with a stacktrace when accessed by unauthrized user cert, on JBoss 5
[ECA-1779] - Error when clicking on the Adminstrator in "View Log"
[ECA-1790] - Unable to choose event in Advanced Filter Mode in View Log
[ECA-1793] - Mitigate Cross Site Scripting (XSS) in the Admin GUI
[ECA-1794] - Admin GUI errors on JBoss 5
[ECA-1804] - ProfileMappings update and fixes, for messages
[ECA-1808] - WS CLI does not support unrevocation
[ECA-1812] - Activation failure when EJBCA is started at high load
[ECA-1817] - EJBCA fail to install, if application server is installed in the root directory.
[ECA-1820] - Certificate related events in the View Log does not display the certificate in question
[ECA-1821] - NullPointerException when filling certing fields in View Log
[ECA-1825] - Create CA with SerialNumber in DN regression with CLI
[ECA-1836] - Use CertReqHistory should be active by default

EJBCA 3.10.4

New Feature
[ECA-1727] - User defined serial number using UserDataVO
[ECA-1733] - Possible to configure CA to not use Certificate Request History
[ECA-1735] - Add configuration to fully cache CA objects, to minimize database roundtrips

[ECA-1729] - EJBCA on Glassfish with MySQL
[ECA-1734] - Add throws clause for CADoesntExistException to add/change user in user admin session bean, and optimize away one read of CA info in cert req session
[ECA-1743] - Improve file log for parsing, prefix dn and quote it in log
[ECA-1752] - Harmonized themes for home page
[ECA-1757] - Harmonized themes for CA Activation page
[ECA-1762] - Harmonized GUI for all pages
[ECA-1763] - Make country DV renewals optionally take CVCA certificate from the EJBCA store
[ECA-1783] - CertTools.checkValidity should not log with error when a CVC certificate has expired

[ECA-1725] - Make test34CaRenewCertRequest JUnit test also for ECC keys

[ECA-1321] - Single-qoute bug when creating CRL from Admin GUI
[ECA-1710] - Certrequest session (and now CMP) requires ee profile to use 'Batch', i.e. clear pwd
[ECA-1724] - Mitigate Cross Site Scripting (XSS) in the Admin GUI
[ECA-1731] - EJBCA WS KeyRevocerNewest always returns 0 as approval Id in WaitingForApprovalException
[ECA-1736] - extractUsernameComponent in CMP client mode broken
[ECA-1737] - Error while setup admin permissions for superadmin when superadmin.cn contains a space
[ECA-1738] - Nullpointer exception editing end entity profiles when printer is null
[ECA-1746] - EjbcaWS does not work with external admin certificates
[ECA-1761] - Error parsing certificate serialnumber
[ECA-1778] - webconfiguraiton.jspf displays HTML
[ECA-1785] - Error when filling the Subject Directory Attribute Fields
[ECA-1789] - ocsphealthcheck does not deploy on JBoss 5

EJBCA 3.10.3

[ECA-1709] - Typo in ejbca-ws-cli

[ECA-1704] - Tomcat's server.xml must have URIEncoding also for port 8080
[ECA-1710] - Certrequest session (and now CMP) requires ee profile to use 'Batch', i.e. clear pwd
[ECA-1713] - Mitigate Cross Site Scripting (XSS) in the error page of Admin GUI
[ECA-1714] - Issuer CA DN is HTML escaped when revoking through Admin GUI
[ECA-1715] - Error creating DVs using ECC

EJBCA 3.10.2

New Feature
[ECA-1622] - CMP Proxy
[ECA-1677] - Enforce unique SubjectDN Serial Number
[ECA-1693] - Validate content of End Entity Fields
[ECA-1705] - Support MySQL 5.1 Cluster 7
[ECA-1707] - Display a search-link when trying to add a user that already exists.

[ECA-714] - Document how ROOT CA revocation works, and what to do
[ECA-1655] - Restrict http methods other than get and post
[ECA-1674] - Output the servers time to the first page of the Admin GUI.
[ECA-1682] - Allow multiple CA policy OIDs and URLs when creating a CA from the EJB CLI
[ECA-1683] - Use CertificateRequestSessionBean for CMP to make it transaction safe
[ECA-1685] - Look over exception handling in UserAdminSessionBean findUser and optimize usage to existsUser where possible
[ECA-1687] - LocalUserAdminSessionBean.findAllUsersByCaId method declares throws FinderException that it does not throw
[ECA-1690] - Possible to define custom CN of superadmin on install
[ECA-1658] - Supervision of the validity time of the signing certificates for the OCSP responder

[ECA-1631] - Update pre-defined windows smart card logon profiles

[ECA-715] - Possible to issue certificates from a revoked CA
[ECA-1266] - Upgrade may cause "use authority information access" to be enabled though it was not before in certificate profile
[ECA-1639] - The CAR of a CV Certificate can hold an incorrect sequence number (which makes the CAR incorrect)
[ECA-1645] - Exception in CertTools parsing CRL Distribution Point with name but no URI
[ECA-1646] - class isolation does not work with JBoss AS 4.2.3 GA : unable to "ant install" successfully
[ECA-1651] - Some cli commands does not work on JBoss 5
[ECA-1652] - Trying to use plus sign in DN with WS-API results in double escaping
[ECA-1653] - Trying to get delta CRL when none exists with cli gives ugly error message
[ECA-1654] - Perform check for illegal SQL query characters from LocalUserAdminSession.query
[ECA-1657] - export profiles cli gives error for CA certificate profiles
[ECA-1660] - Visiting adminweb using port 442 for the first time gives NPE
[ECA-1661] - Adding a CA with PKCS11 token but without HSM installed gives NPE
[ECA-1662] - Password masking in "ant install" not working on Windows Server 2008
[ECA-1666] - Not possible to use subject DN EMAIL field when creating certificate with CMP.
[ECA-1668] - Tooltip title missing in Edit Administrator Privileges
[ECA-1670] - Upgrade of existing CA should set EnforceUniqueDistinguishedName and PublicKey to false
[ECA-1672] - /log_functionality/log_custom_events authorization not verified in WS API
[ECA-1675] - Download CRL from Basic functions give ugly filename with space in CN
[ECA-1676] - Error downloading certificate request created by X509 CA
[ECA-1679] - Can not create a new certificate request from a CVC CA with no previous signing key
[ECA-1680] - When superadmin.dn is modified, authentication on adminweb is impossible
[ECA-1681] - MakeRequest button when SignedBy=External CA is not enabled

EJBCA 3.10.1

New Feature
[ECA-1542] - New WS API methods for caRenewCertRequest and caCertResponse
[ECA-1622] - CMP Proxy
[ECA-1630] - Support SHA384withECDSA signature algorithm

[ECA-958] - Allow DVCA renewal of keys without activating them immediately
[ECA-1585] - Renew CA signed by external does not accept binary CA certificate input
[ECA-1616] - cvcRequest gives unclear error message when the exact same request is passed
[ECA-1618] - OCSP responder, log startup, with version, and shutdown
[ECA-1627] - Support DSA keys in ejbca.sh batch.
[ECA-1635] - Specify a ca certificate profile when creating a ca with CLI

[ECA-1346] - Write version information etc in ejbca-util.jar's manifest file
[ECA-1529] - Remove the SafeNetLuna JCE CA token
[ECA-1563] - EJBCA does not deploy on JBoss EAP 5.0.0.GA

[ECA-1058] - Multiple DCs in CA's sujectDN break CRL generation when LDAP DN order switched off
[ECA-1072] - Got exception when adding an end entity from ejbcarawscli.sh when approval is enabled
[ECA-1136] - User interface does not update correctly when changing Admingroup privileges
[ECA-1189] - Error saving RA Admin access rules, End Entity Rules
[ECA-1197] - Mail notifications does not work for CA's about to expire.
[ECA-1541] - CMP servlet does not verify input length
[ECA-1587] - CLI for getting delta CRL does not work
[ECA-1602] - A Root CA can not renew certificate of an External CA
[ECA-1603] - Approval Notifications gives nullpointerexception
[ECA-1608] - Approval notification does not include requestAdmin
[ECA-1609] - A new CRL is not created when a CA is renewed.
[ECA-1610] - An error is logged when publishing CRL for a CA not using delta CRL.
[ECA-1614] - ERROR logged erroneous when renewing root CA
[ECA-1617] - Process time in OCSP logging fails when request fails
[ECA-1619] - "CA issuer URI" can not be deleted on the "Edit Certificate Profile" page if the string start or ends with space.
[ECA-1620] - Listing end entities with expiring certificates generates Exception
[ECA-1626] - addUser ejb method does not always throw DuplicateKeyException if user exists
[ECA-1629] - Error saving RA Admin access rules, Other Rules
[ECA-1633] - document boolean usepreviouskey in X509CA.signRequest better
[ECA-1638] - activateca cli does not work for expired CAs
[ECA-1641] - Expired CAs makes CA cert download from public web fail
[ECA-1644] - ejbca.sh listcas does not work with CVCAs

EJBCA 3.10.0

New Feature
[ECA-1530] - Support signing NewWithOld after CA key rollover
[ECA-1557] - Enforcement of Unique Public keys
[ECA-1566] - External RA: Web based GUI for enrolling entites
[ECA-1567] - Enforcement of Unique Distinguished Name
[ECA-1589] - Support for Ingres 9.3

[ECA-1465] - Preparations for EJBCA 4
[ECA-1466] - Build ejbca-util with a minimal number of classes
[ECA-1467] - Move the ejbca-ws build to modules
[ECA-1468] - Move the ejbca-xkms build to modules
[ECA-1470] - Deprecate ProtectedLog
[ECA-1476] - Move external RA to modules
[ECA-1482] - Update JavaDoc build
[ECA-1484] - Disable XKMS service by default
[ECA-1531] - Restructure documentation into separate admin and user guides
[ECA-1550] - Internal OCSP responder should always use the CA signing certificate to sign responses
[ECA-1582] - Upgrade bouncycastle to 1.45

[ECA-668] - Possibility to change keyStorePassword in an already installed setup
[ECA-892] - WS-cli should work with pkcs12 file as well in addition to jks files.
[ECA-1237] - External RA: possibility to deploy to other deploy directory
[ECA-1239] - Build ClientToolBox without application server present
[ECA-1251] - Name returned certificates from public web after the username
[ECA-1336] - Add Spanish commonly used OID's NIF/CIF
[ECA-1380] - Use commons configuration for all configuration
[ECA-1381] - Use JPA in ExtRA client library
[ECA-1383] - Separate system and functional JUnit tests
[ECA-1396] - Create new WS and bean method that creates/edits user and issues a certificate in a single transaction
[ECA-1428] - More effective stress test.
[ECA-1432] - Refactor and create new module for EJBCA's remote EJB CLI
[ECA-1469] - Rename LogEntryDataBean comment and comment_ column to logComment for all database types
[ECA-1488] - Property in mail.properties for setting SMTP port missing
[ECA-1495] - Enforce dependency check for all components of the EJBCA core and improve structure
[ECA-1505] - Optimize isRevoked method in CertificateStoreSessionbean
[ECA-1537] - Display min and max time for stress test jobs
[ECA-1575] - Get length of message from ASN1 length value.
[ECA-1576] - Default certificate profile should not allow key usage override
[ECA-1596] - Possibility to run SCEPTest directly against EJBCA.
[ECA-1599] - EJBCA EJB CLI subcommand 'encryptpwd' should not echo password

[ECA-1050] - Revoke and renew button on OCSP/XKMS/CMS extended services only revokes and does not renew
[ECA-1536] - Extra test client does not compile with JBoss 5
[ECA-1578] - Use of DN from CA data when searching for last CRL number.
[ECA-1579] - Root CA certificate could have different subject and issuer DN.
[ECA-1583] - EJBCA EJB CLI is not working with JBoss 5
[ECA-1584] - PublisherQueue process service does not work in PostgreSQL
[ECA-1590] - Hash of a CA certificates can not be used to get "CA" if the subject DN of the certificate is not the same as the subject DN of the CA data.

EJBCA 3.9.10

[ECA-1699] - X.500 DN order with multiple attributes (e.g. DC, OU)

EJBCA 3.9.9

New Feature
[ECA-1264] - Add extended information to edit user WS-API.

[ECA-1704] - Tomcat's server.xml must have URIEncoding also for port 8080
[ECA-1714] - Issuer CA DN is HTML escaped when revoking through Admin GUI
[ECA-1773] - Using multiple of the same Custom OID field for OtherName in Subject Alternative Names results in double values
[ECA-1841] - Error adding end entity with several required and non required OUs

EJBCA 3.9.8

[ECA-1658] - Supervision of the validity time of the signing certificates for the OCSP responder

[ECA-1266] - Upgrade may cause "use authority information access" to be enabled though it was not before in certificate profile
[ECA-1639] - The CAR of a CV Certificate can hold an incorrect sequence number (which makes the CAR incorrect)

EJBCA 3.9.7

[ECA-1616] - cvcRequest gives unclear error message when the exact same request is passed
[ECA-1618] - OCSP responder, log startup, with version, and shutdown

[ECA-1636] - Error creating DVs signed by external CVCAs
[ECA-1643] - Possible NullpointerException in EjbcaWS.getAvailableCertificateProfiles

EJBCA 3.9.6

New Feature
[ECA-1542] - New WS API methods for caRenewCertRequest and caCertResponse

[ECA-958] - Allow DVCA renewal of keys without activating them immediately
[ECA-1585] - Renew CA signed by external does not accept binary CA certificate input

[ECA-1587] - CLI for getting delta CRL does not work
[ECA-1602] - A Root CA can not renew certificate of an External CA
[ECA-1603] - Approval Notifications gives nullpointerexception
[ECA-1608] - Approval notification does not include requestAdmin

EJBCA 3.9.5


[ECA-1523] - Display and accessibility of CA status table on home page
[ECA-1538] - OCSP service closes ServletInputStream uneccesarily
[ECA-1539] - When downloading a CVC certificate or request the name of the downloaded file should contain the CAR and the CHR (certificates only)
[ECA-1543] - Remove hardcoded paths in CertReqServlet.java for OpenVPN installer creation
[ECA-1547] - Add processtime variable to OCSP transaction logging
[ECA-1574] - Possibility to prompt for password in install and ca init cli
[ECA-1577] - Possibility to initilize authorization module when importing CA certificate of external CA

[ECA-1479] - relative path to the catoken.properties file in conf/ejbca.properties not working
[ECA-1533] - EracomCAToken (old deprecated) uses sSlotLabel before it has been set
[ECA-1534] - generation of new HSM keys does not update keyStrings in BaseCAToken
[ECA-1540] - When generating new keys using a hard token the new key label is generated incorrectly, if the old sequence contained non numeric characters
[ECA-1544] - Compile error in jsp in some cases
[ECA-1545] - External OCSP signing is failing at the period of re-keying.
[ECA-1546] - The key sequence is incremented decimal when renewing a key, but it could be incremented alphanumeric
[ECA-1548] - OCSP responder performance drop i 3.9.4
[ECA-1549] - mTransactionID in OCSPServletBase may not be thread safe
[ECA-1552] - Iaik provider not working
[ECA-1554] - PKCS11HSMKeyTool fails test command using IAIK provider in some cases
[ECA-1555] - Can not use . (dot) in username when editing end entity profiles
[ECA-1558] - Can not view log when using cvc sequences in alfanumeric form
[ECA-1560] - No default value for ca.name
[ECA-1562] - ejbca-mail-service is overridden by default mailservice in JBoss 5
[ECA-1572] - clientToolBox not configuring logging on windows
[ECA-1573] - Charcters in German languagefile causes JavaScript errors in adminweb

EJBCA 3.9.4

[ECA-1518] - Language files encoded in UTF-8

[ECA-1521] - Document how to use of Brainpool curves for EAC

[ECA-1441] - Old CA cert published to LDAP after CA renewal.
[ECA-1443] - Bogus CRL published to LDAP at some occations.
[ECA-1471] - Don't publish certificates for inactive CA services
[ECA-1514] - CMP requests with DN characters requiring escaping fails
[ECA-1519] - Not possible to renew soft CA ECC CA keys
[ECA-1524] - Unable to renew expired CAs (regression)
[ECA-1525] - SafeNetLunaCAToken (old class) does not work
[ECA-1526] - SecConst.CERT_EXPIRED, should not be used, Import cert cli uses EXPIRED instead of ARCHIVED.
[ECA-1527] - OCSP responder returns good for expired and archived certificates

EJBCA 3.9.3

New Feature
[ECA-1389] - Make it possible to add several notifications for expiring certificates.
[ECA-1439] - End date for certificate profile and CA.
[ECA-1480] - Possible to generate EC certificate requests with explicit parameters
[ECA-1492] - Add configuration of allowed signing algorithms to certificate profiles

[ECA-1312] - Test browser enrollment with Windows 7
[ECA-1483] - Update database schema at ejbca.org

[ECA-1386] - Generate new keys on HSM in Admin GUI does not support ECC
[ECA-1400] - New navigation menu GUI
[ECA-1401] - GUI improvement with IE fixes CSS
[ECA-1417] - name CV certificates .cvcert instead of .crt when downloading from public web
[ECA-1440] - Configureable error output on admin gui error page.
[ECA-1449] - Rename "Download to Internet Explorer" to "Download binary/to IE"
[ECA-1451] - Display EC public key in view certificate pop-up
[ECA-1453] - WS command to get length of queue for an issuer.
[ECA-1455] - Possibility to change DN of superadmin user created by 'ant install'
[ECA-1456] - clientToolBox createCertReq should handle ECC keys as well
[ECA-1493] - Possibility to use part of user data in LDAP DN but not in certificate DN when publishing certificate to LDAP


[ECA-1429] - Renewing keys on a CA in admin GUI forces reload of all CAs
[ECA-1436] - Export CA keystore, download issues with IE
[ECA-1442] - Mail Expiration Checker cannot send mail for user SYSTEMCERT
[ECA-1444] - CertificateExpirationWorker does not work with CV certificates
[ECA-1445] - Java 5's XMLEncoder breaks when using Collections.EMPTY_LIST
[ECA-1447] - InvalidKeyException för HSM during deploy or startup under load
[ECA-1448] - When issuing certificates, sometimes it is not checked if CA is off-line, only CA token
[ECA-1450] - NullpointerException making CA offline if CAToken can not be created
[ECA-1454] - p11slot keeps adding numerous tokens
[ECA-1457] - ECC brainpool curves does not work due to Sun certificate provider
[ECA-1458] - Can not import exported ECC CVCA
[ECA-1460] - Approval and finishuser settings missing from CVC CA configuration
[ECA-1461] - Exception on import CA keystore
[ECA-1463] - ca info cli command does not work for cvc CAs
[ECA-1464] - Having a trailing '\' at the end of a field (e.g. username) gives a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on search
[ECA-1471] - Don't publish certificates for inactive services
[ECA-1473] - CAFingerprint in database not set correctly for SubCAs
[ECA-1475] - OutOfMemory when failing to publish large CRLs with connection closed error
[ECA-1481] - Not possible to get PUK from issued card of the type "turkish profile" with WS
[ECA-1485] - Remove StdErr logging when editing approvals in certificate profiles
[ECA-1496] - End Entity Profile check fails for CMP requests with E in subject DN
[ECA-1502] - Remove ocsp from bin/ejbca.sh
[ECA-1504] - clientToolBox.bat does not work with space in path
[ECA-1509] - cert-cvc: ECPoint can be wrongly encoded in 1 out of 2^16 keys
[ECA-1517] - Notification status interferes with "Search/edit end entities"

EJBCA 3.9.2

New Feature
[ECA-1377] - Sign and verify of files with clientToolBox when the private key is stored on a HSM.
[ECA-1390] - Possible to limit signing keys for an external OCSP responder to keys within a set of key aliases.
[ECA-1412] - Add support for the TSL signer extended key usage

[ECA-1360] - use improved validity period parsing in Certificate Profiles
[ECA-1364] - Deleting certificate profiles in large database slow, new index
[ECA-1366] - Improve debug logging in ProtectedLog
[ECA-1369] - Add command to cli to sign specified nodeGUID
[ECA-1384] - Property in mail.properties for sending start TLS
[ECA-1385] - PKCS11HSMKeyTool test does not work with ECC keys
[ECA-1426] - Rename keystore password to authentication code in admin GUI to make it consistent.
[ECA-1427] - remove ocsp client
[ECA-1433] - Add option to use publisher queue or not for CRLs and certificates

[ECA-1359] - Upgrade commons-upload jar.
[ECA-1399] - Add debug logging of keys and signature when testing CA token keys
[ECA-1425] - Document MS application policies extension

[ECA-1361] - Wrong default value listed for "build.compiler" property in "ejbca.properties.sample"
[ECA-1363] - CA de-activation can give NPE if CA in some conditions
[ECA-1368] - Setting nodeIP in protectedlog.properties does not work
[ECA-1371] - Revocation is very slow if a user have many certificates. Remove side-effect of revoking user from revokeCert method.
[ECA-1373] - ejbca.sh log accept or log does not increase the counter
[ECA-1379] - ejbcaClientToolBox.bat only accepts 9 parameters
[ECA-1392] - Fix potential NPE with extendedInformation
[ECA-1393] - Handle database exceptions properly for CMP
[ECA-1394] - Error adding end entity does not log username
[ECA-1395] - Error using IAIK provider with several CAs
[ECA-1403] - cert-cvc: bad encoding of EC points in certificates in rare cases where affineX and affineY is not same size.
[ECA-1404] - ClientToolBox PKCS11 key test gives NullPointerException if there are symmetrci keys in the slot
[ECA-1406] - Autoactivation PIN is showed in clear in debug log file
[ECA-1410] - Ldap publisher may "hang" if LDAP server hangs during operations
[ECA-1414] - FNR from UNID not working
[ECA-1415] - Strange errors when reading keys in external OCSP responder
[ECA-1416] - FNR lookup stress test
[ECA-1419] - CRL service may stop running if database is stopped for some period
[ECA-1420] - Check of ProbeableErrorHandler for OCSP audit/transaction log always return false
[ECA-1421] - AdminCA1 does not get a CMS certificate during installation
[ECA-1423] - cert-cvc: getting expiration date returns 00.00 hours but it means it's valid the whole day
[ECA-1430] - Publish CRLs may fail to keep in publisher queue if publish fails
[ECA-1431] - ejbcaClientToolBox.bat does not work
[ECA-1434] - cert-cvc: OIDField.getEncoded() works only for values < 128
[ECA-1437] - Issuing Distribution Point on CRLs is default in CA configuration

EJBCA 3.9.1

New Feature
[ECA-1275] - Corporate User Requests User Cert
[ECA-1276] - Non-corporate User Requests Cert
[ECA-1277] - User (corporate or non corporate user) Requests Certificate Renewal
[ECA-1287] - Configurable List of extKeyUsage OIDs in certificate profiles
[ECA-1299] - Transacion log for web service certificate issuance
[ECA-1309] - Ability to specify approvals on certificate profiles
[ECA-1334] - Run single JUnit test from CLI
[ECA-1337] - Removal of SoftCA key and possibility to import it back again
[ECA-1344] - Fixed absolute date for latest certificate expire
[ECA-1347] - Ability to set max-age and next update values on a per certificate profile basis.

[ECA-1354] - ExtRA: update BC jars to match version in EJCBA 3.9.1

[ECA-967] - Add CVC WS CLI to client toolbox
[ECA-1073] - Possible to schedule CRLs more often than hourly
[ECA-1180] - Be able to specify Any CA in end entity profiles
[ECA-1270] - create support for clover coverage testing
[ECA-1298] - Dynamic update of max-age and nextUpdate for OCSP responders
[ECA-1302] - Optimize republishing performance to use less queries during publish
[ECA-1307] - do not create new P11 provider when reloading
[ECA-1308] - Display the key instead of "not text available" for missing language strings
[ECA-1310] - View end entity profile id in edit window
[ECA-1315] - Allow null debug object to disable debugging in RequestHelper
[ECA-1320] - Options which CA to generate CRLs for in CRL update service
[ECA-1324] - Bad error message in adduser cli when type is not a number
[ECA-1331] - Improve error message in GUI when HSM activation fails
[ECA-1335] - Support for CRL distribution points with URI:s containing semicolon
[ECA-1338] - Remove passwords from properties files
[ECA-1341] - Change publishing message to say that it is "queued" instead of "published"
[ECA-1342] - Improved error message when trying to create CA with incompatible key/signing algorithm
[ECA-1343] - CA certificate validity in years
[ECA-1345] - More userfriendly error messages instead of only stacktrace for instance when DB connection is down

[ECA-1295] - Error making advanced log search for CA on DB2
[ECA-1300] - Nullpointer exception editing end entity profiles when printer has no name
[ECA-1303] - Runtime exception when uplaoding a certificate response and no certificate chain exists
[ECA-1304] - ca listexpired cli command prints certificaste serialnumber in decimal instead of hex
[ECA-1305] - Serching for end entities by certificate serial no does not find all if DN changed
[ECA-1306] - external OCSP responder healt check not checking keys.
[ECA-1313] - Error creating CRL publisher on DB2
[ECA-1314] - Key could be used at same time as the rekeying is generating new cert.
[ECA-1322] - Mixing EJBs and PreparedStatement gives NullpointerException in Glassfish
[ECA-1323] - Import of entity profiles removes certificate profile links from the profile
[ECA-1325] - Log Configuration : message keys missing
[ECA-1340] - ejbca.cmd requires additional libraries in classpath
[ECA-1355] - Revoke user does not work if a certificate is already revoked
[ECA-1356] - JPA entity CertificateData does not set certificateProfileId when adding new certificate
[ECA-1357] - create CA with initial deltaCRL does not work on glassfish
[ECA-1358] - getCertSignatureAlgorithmAsString does not work for SHA256WithECDSA on java 5

EJBCA 3.9.0

New Feature
[ECA-648] - Add a configurable revocation status to end entity profiles
[ECA-877] - Patch level showing
[ECA-987] - Add cli command for processing certificate requests in ejbca.sh
[ECA-1054] - User Certificate Validity Start/End Time as a editUser Web Service parameter
[ECA-1076] - CMP stress test
[ECA-1093] - Support for static custom enroll forms
[ECA-1100] - CAs using DSA algorithm
[ECA-1172] - Validity override in certificate profiles should be able to override startdate to set earlier start than "now"
[ECA-1188] - Permit to install on JBOSS with Tomcat Native Connector
[ECA-1202] - Implement extension override for PKCS#10 requests
[ECA-1203] - Allow DN override from requests
[ECA-1207] - Option in OCSP publisher to only use queue and not publish directly
[ECA-1213] - Display length of publisher queue in external OCSP GUI
[ECA-1218] - Stand-alone monitoring tool for comparing CA and OCSP databases
[ECA-1219] - Add CA status overview portal on first page of admin GUI
[ECA-1220] - Show certificate profile id in admin GUI
[ECA-1222] - Show CA id in Admin GUI
[ECA-1242] - Configurable to show CA status on front page
[ECA-1263] - Add new WS stress-test to test behaviour when there are many certificates per user

[ECA-550] - Bad error message when receiving PEM files from external CA
[ECA-603] - Add a property to specify the module to use when using nCipher HSM
[ECA-857] - Improve error message "Error occured when receiving file, are you sure it is valid and in PEM encoding."
[ECA-878] - Start up welcome page(s) admin and normal one
[ECA-965] - Hide CRL-related fields when creating a CVC CA
[ECA-988] - Document database privileges
[ECA-1003] - EJBCA CLI requires APPSRV_HOME
[ECA-1008] - A CA could be activated with any password (PIN) after it has been deactivated
[ECA-1011] - Output time of successful ant commands often used in development
[ECA-1041] - Errormessage "User xxxx has status '40', NEW, FAILED or INPROCESS required" could be improved
[ECA-1067] - JavaScript "Enabled" test
[ECA-1074] - Add Name DN attribute to supported attributes
[ECA-1094] - CN for httpsserver.dn property can be inherited from httpsserver.hostname
[ECA-1101] - ExtRA: Make RA CA service as an EJBCA service and make clusterable and support multiple RAs
[ECA-1129] - use same functionality in the OCSP respnder as in the CA to handle P11 HSMs
[ECA-1131] - Filter what is published to CertificateData on standalone OCSP
[ECA-1139] - Use Commons Configuration for OCSP config
[ECA-1163] - Save/cancel certificate profiles should bring you back to profiles list
[ECA-1165] - required and modifyable checkboxes for username in entity profiles not needed
[ECA-1166] - Rename mozilla/netscape to firefox
[ECA-1167] - activatecas cli command should be able to prompt for activation code
[ECA-1168] - Don't display the password user types in import CA command.
[ECA-1170] - Display signature algorithm with providers text in view certiifcate
[ECA-1175] - Improve default DB2 CMP mapping
[ECA-1176] - Add cvcwscli.cmd for windows
[ECA-1178] - Add issuerDN to edit CA page
[ECA-1179] - Possible to specify multiple parameters in cmp.ra.namegenerationparameters
[ECA-1180] - Be able to specify Any CA in end entity profiles
[ECA-1196] - Change ERROR to INFO message for mail notifications
[ECA-1198] - Implement robust re-publishing if publishing fails
[ECA-1199] - Don't log error for missconfigured service that is not active
[ECA-1200] - GUI for the External OCSP Publisher
[ECA-1208] - Log4jLogDevice logs INFO exceptions as ERROR
[ECA-1209] - Upgrade certificateProfileId to new server profile during 'ant upgrade' to avoid problems on SSL certificate renewal.
[ECA-1215] - Don't set start and end time for end entity if not entered
[ECA-1221] - Ugly error message in LDAP publisher if no certificate to remove exists
[ECA-1231] - Optimize performace of getCertificateInfo
[ECA-1233] - Prevent accidental runs of JUnit tests and deploy/ocsp-deploy in production environment
[ECA-1235] - No point in swapping identical times
[ECA-1240] - Remove error log for cases where CVC sequence is not numerical, we handle it gracefully.
[ECA-1249] - ClientToolBox PKCS11 operations echoes the password back to the user
[ECA-1255] - AdminGroupData etc should be marked as read-only for get methods
[ECA-1256] - Optimize authorization to lower number of SQL queries for AuthorizationTreeUpdateData
[ECA-1259] - Rename List button to Search
[ECA-1260] - Rename "Create Server Certificate" to "Create Certificate from CSR"
[ECA-1261] - improve behaviour of External CAs
[ECA-1265] - Error messages that we handle when editing users should be info
[ECA-1267] - Inherit getCATokenStatus() from BaseCAToken on SafeNetLunaCAToken
[ECA-1269] - Improve performance by caching common database queries
[ECA-1271] - ca init cli commands should be able to create sub CAs
[ECA-1290] - Don't log error creating CRLs when a CA is offline
[ECA-1291] - CRL service should not try to create CRLs for external CAs

[ECA-1116] - Avoid usage of class strings
[ECA-1173] - Drop upgrade support for EJBCA 3.1.x
[ECA-1195] - Upgrade to BC 1.43
[ECA-1205] - Create new tag-field for CertificateData to be able to distinguish between different certificate types in database queries
[ECA-1214] - Ask for algorithm before key size in installation script
[ECA-1247] - Add KCA-EJBCA migration guide to docs
[ECA-1297] - Warnings about incorrect JSF navigation rules during startup

[ECA-632] - Path length constraints not selectable in cert profile
[ECA-922] - DBCHANGE: Particular Log query with ProtectedLog fails on Derby
[ECA-1077] - Not possible to get algorithm name from OID for CMP with latest BC
[ECA-1085] - Email notifications may not treat foreign characters correct
[ECA-1109] - Rare threading issues in OCSP certificate cache
[ECA-1110] - XKMS only works with JDK 1.5
[ECA-1122] - Cancel button on Edit Certificate Profiles page doesn't work.
[ECA-1135] - Do not issue CRLs for expired CAs
[ECA-1137] - Serialnumbers starting with 0 do not behave properly
[ECA-1138] - nCipherHSM script with preload is broken
[ECA-1142] - First delta CRL is not issued when a CA is created
[ECA-1147] - NullpointerException in ProtectedLog
[ECA-1156] - OCSP ClientToolBox test failing when CA key is signing the OCSP response.
[ECA-1157] - NullPointerException when invoking createcrl CLI with bad CA name
[ECA-1160] - When a fast HSM is used then OCSP responder is not as fast as it should be.
[ECA-1162] - external OCSP responder freezing after HSM failure.
[ECA-1164] - Hex serial number for admin certificates in admin groups should not be limited to only 16 char hex strings
[ECA-1169] - Error verifying JCE using pkcs12req WS cli
[ECA-1171] - Possible to change OCSP signing keys in a running external OCSP responder.
[ECA-1174] - Can not batch generate users using SHA256WithRSAAndMGF1
[ECA-1186] - Batch generation set user status to generated even if request counter exists
[ECA-1187] - no such provider BC when EJBCA starts when protected log is enabled
[ECA-1191] - Unable to deploy on PostgreSQL + Glassfish combination
[ECA-1193] - cli.xml ejbca:noprompt missing ca.signaturealgorithm property
[ECA-1194] - "ejbca.sh ca info" fails for ECDSA CA
[ECA-1201] - Incorrect display of HTML escaped characters on Access Rules comboboxes
[ECA-1216] - Add userPassword in LDAP should only happen if addNonExisting or modifyExisting is checked
[ECA-1217] - Possible extensive CPU usage for crafted messages to CMP RA service (not default config)
[ECA-1223] - NullpointerException in CMP when unknown keyId is sent
[ECA-1224] - CertTools.getCertfromByteArray never throws CertificateException as the JavaDoc says but can return null
[ECA-1225] - Freshest CRL extension (aka Delta CRL Distribution Point) on a CRL must not be critical
[ECA-1227] - AccessRules link for admin privileges does not work on weblogic or oracle
[ECA-1229] - Internalresources may fail in rare contidtions
[ECA-1234] - Error message is shown when editing end entity profiles when no printers are defined
[ECA-1245] - CRL reason entry extensions in CMP revocation requests are not read
[ECA-1246] - Deadlock when load testing CMP with same user
[ECA-1248] - Cannot unselect last Custom Certificate Extension in Certificate Profile
[ECA-1254] - ProtectedLog reloading CA token unnessecarily
[ECA-1257] - Importing wrong certificate using PKCS11 will make the key unavailable on nCipher netHSM
[ECA-1258] - cursor:hand style on links should be cursor:pointer
[ECA-1266] - Upgrade may cause "use authority information access" to be enabled though it was not before in certificate profile
[ECA-1268] - Missing Exception handling for super.deactivate() calls on SafeNetLunaCAToken
[ECA-1272] - Authorization issue during stress test
[ECA-1273] - Services will stop running if database goes down
[ECA-1293] - ProtectedLog on idling system warns about missing log rows if protectionIntensity > 0
[ECA-1294] - Issuing certificate with + sign does not work in cmp requests
[ECA-1295] - Error making advanced log search for CA on DB2
[ECA-1296] - Fetching cert or keystore from Public Web generates an error when cert-profile is the default in UserData

EJBCA 3.8.3

[ECA-1221] - Ugly error message in LDAP publisher if no certificate to remove exists

[ECA-1191] - Unable to deploy on PostgreSQL + Glassfish combination
[ECA-1217] - Possible extensive CPU usage for crafted messages to CMP RA service (not default config)

EJBCA 3.8.2

New Feature
[ECA-552] - Add support for nextUpdate, thisUpdate and producedAt in OCSP responses
[ECA-1124] - Configurable to use HTTP headers for standalone OCSP
[ECA-1053] - Pseudonym as a subject DN attribute
[ECA-1133] - Configurable in ExternalOCSPPublisher to only publish certificates with and OCSP URI extension.

[ECA-1123] - Create dummy object for TransactionLogger and AuditLogger
[ECA-1088] - Default public exponent for lunaHSM.sh should be 65537 (0x1001)
[ECA-1055] - Support OCSP by HTTP GET
[ECA-1117] - Use info instead of error messages in Standalone OCSP Responder.
[ECA-1144] - Add "userPassword" attribute in LDAP publisher
[ECA-1114] - Add street DN component
[ECA-1096] - Improve handling of invalid requests and streams in OCSP responder
[ECA-1146] - Stress Test does not print out no of failed tests
[ECA-748] - Order certificates in view certificates with newest first
[ECA-1121] - Unnecessary signing operations
[ECA-1158] - CA-certificate, but no signing key from a CA on the external OCSP generates an Exception
[ECA-1141] - CRL Distribution Point in CRLs must be encapsulated into an Issuing Distribution Point
[ECA-1092] - Code not thread-safe in certificate-request Servlet
[ECA-1154] - Concurrency issue when reloading soft keys for external OCSP responder
[ECA-1113] - JCE error on JBoss 5 on some platforms
[ECA-1148] - ServiceData cached in bean making synchronization between cluster nodes fail.
[ECA-1090] - Wrong encoding of issuer DN on retrieval public web pages
[ECA-1150] - Wrong language tag for "Certificate Validity End Time" in viewendentity.jsp
[ECA-1095] - Allow comma in directoryName subject alt names
[ECA-1145] - CvcRequestMessage not serializable
[ECA-1143] - Freshest CRL is lost when creating a new CA

EJBCA 3.8.1

[ECA-966] - NPE when using a non-existing ECC algorithm during CVC CA creation
[ECA-983] - Allow logging of REPLY_TIME in both audit and transaction logs
[ECA-1006] - Database index script fails for MySQL using UTF-8
[ECA-1057] - Run EJBCA in JBoss 5.0
[ECA-1059] - Fix ipv6 altname ipaddress and allow it in admin-GUI
[ECA-1060] - Throw CertificateExpiredException when certificate used to verify cvc request has expired
[ECA-1070] - Windows .BAT file for using clientToolBox
[ECA-1080] - Option to set internally used password in CMP
[ECA-1081] - Improve support for Weblogic 10.3
[ECA-1086] - Allow to set null password in WS cli editUser call
[ECA-1087] - Increase timeout for CRL generation transaction on JBoss and document how it could be done

[ECA-984] - ejbca.cmd does not work with spaces in JBoss path
[ECA-1039] - CVC certificate requests with error leaves user status as new
[ECA-1040] - cvcgetchain does not return latest cert
[ECA-1056] - REQUIREDCARDNUMBER language string missing
[ECA-1061] - Wrong header displayed for different groups of access rules
[ECA-1062] - Verifying OCSP requests can throw InvalidKeyException which is not caught
[ECA-1063] - Not working on Glassfish
[ECA-1068] - CMP tcp service does not work on JBoss 5
[ECA-1069] - Wrong errormessage in checkValidity when endDate is wrong
[ECA-1071] - OCSP responder does not handle TelephoneNumber, PostalAddress and PostalCode in DN
[ECA-1079] - KeyId decoding in CMP uses platform charset
[ECA-1084] - External RA: SCEP enrollment from Cisco IOS gets wrong DN

EJBCA 3.8.0

New Feature
[ECA-904] - Add a CLI subcommand to add an administrator in an admin group using the serial number
[ECA-935] - Restructure administrator validation to allow admins using externally issued certificates
[ECA-953] - List objects in Luna HSM partition
[ECA-969] - Possible to generate CA PKCS#10 request without giving CA certificate
[ECA-993] - Add KRB5PrincipalName subjectAltName
[ECA-1000] - Sign releases and deployed code
[ECA-1007] - Enhanced basic certificate extensions
[ECA-1033] - Possible to enroll for CV certificates on public web
[ECA-1051] - Possibility give a user defined DN to a new certificate request for an HSM

[ECA-917] - Allow to use inverse LDAP order in DN for end entities
[ECA-918] - Handle web service error code when CA is down
[ECA-936] - Drop administrator flag in end entities
[ECA-937] - Allow use of emailAddress in Admin interface
[ECA-963] - Ability to distinguish between non-existing CA and authorization problems through WS
[ECA-990] - Allow auto-activation of CAs dispite not having strong crypto policy installed
[ECA-1001] - tool to change key alias
[ECA-1012] - Option to enter email manually for import cert cli command
[ECA-1014] - Display ejbca version in startup log message
[ECA-1016] - Make error messages from CertReqServlet localizeable
[ECA-1034] - Use TRACE logging for certain debug log
[ECA-1038] - Use Commons Configuration for CMP service
[ECA-1043] - Upload of binary certificate requests in public web enrol
[ECA-1045] - Add support for SEIS Card Number extension in certificates
[ECA-1049] - CMP raVerified can sometimes by zero bytes DEROctetString instead of DERNUll

[ECA-971] - ExtRA: upgrade to commons-lang 2.4 and commons-collections 3.2
[ECA-1013] - Upgrade BC to 1.41

[ECA-664] - Adding Administrator Access rule; username with not-allowed character is possible
[ECA-782] - Listing user certificates from the public web fails if the serial number of the cert begins with "0"
[ECA-882] - Add Administrator - cert serial number not checked
[ECA-968] - Key length changes when editing CA in admin-GUI
[ECA-970] - LdapPublisher searches for old objects on certDN instead of Ldap DN
[ECA-972] - Merge on DN - Problems with rfc822name and email
[ECA-992] - Cannot add "OtherName" SubjectAltName in end entity profile
[ECA-996] - Merge of DN doesn't work properly
[ECA-1046] - view certificate on Public web gives error for CVC certificates
[ECA-1048] - Can not install with initial CA with space in name

EJBCA 3.7.5

New Feature
[ECA-1035] - Add Brazilian Portuguese Translation

[ECA-983] - Allow logging of REPLY_TIME in both audit and transaction logs
[ECA-1031] - Get server certificate in public web shoud not show password
[ECA-1032] - Add cli command to convert cvc certificates between binary and pem
[ECA-1036] - Hide keytool-errors during install.
[ECA-1060] - Throw CertificateExpiredException when certificate used to verify cvc request has expired

[ECA-244] - Problem during installation with schema: DC=bigcorp,DC=com
[ECA-1037] - CLI for fetching user certificate fails
[ECA-1039] - CVC certificate requests with error leaves user status as new
[ECA-1040] - cvcgetchain does not return latest cert
[ECA-1042] - LdapPublisher does not work with CVC certificates
[ECA-1044] - Nullpointer in BasicFunctions when admin not authorized to CA
[ECA-1046] - view certificate on Public web gives error for CVC certificates
[ECA-1065] - Password needed to update CVC certificate with WS-API
[ECA-1069] - Wrong errormessage in checkValidity when endDate is wrong

EJBCA 3.7.4

New Feature
[ECA-1024] - Substitute email from- and to- as well in user notifications

[ECA-1021] - Fix the default ENDUSER Certificate Profile
[ECA-1026] - Create a built-in Server certificate profile

[ECA-1023] - External RA SCEP service fails on cisco message with wrongly encoded request extension
[ECA-1025] - Missing ErrorCode class in ejbca-util.jar
[ECA-1027] - OCSP should not respond with responseBytes when an error code is sent
[ECA-1029] - OCSP responder should answer with OCSP error MalformedRequest when a badly encoded request is received

EJBCA 3.7.3

New Feature
[ECA-1022] - Glassfish support for PostgreSQL

[ECA-1020] - External RA, clarify documentation about signing and encrypting using Scep RA
[ECA-1021] - Fix the default ENDUSER Certificate Profile (broken patch, EJBCA 3.7.3 withdrawn)

[ECA-1017] - Build on Glassfish broken
[ECA-1018] - Missing language string in intresources

EJBCA 3.7.2

New Feature
[ECA-974] - Add Intel AMT extended key usage
[ECA-1005] - Give OCSP error if audit or transaction logging fails

[ECA-950] - Optimize OCSP servlet
[ECA-973] - external OCSP responder: trying to reload the p11 provider when the HSM removed/disconnected.
[ECA-976] - WS-API, make mathtype contains with with matchwith username
[ECA-982] - Explicitly close maintenance file in health check
[ECA-989] - add cmd=deltacrl command on CertDistServlet (with patch)

[ECA-957] - ocspclient.jar cannot handle answers with responderID of type Name.
[ECA-959] - Public web can give NPE in rare conditions
[ECA-960] - reference to "bin/ejbca.sh ca processreq" in manual
[ECA-968] - Key length changes when editing CA in admin-GUI
[ECA-970] - LdapPublisher searches for old objects on certDN instead of Ldap DN
[ECA-975] - CA certificates with SerialNumber in DN does not work with External OCSP
[ECA-977] - Error editing RenewCAWorker if CA has been removed
[ECA-978] - NullPointerException using WS-API to revoke non-existing certificate
[ECA-979] - The transactionlogger and auditlogger set incorrect CERT_STATUS and STATUS
[ECA-985] - Wrong default value for OCSP helathcheck database query
[ECA-986] - Can't run ejbca.sh from $EJBCA_HOME/bin
[ECA-995] - getAuthorityInformationAccessOcspUrl in CertTools fails to retrieve OCSP Locator url from AIA for cert with mutliple AIA points
[ECA-997] - Error publishing deltaCRL to LDAP
[ECA-999] - CRLIssuer can not be removed in CDP
[ECA-1009] - Validity of certificates in signed OCSP requests not checked for expiration

EJBCA 3.7.1


New Feature
[ECA-896] - CVC support for EC keys
[ECA-925] - Import of external CA certificates
[ECA-940] - possibility to use an EC key stored on a HSM

[ECA-748] - Order certificates in view certificates with newest first
[ECA-927] - CVC requests should not include CARef if null
[ECA-928] - cvcprint cli command should handle verification of authenticated requests
[ECA-934] - Possible to authenticate CVC request by outer CA signature
[ECA-941] - Possible to download CA certrequests and certs as binary
[ECA-942] - possible to receive certiifcate requests and certs in binary format
[ECA-946] - Not possible to create CVC link certificates with soft CA tokens
[ECA-947] - Making certificate request from a CA should ask for CA cert of target CA
[ECA-948] - cvcrequest cli command should not automatically add end entities
[ECA-951] - Possible to set sequence of catoken manually

[ECA-926] - CVC requests can be assigned to wrong CA when sequence is same
[ECA-930] - cert-cvc: authenticated requests does not include CARef in TBS
[ECA-931] - getrootcert cli command does not work for CVC certificates
[ECA-932] - CVC requests from SubCAs does not have the target CA as CARef
[ECA-939] - Upgrade 3.6 to 3.7 cases error when autogenerated password are used
[ECA-943] - NullPointer when clicking Sign Certificate Request
[ECA-944] - Import soft CVCA does not set sequence
[ECA-945] - Not possible to delete admin entities with ' in name
[ECA-949] - Make certificate request button should not be available for external CAs
[ECA-956] - NullPointerException in LdapPublisher when base node does not exist

EJBCA 3.7.0

New Feature
[ECA-792] - Support for CV Certificates (CVC) for EU EAC ePassports
[ECA-811] - Possible to create certificate request from any CA
[ECA-825] - WS-API call to get users last cert and chain
[ECA-827] - Service to renew CAs
[ECA-830] - Possible to use IAIK PKCS#11 provider instead of Sun
[ECA-920] - Client tool box.

[ECA-819] - New WS-API call to get EJBCA version
[ECA-871] - Enhance error management in EJBCA web services.
[ECA-893] - Able to use TelephoneNumber and PostalAddress in DN and publish to LDAP attributes
[ECA-915] - Display hostname on admin-GUI
[ECA-923] - Use of EEP informations when using WS editUser.
[ECA-929] - Handle error code if certificate revocation has been invoked twice.

[ECA-813] - Upgraded profiles not saved until edited
[ECA-829] - Advanced mode for log viewer is not working
[ECA-832] - syscheck script sc_08_crl_from_web.sh shell problem
[ECA-839] - Problem activating CA tokens for expired CAs
[ECA-879] - Failure to create a new CA due to CRL creation failure
[ECA-921] - EjbcaHealthCheck does not work on OC4J
[ECA-924] - Language variable misspelled (name="UTF8")

EJBCA 3.6.4

[ECA-921] - EjbcaHealthCheck does not work on OC4J

EJBCA 3.6.3

[ECA-952] - Entity Profile : the text "Use entity e-mail field" is not localizable
[ECA-954] - TestProtectedLog fails if ProtectedLogDevice is not enabled in configuration
[ECA-955] - PKCS11 support problem on OCSP responder
[ECA-957] - ocspclient.jar cannot handle answers with responderID of type Name.
[ECA-968] - Key length changes when editing CA in admin-GUI
[ECA-970] - LdapPublisher searches for old objects on certDN instead of Ldap DN

EJBCA 3.6.2

New Feature
[ECA-348] - Option to generate non-exportable private keys in IE
[ECA-739] - Accounting log on OCSP responder
[ECA-740] - When requiring signed OCSP request, configure allowed issuers
[ECA-865] - Add tool for importing certificates from a MS CA
[ECA-876] - Generated documentation should be reachable from within the EJBCA Web GUI
[ECA-908] - Support MS document signing extended key usage
[ECA-914] - Configure if OCSP responses should use KeyId or Name as ResponderId

[ECA-390] - Make it possible to select password generation parameters for autogenerated user password
[ECA-547] - Send custom certificate publisher information found in certificate or CRL.
[ECA-640] - Popup window with valid ${Foo} variables near any field in which they can be used
[ECA-657] - Import and export of end entity profiles should not have to depend on existing CAs.
[ECA-696] - Import profiles improvement.
[ECA-760] - Relocate 'p12' to 'ejbca-custom' if/when present (by default)
[ECA-765] - Log whenever an attempt to activate a CA with the wrong activation code is made
[ECA-789] - Display issuer in listcas cli command
[ECA-790] - ejbcarawscli should print error message if it can not find the admin keystore
[ECA-795] - Notifications are not editable, but looks editable.
[ECA-810] - Make advanced search for ProtectedLog available
[ECA-822] - Default healthcheck db query causes table scan
[ECA-826] - EjbcaWsHelper makes double allocations when looking up remote beans
[ECA-833] - Simple LDAPPublisher failover
[ECA-854] - Remove confusing error message about not finding ejbca-custom directory when running ant
[ECA-859] - Delta CRL generation message
[ECA-870] - Accept PEM certificates with BEGIN TRUSTED CERTIFICATE
[ECA-872] - Improve public page for CA certificate retrieval
[ECA-874] - General JUint test improvements
[ECA-880] - Better defaults and help for Freshest CRL Extension / DeltaCRLs
[ECA-881] - Be able to drop the 0, O, l and 1 from the auto generated passwords
[ECA-884] - Add approvalDN variables to add/edit end entity notifications
[ECA-885] - Add email variables where possible for use in notifications
[ECA-887] - Document how validity is assigned for a CA
[ECA-913] - Configure if OCSP responses should include whoe cert chain or only signer

[ECA-702] - JDK 1.6 u4 causes EjbcaWS to stop working
[ECA-796] - Add documentation on how to use EJBCA with GemSAFE Toolbox
[ECA-805] - Update German translation

[ECA-496] - When using a fixed Certificate Profile as template, the FIXED property is inherited.
[ECA-682] - WS Cli error message is not good when it cannot find the .jks file
[ECA-770] - Protected Log Device always sends 'missing row' email alerts when it shouldn't with MySQL using InnoDB
[ECA-783] - During the last step if IE enroll, the URL-path is missing the "ejbca"-part.
[ECA-788] - Bull TrustWay support
[ECA-793] - Using of module protected keys with netHSM-500 failed
[ECA-797] - Cannot activate a CA with a Safenet Luna SA Token.
[ECA-798] - A card key or a soft key must be defined in order to run the P11 external OCSP responder.
[ECA-802] - Exception when approving KeyRecovery
[ECA-803] - PKCS10 requests from OCSP responder uses null attributes
[ECA-806] - Equal error code contants in OCSPUnidResponse
[ECA-809] - ocsp cli client can not sign requests
[ECA-812] - EJBCA 3.6 does not deploy on Glassfish
[ECA-815] - NullpointerException downloading CA certificated without CN
[ECA-817] - Possible NullpointerException when no extended information exists for user
[ECA-820] - Signing CMP responses does not work with most PKCS#11 HSMs
[ECA-823] - Deadlock in ProtectedLogData with stresstest
[ECA-824] - CA activation page does not display correct for Expired CAs
[ECA-831] - High load on ProtectedLog might generate false alarm on MySQL
[ECA-836] - Email notifications are not able to handle autogenerated passwords.
[ECA-837] - PKCS10 with no attributes causes NullPointer exception
[ECA-841] - ExtRA PKCS12 request does not work with approvals
[ECA-843] - Some words not localizables in CA Activation
[ECA-850] - CN name like 'Graham O'Regan' cannot be entered case sensitive in the 'Add Administrator'
[ECA-851] - No messages are created during CA Activation
[ECA-861] - Misdirected error output from "ra listusers" CLI to standard output
[ECA-866] - Import of externally chained PEM failes
[ECA-875] - Trying to reset Subject AltName or Email for a end entity fails
[ECA-888] - Profiles allow you to enter things like 'Peter & Partners' in the O and OU field - but a 'Add Entity' will fail
[ECA-889] - NPE when running TestEjbcaWS
[ECA-895] - Batch generation doesn't work on initial user creation (WebUI / profiles)
[ECA-898] - Incorrect initialization of NumberArray in EndEntityProfile causes annoying log output
[ECA-901] - email modified in LDAP even if attributes should not be modified
[ECA-902] - LdapSearchPublisher can not modify attributes
[ECA-903] - LdapSearchPublisher uses Ldap DN instead of Cert DN to search
[ECA-905] - java.lang.NullPointerException when creating new end entity with only end time, with end entity profile limitations enabled
[ECA-909] - OCSP responder not working on Weblogic
[ECA-911] - OCSP not responding for CAs that have been notified about expiration
[ECA-912] - NPE on Glassfish on error.jsp in publiweb

EJBCA 3.6.1

[ECA-554] - nCipherHSM asks for password which is shown in plain text

[ECA-771] - Update french translation

[ECA-540] - Exception if you try to issue a certificate from public web with a CA that is offline
[ECA-779] - Cannot enroll with end entities created with CAs with approval setting active
[ECA-780] - Index collision in profilemappings.properties.

EJBCA 3.6.0

New Feature
[ECA-257] - Support for IBM Websphere
[ECA-515] - Autoenroll certificates for Microsoft systems.
[ECA-564] - Support for DB2 database
[ECA-595] - Issuance of delta CRL
[ECA-596] - Add Freshest CRL extension
[ECA-597] - Support for multiple policy statements
[ECA-598] - Add support for id-pkix-ocsp-nocheck extension
[ECA-619] - Ability to create intermediate LDAP nodes
[ECA-624] - New EJBCA WS calls for listing CAs and profiles
[ECA-633] - Log signing with real signature keys and row chaining
[ECA-635] - Request multiple certificates for a user
[ECA-649] - Service to expire user passwords
[ECA-651] - Support for Oracle application server
[ECA-661] - KeyRecoverNewest command in Ejbca WS API
[ECA-662] - Email notifications to admin when user enrols
[ECA-665] - Plug-in mechanism for user notification recipient email
[ECA-669] - ExtRA SCEP, possible to use pre-registered users and verify their passwords
[ECA-673] - Add support for id-ad-caIssuers (authority information access)
[ECA-679] - New EJBCA WS calls for CRL generation and CRMF requests
[ECA-684] - Allow setting and overriding any extension from a CRMF request
[ECA-697] - Support $UID as replacement variable in LdapSearchPublisher
[ECA-703] - Possible to use 32 bit serial numbers in cert, instead of 64 bit.
[ECA-721] - PKCS#11 HSM support on external OCSP responder
[ECA-723] - Option in OCSP to return good status for certificates not in database
[ECA-727] - Extended key usages for SCVP
[ECA-737] - Allow hexencoded DERObject in custom certificate extensions.
[ECA-747] - CLI command to change certificate profile of a CA
[ECA-759] - Add ETSI retention period to QC extension

[ECA-698] - Remove deprecated JBoss mbean create crl service
[ECA-706] - Create instructions for setting up an Apache web server as a proxy in front of EJBCA.

[ECA-477] - OCSP responder require that signed request are issued by a known CA
[ECA-478] - If a signed OCSP request is received, info-log which certificate the request was signed by
[ECA-485] - If requiring signed OCSP requests, the responder should return "signature required" for unsigned requests
[ECA-617] - External RA SCEP module only returns RA certificate in cert reply, not CA certificate
[ECA-637] - Possible to use email for search in Ldap Search Publisher
[ECA-645] - Make all default values visible when creating a CA and add a default CRL expiration interval.
[ECA-656] - Option to override KeyUsage with key usage from CMP request
[ECA-658] - CLI possible to get CRL in PEM format
[ECA-663] - Allow @ in username
[ECA-671] - Handle SCEP messages where client does not properly encode plus sign in HTTP GET url
[ECA-672] - SCEP pending message should have an empty content
[ECA-677] - Use CRL Distribution Point On CRL
[ECA-678] - Change default CA's LDAP object class to certificationAuthority-V2
[ECA-683] - Improve internal code for certificate extensions
[ECA-685] - Easy configuration if OCSP requires signature on requests
[ECA-689] - Display a "BUILD FAILED" message during the install phase if no superadmin.p12 is created.
[ECA-694] - EFS certificates support
[ECA-695] - Using PrimeCardHSM on install it does not have enough time to poll readers
[ECA-700] - Improve LdapPublisher with option to not update attributes
[ECA-704] - better P11 support for nCipher
[ECA-705] - Make UTF-8 default encoding for web
[ECA-707] - Extra: make configuration of scep ra easier
[ECA-708] - Generating module protected JCA keys for nCipher should be simplier.
[ECA-712] - Support creation of externally signed EC CAs and handling certificate requests signed by EC key.
[ECA-716] - Confirmation when reomving a CA
[ECA-720] - Publish attributes postalcode and businesscategory in LDAP
[ECA-725] - Improve translations
[ECA-726] - Remove obsoleted extended key usages for ipsec, add ipsecIKE
[ECA-731] - Increase maximum validity of SubCA profile to 25 years
[ECA-738] - Checks for max request size and no of reqs in an OCSP req
[ECA-741] - Update pt_PT translation
[ECA-752] - Make the description of a publisher readable from custom publisher implementations
[ECA-754] - For Oracle db change LONG to CLOB

[ECA-606] - ExtRA SCEP servlet should init directly at startup
[ECA-643] - Error with weblogic and 4096 bit CA
[ECA-652] - findbyApprovalIdNonExpired searches for expired instead of rejected
[ECA-670] - ExtRA SCEP, GetCACertChain return wrong content type
[ECA-674] - LdapSearchPublisher should not change other attributes
[ECA-680] - Derby database does not work with large 4096 bit CAs
[ECA-681] - Null Pointer Exception throught editUser when CANAME is invalid
[ECA-686] - Overflow causing archiving of non-expired certificates when CRLPeriod is very large
[ECA-690] - EJBCA uses sun internal java class
[ECA-692] - Removal of CA generates database exception under DB2
[ECA-699] - Generating browser certificate failed; user still in 'new' status
[ECA-701] - Sorting of approvals in Admin GUI does not work.
[ECA-709] - Errors in upgrade scripts for MS-SQL
[ECA-710] - bin/pkcs11HSM.cmd not working
[ECA-711] - EJBCA WS Cli does not handle number of arguments correctly
[ECA-713] - the keys can not be used in EJBCA for some HSMs
[ECA-717] - SCEP does not work with Luna SHM
[ECA-724] - CertificateExpirationNotifier service not working on Weblogic-Oracle
[ECA-728] - Lockdown of an enduser profile to fill out to just a CN only not possible
[ECA-729] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on Approval Page
[ECA-730] - SCEP to CA signed by some External CAs fail
[ECA-734] - Not working on Sybase
[ECA-742] - ant javatruststore does not work for CA names with space
[ECA-745] - EJB REF to "ejb/RaAdminSessionLocal" has wrong case in glassfish deployment file "ejbca_3_6_b1/src/publicweb/publicweb/WEB-INF/sun-web.xml"
[ECA-746] - Not possible to renew CA that does not use default keystore pwd or autoaactivation.
[ECA-758] - Under some conditions it's not possible to edit rfc822name altname field for user in admin-gui
[ECA-766] - Error saving CRL Service on Weblogic 10

EJBCA 3.5.12

[ECA-1111] - Optimize performance of findCerts WS call
[ECA-1112] - Create a new ant target similar to create-lot-of-users, but creates fewer users with many certs per user

[ECA-1091] - Serious bug in UserDataSource Authorization

EJBCA 3.5.11

[ECA-778] - change genTokenCertificates WS call behavior to not temporary revoke certificates for MS logon

[ECA-1052] - Error in EJBCAWS.genTokenCertificate temporary cards aren't revoked properly

EJBCA 3.5.10

[ECA-724] - CertificateExpirationNotifier service not working on Weblogic-Oracle

EJBCA 3.5.9

[ECA-891] - Avoid unnecessary database searches during HealthCheck

[ECA-886] - Upgrade fails to set internal state of CA expire time for externally signed CAs
[ECA-906] - EjbcaHealthCheck may use same session bean object for concurrent accesses
[ECA-968] - Key length changes when editing CA in admin-GUI

EJBCA 3.5.8

[ECA-845] - Attempt to revoke a certificate.user that is already revoked generates an error
[ECA-847] - Option to Health Check to perform sign test on CA token

EJBCA 3.5.7

[ECA-808] - Errors that should not be errors but info messages

[ECA-799] - Deadlock when running stress test that is revoking certificates
[ECA-800] - Importing certificate to CA with off-line token causes status to be wrong
[ECA-801] - CRL generation for CAs waiting for certificate response throws excepton
[ECA-807] - Error enrolling though SSL with client cert
[ECA-818] - NPE when issuing sparecard with cert without extended keyusage through HTMF

EJBCA 3.5.6

New Feature
[ECA-768] - Create mechanism for Health Check to report nodes as Down for maintenance
[ECA-769] - Activation Page. Create an easy access page for activating many CA's. The current function in the admin-GUI requires a lot of clicking to activate many CA's. Combine with one page access to configure monitoring of CA's

[ECA-756] - CRLUpdateWorkers may run in same vm in parallel if too slow
[ECA-773] - Add distingushable string to health check return to know which test failed
[ECA-774] - Make CRL generation be in one transaction for each CA
[ECA-775] - Introduce a random add-on to the service interval
[ECA-778] - change genTokenCertificates WS call behaivor to not temporary revoke ceritificates for MS logon
[ECA-784] - Improve lunahsm shell script

[ECA-743] - GenerateToken And ViewHardTokenData approvalIds was not calculated correctly
[ECA-744] - Wrong DN was used in non-admin generate spacecard pages.
[ECA-751] - DemoCertReqServlet gets reference to old template file
[ECA-753] - CMP only working with DEBUG log enabled
[ECA-755] - Listing log entries does not show the latest when limiting on too many rows
[ECA-763] - Listing end entities query displays wrong values
[ECA-764] - Under some circumstances two CRLs with the same CRLNumber is stored in the db
[ECA-772] - External OCSP publisher does not work on oracle DB
[ECA-777] - External OCSP health check not working

EJBCA 3.5.5

New Feature
[ECA-718] - Add Approval option for activation of CAToken

[ECA-719] - Add support for the fields PostalCode and BusinessCategory, now natively supported by BouncyCastle.

[ECA-736] - LDAPPublisher initialized the fakeCRL incorrectly

EJBCA 3.5.4

New Feature
[ECA-691] - A preference file that could specify custom attributes for keys generated by pkcs11HSM.sh

[ECA-693] - Potential Duplicate Key exception on old logging system when log-method is executed simultaneously.

EJBCA 3.5.3

New Feature
[ECA-676] - A stress test is needed to test EJBCA certificate signing performance when access though https

[ECA-666] - NullPointerException in LogEntryDataBean
[ECA-667] - pkcs11HSM.sh does not run
[ECA-675] - Generated keys on some P11 HSMs (AEP Keyper) can not be used for decryption.

EJBCA 3.5.2

New Feature
[ECA-530] - Debian package for EJBCA-MySQL
[ECA-599] - Add pt_PT l10n

[ECA-529] - Pass extra parameters to JBoss through nCipherJBoss.sh/cmd
[ECA-580] - Optimize CRL generation for large CRLs (>100.000 revoked)
[ECA-618] - External RA SCEP module should include ip and dns altNames from request
[ECA-623] - Possible to use an internal CA as external
[ECA-625] - Add the missing text label along with the message "Text not available"
[ECA-626] - ExtRA, possible to require SCEP password
[ECA-642] - In lunaHSM.sh warn i EJBCA_HOME is not set

[ECA-541] - Null pointer exception when you enter wrong values or forget to enter values in "Hard CA token properties".
[ECA-543] - It should be possible to run ejbca.sh from any directory in the file system.
[ECA-590] - unconsistent labels in publisher (:)
[ECA-605] - Wrong parameter name in ca republish
[ECA-608] - Luna HSM support broken
[ECA-609] - XKMS cli not working
[ECA-612] - Can not run Glassfish off-line
[ECA-614] - Ugly error when entering non hex encoded serial number in check status on public web
[ECA-615] - Java exception when editing an external CA
[ECA-616] - Can't fetch the certificate of external CA after signing it
[ECA-620] - PKCS10 requests to external CA can not be PrintableString encoded
[ECA-621] - Error creating a external OCSP-responder on JBoss 4.2.x
[ECA-627] - Large comments and CA Subject DNs generates SQL exceptions.
[ECA-629] - When you create a new soft CA and enter an "Authentication Code" you get null pointer exception.
[ECA-646] - ExtRA CA service throws exception when RAIssuer is signed by external CA

EJBCA 3.5.1

[ECA-593] - Tool for checking translation files for missing tags
[ECA-602] - Enable use of multiple CRL Distribution points by changing GUI length constraints

[ECA-592] - Update french language file

[ECA-445] - JBoss deadlock problems
[ECA-542] - Null pointer exception when you run "$EJBCA_HOME/bin/ejbca.sh ca republish -all"
[ECA-591] - Install does not work unless web.properties is defined
[ECA-594] - Certificate enrollment on card does not work using https only http
[ECA-600] - Removing certificates from LDAP does not work using LDAP search publisher and username match
[ECA-601] - checkCertificateStatus for certificates that doesn't exists in database throws a Nullpointer exception
[ECA-604] - Advanced Access Rules visual bug, End entity profiles rule haven't the id to name replaced correctly

EJBCA 3.5.0

New Feature
[ECA-81] - Editing validity per End Entity
[ECA-115] - Serial Number Check
[ECA-138] - HardToken PIN data should be encrypted in database
[ECA-249] - Possible to configure specific validity dates in certificate profiles
[ECA-398] - Support multiple email altnames in admin-GUI
[ECA-414] - Possibility to choose reverse DN for a CA
[ECA-419] - Improve CA softs security to use individual passwords
[ECA-470] - PKCS11 tokens for new CA and support for Utimaco CryptoServer (using pkcs11)
[ECA-472] - Custom Logging
[ECA-480] - Import Hard Token Data in CLI
[ECA-489] - New ant argument that outputs the version number of the EJBCA installation.
[ECA-505] - Enable download of CA certificate as jks-file from Basic Functions in Admin GUI.
[ECA-516] - Present warning in the Admin GUI when JCE Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files isn't used.
[ECA-520] - Experimental reporting functionality using JasperReports
[ECA-526] - Possible to install with initial AdminCA on HSM
[ECA-527] - Possible to retrieve entity certs with CLI
[ECA-545] - Allow initial superadmin enroll on smartcard
[ECA-573] - Root-less install, use custom SSL truststore for JBoss/Tomcat

[ECA-35] - make better looking public enroll pages
[ECA-232] - When listing administrators in access rights, make the link clickable
[ECA-291] - Option to specify certificate validity begin time drift
[ECA-331] - Hide HardToken Puk Data in View HardToken page
[ECA-426] - Include nonce in requests from OCSP client
[ECA-461] - Build script does not check for actual version of java that is used.
[ECA-462] - Possible to keep configuration/modifications in an external directory
[ECA-465] - Possible to use different profiles in CMP RA mode
[ECA-468] - Create a PKCS7 with the web service interface to import it in IE
[ECA-471] - New Calls in the EJBCA Web Services interface
[ECA-473] - Interface of UserDataSources improved for support of UserData Deletion
[ECA-475] - Improved functionality in Extended CMS Service
[ECA-482] - Move scep servlet to its own web application
[ECA-494] - Better default datasource for ScepRAServer in External RA
[ECA-495] - ScepRAServer in External RA will process the same message until it is approved
[ECA-502] - build.xml should use $JAVA_HOME/bin/keytool instead of first one in path, if available.
[ECA-507] - Add description on UPN field.
[ECA-508] - When using Validity Override, don't allow validity to start before current time.
[ECA-509] - When using Validity Override, don't allow validity to to extend beyond the validity of the certificate profile
[ECA-510] - AD Publisher should use different container for certificateRevocationList
[ECA-513] - Not consequent text in profiles menu choices
[ECA-514] - Java exception when removing newly added service
[ECA-518] - Support new key purpose CAKEYPURPOSE_HARDTOKENENCRYPT
[ECA-531] - Improve Approvals with multiple steps of non-executable approvals
[ECA-532] - Support Approvals for the getHardTokenData and genTokenCertificates call
[ECA-536] - Import CA function supports HSM CAs
[ECA-537] - Require approvals for revocation
[ECA-572] - Confusing text in conf/ejbca.properties.sample
[ECA-581] - Bad presentation of approvalId, sometimes it is displayed with - sign in notification
[ECA-584] - Not possible to use comma in CA DN when creating CA

[ECA-412] - Try to create service after re-deploy gives exception
[ECA-413] - When choosing "Hard Token Type", all previously made "Settings" are deleted.
[ECA-443] - If you execute ./ejbca.sh batch in "ejbca/bin" the script creates ejbca/bin/p12 and puts the new p12:s in there instad of ejbca/p12
[ECA-460] - Get certificate chain link in public enroll pages does not work when CA is signed by external Root.
[ECA-467] - Private EC keys report different algorithm after application server restart
[ECA-501] - Weblogic throws TransactionRolledBackLocalException on duplicate log lines
[ECA-512] - Java exception when editing services
[ECA-525] - ExtRATestClient not working according to doc
[ECA-539] - Removing any but last of dynamic fields in an End Entity Profile generates errors when creating an end entity.
[ECA-548] - Automatic token activation fails when using nCipher HSM
[ECA-549] - No space triming in DN of a CA
[ECA-556] - Security: XSS possibility on public web
[ECA-559] - Autoactivate of Hard CA tokens does not show as active in Admin-GUI
[ECA-560] - Renew of keys for soft token CA must not regenerate encryption keys
[ECA-561] - CA levels displayed incorrectly in Basic Functions at depth > 2
[ECA-571] - PKCS#11 times out after some time on Utimaco
[ECA-574] - Wrong validity of created CAs, maximum two years
[ECA-583] - Bug in advances access rules view, UserDataSources displayed id instead of name i rule

[ECA-491] - Remove support for JDK 1.4
[ECA-538] - Remove CA import restrictions depending on keyusage field in CA-cert.
[ECA-576] - Remove support for JBoss < 4.0

EJBCA 3.4.5

[ECA-567] - XKMS register operation fails when user's token is JKS or PEM.
[ECA-568] - Parsing of some DERBitStrings in custom certfificate extensions.
[ECA-569] - If KeyIdentifiers from ExternalCAs are not standard format, key identifieres will missmatch
[ECA-570] - Approvalqueries can fail in some circumstances

[ECA-524] - Configurable which interface tomcat listens on

EJBCA 3.4.4

[ECA-486] - Can't activate a (nethsm) hard CA where cardset is not protected
[ECA-544] - Servlet is not able to return Open VPN Installer executable.
[ECA-553] - CRLUpdate worker not working with TableProtection enabled on JBoss 4.2.0

[ECA-555] - Add instructions for using module protected keys with EJBCA and nCipher to User Guide.

EJBCA 3.4.3

New Feature
[ECA-484] - Support for JavaDb/Derby

[ECA-500] - Support for JBoss 4.2.0
[ECA-522] - XKMS/WS does not work on JBoss 4.2.0

[ECA-474] - Support RSASHA256WithRSAAndMGF1 again
[ECA-504] - possible to specify keystore name to ant javatruststore
[ECA-511] - Spelling errors

[ECA-360] - End entity details fails to display in log
[ECA-479] - invalid error message when i create an external ac
[ECA-483] - cli: ./bin/ejbca.sh ra unrevoke dont set a correct userstatus
[ECA-487] - Exception on glassfish when removing and adding a CA with same DN
[ECA-488] - ejbca.sh may fail to find weblogic/glassfish if jars are not executable
[ECA-497] - LdapSearchPublisher not working
[ECA-498] - LdapSearchPublisher does not publish to old entry if search returns more than one entry
[ECA-499] - ./bin/ejbca.sh ca importca gives exception
[ECA-503] - No good error message when using non existing alias for keystore in the encryption decryption CLI

EJBCA 3.4.2

New Feature
[ECA-41] - Export soft CA token to pkcs12 file
[ECA-338] - EJBCA deploys and runs on Glassfish
[ECA-425] - Support for MD5withRSA as signature algorithm for CAs
[ECA-434] - CLI to automatically add HW token CA.
[ECA-435] - simple CLI to be able to use nCipher HSM to encrypt and decrypt
[ECA-444] - JSF admin pages work on Glassfish
[ECA-452] - Publish CRL with user defined script
[ECA-464] - Scep RA functionality in ExtRA API

[ECA-429] - Public web link from admin-GUI should open in new window/tab
[ECA-431] - Better support for customized extention when processing external CAs
[ECA-432] - Possiblity to store customized data in ExtendedInformation
[ECA-457] - New logo for admin-GUI
[ECA-458] - Basic custom extension support for asn.1 IA5String
[ECA-463] - Publish cert and revokation with user defined script
[ECA-481] - Remove track-statements config in JBoss to enhance performance

[ECA-410] - Oracle JDBC does not support ResultSet.relative
[ECA-411] - Support for JSF in Weblogic
[ECA-450] - Update german language file
[ECA-454] - Include dncomponents.properties and profilemappings.properties in ejbca-util jar

[ECA-374] - ServiceTimer Startup throws exception on startup on Glassfish
[ECA-421] - Certificate Enrollment Internet Explorer 7 Windows VISTA
[ECA-424] - Ocspclient stopped working
[ECA-427] - Bug showing fixed OCSPSIGNER certificate profile when adding end entities
[ECA-428] - XKMS key recovery issue on platforms not using ISO8859-1 language encoding
[ECA-430] - Upgrade XKMS external service for External CAs give NPE
[ECA-433] - Impossoble to remove CAs with customly defied profiles
[ECA-437] - Missing property YOUCANTADDFIXEDCERT in language files
[ECA-438] - When X is enabled on server, Edit end entity profiles gives sun.print.CUPSPrinter exception
[ECA-439] - Renew Root CA does not give new validity period
[ECA-440] - Renew Root CA might give different encoding for subject and issuer
[ECA-446] - Not possible to use | in DirectoryName, altname and email not stripped
[ECA-447] - Downloading certs on public web gives no file extension when filename contains space
[ECA-449] - CRLUpdateWorker not working, missing reference to CRLSession bean
[ECA-451] - Service timer runs amok on Weblogic
[ECA-453] - nCipherHSM.sh runs out of memory for large backups.
[ECA-455] - Public web pages not working in Weblogic
[ECA-459] - Be able to use email in LDAP dn

EJBCA 3.4.1

[ECA-417] - Cli throws exception on windows
[ECA-422] - OCSP not working in Mozilla

EJBCA 3.4.0

New Feature
[ECA-97] - Possibility to dynamically configure new OtherNames in subjectAltName.
[ECA-99] - Suport for CMP (rfc 4210)
[ECA-251] - Email for certificate expiration warning
[ECA-296] - New access rule to delete generated
[ECA-297] - Simple approval function for RA
[ECA-332] - Inital EJBCA WebService interface
[ECA-346] - Monitoring Services Framework, mail on certificate expire
[ECA-349] - Support custom OID fields in subject alternative names
[ECA-359] - Allow validity override from requests
[ECA-362] - Support for ECDSA signature keys
[ECA-371] - Support CRLIssuer in crl distribution point
[ECA-381] - Make DN components configurable, support custom OIDs
[ECA-393] - CSV export of log entries from admin-GUI
[ECA-394] - XKMS v2 Service
[ECA-400] - Custom Certificate Extension framework

[ECA-30] - Unify DN and AltName handling
[ECA-304] - Mail notification of new passwords without re-setting status
[ECA-330] - Add access rule to access system configuration
[ECA-333] - Improve Batch Tool functionality
[ECA-335] - Printing of new and edited userdata
[ECA-337] - Make reverse dn ordering easy configurable
[ECA-339] - Move ejbca.properties to conf subdirectory to be able to split up different part in different files
[ECA-341] - Approval Email notification
[ECA-342] - Internal log and exception localization
[ECA-343] - Key recovery should be approvable
[ECA-344] - Deploy CRL creation service by setting a simple property
[ECA-345] - Cache CA objects to avoid loading keystores often
[ECA-355] - implement the withlimit flag in useradminsession.query
[ECA-368] - Configurable order of unknown DN oids
[ECA-372] - Allow multiple policy oids in certificates
[ECA-377] - possibility to store certs on the card with Mozilla braowser
[ECA-379] - Add dnQualifier as a DN component
[ECA-382] - possibility to set public exponent when generating RSA keys for nCipher.
[ECA-388] - Possibility to retrieve PKCS7 response in ExtRA API
[ECA-391] - Release zip-file should unpack in directory with version number
[ECA-392] - Improve Weblogic support for Weblogic 9.x.
[ECA-396] - Support multiple email altnames using CLI
[ECA-399] - Calculate certtype automatically in publishCACertificate

[ECA-327] - Make UTF8 encoding default in DNs (for new CAs)
[ECA-351] - Upgrade XDoclet jars
[ECA-401] - Change default java version to 1.5 when building EJBCA

[ECA-299] - Changing CPS in profile does not save always
[ECA-336] - Using reversed DN makes DN wrong in some places
[ECA-352] - Language files must be placed under /tmp in Weblogic
[ECA-386] - Not possible to revoke external CAs
[ECA-406] - Changing log configuration gives NullpointerException when using other languages

EJBCA 3.3.3


[ECA-347] - Sun One Directory Server doesn't understand the gn attribute, it wait for givenName
[ECA-370] - CRLs are generated with default DN encoding, not the same as issuer in ca certificate
[ECA-373] - Typo in ejbca.properties.sample


[ECA-376] - Include serialNumber LDAP attribute if selected in DN
[ECA-383] - Option to remove entity in LDAP when cert revoked

EJBCA 3.3.2


[ECA-328] - EJBCA requires Myfaces in appserver to deploy admin-GUI
[ECA-350] - Errors deploying on Weblogic
[ECA-357] - OCSP with lookup test not workin. ocspclient.jar
[ECA-363] - EJBCA does not work with Oracle DB


[ECA-353] - Automatic column name change for logentrydata.comment in Weblogic/Oracle
[ECA-356] - ant javatruststore should be able to install any CAs certificate
[ECA-365] - Turkish profile


[ECA-358] - Upgrade to latest log4j jar

EJBCA 3.3.1


[ECA-326] - Use MySQL specific command in ExternalOCSPPublisher.java
[ECA-334] - Not possible to activate a Luna HSM CA
[ECA-340] - Some errors in deployment descriptors (not noticable in JBoss)

EJBCA 3.3.0

New Feature

[ECA-98] - Commands and status for certificate suspend
[ECA-143] - Option to generate new keys when renewing a CA
[ECA-215] - Loadbalancer Health Check Servlet
[ECA-234] - Support for directoryName in SubjectAltNames
[ECA-238] - Generate OpenVPN install packages for token enrollment
[ECA-248] - External RA API and service
[ECA-268] - Revoke certificate in Ldap search publisher
[ECA-271] - Option in publishers to not remove certificate when revoked
[ECA-272] - Configurable CRL overlap time
[ECA-274] - Support Subject Directory Attributes extension
[ECA-275] - Support Custom UTF8String QC Statement
[ECA-276] - Asn1dump cli command
[ECA-281] - Option to specify UTF8String for all subject DNs
[ECA-289] - Possibility to use smart card HSM on external OCSP responder
[ECA-290] - Basic signing function to verify the integrity of audit logs
[ECA-306] - Inital Framwork for User Data Sources
[ECA-314] - Inital Approval implementation
[ECA-316] - Basic integrity protection of external OCSP database
[ECA-321] - k/n operator card authentication when enabling nCipher keys in nCipher cards
[ECA-322] - Support for German in admin-GUI


[ECA-84] - Add UserNotice and CPS url to certificate policy extension
[ECA-166] - Request to external CA gives bad error messages
[ECA-187] - Better sizing of the 'View Certificates' windows
[ECA-255] - Templates for Hard Token Profile printouts
[ECA-266] - Issue CRLs periodically before CRL expire date
[ECA-279] - Added new classes to ejbca-util.jar to compile with timestamp server
[ECA-280] - Support of Safe Net Luna HSM
[ECA-285] - If possible it should be possible to define the auth code of the HSM when configuring the CA.
[ECA-294] - Limit user cert validity to CAs validity
[ECA-309] - Healthcheck servlet for the External OCSP Service
[ECA-310] - Simplified EJBCA healthcheck deployment
[ECA-312] - Option in cli to re-publish all certificates, not only latest
[ECA-320] - Authorization denied displays as error 500 in IE
[ECA-324] - ant task to add ca-certificate to java truststore


[ECA-174] - Publish (optionally) multiple certificate values in LDAP
[ECA-207] - Remove redundant code from Profiles
[ECA-298] - Latest version (1.33) of bouncycastle jars


[ECA-57] - I18N issues with resource bundle
[ECA-150] - Can get user certificate from another CA than the user is registered for
[ECA-189] - LogSession can miss to log events under multithreaded heavy load
[ECA-236] - Internationalize webconfiguration.jspf
[ECA-250] - Error in default PIN envelope for hard tokens
[ECA-258] - JBoss hangs when deleting publisher used in CA
[ECA-262] - You cannot leave out defaultKey in nfast ca token configuration
[ECA-267] - Bug in searching for certificates for user that have been removed
[ECA-284] - Wrong exception thrown in EracomCAToken.
[ECA-287] - It is only possbile to use one key for each CA with Eracom HSM.
[ECA-292] - Creating CA with national chars in DN fails for some encodings
[ECA-300] - "Hard CA Token Properties" not stored permanently after editing.
[ECA-301] - External OCSP responder doesn't work with jboss-4.0.4
[ECA-302] - In the Edit End Entity Page it not possible to set a user back to genereated if it have been set to new by mistake
[ECA-303] - ant ocsp-deploy does not work without tomcat.jks file
[ECA-305] - Wrong responderId in response from OCSP responder when not using CA-signing
[ECA-307] - Custom Publishers doesn't reload after save of properties
[ECA-308] - Exception is thrown when trying to republish to external OCSP publisher
[ECA-311] - Re-publish should not add revoked certificates in LDAP
[ECA-313] - BC provider can be missing if running multiple apps simultaneously (rare)
[ECA-315] - Many calls to internal OCSP responder can give 'Reentrant method call detected' error
[ECA-317] - ca republish cli command uses wrong username for CA
[ECA-318] - Scep only works against RootCAs, not SubCAs
[ECA-319] - Surname and Givenname is always added as attriubtes in LDAP even if not required
[ECA-323] - Html encoded characters not displayed correctly on jsf pages
[ECA-325] - CRL Issue interval overflows when too large value entered

EJBCA 3.2.2


[ECA-282] - Distribute files with stricter permissions
[ECA-286] - Remove logging in publisher.getAuthorizedPublisher calls
[ECA-295] - Allow dot in username


[ECA-202] - Too long primary keys when using UTF-8 encoding in MySQL
[ECA-277] - Error deploying on MS-SQL and Sybase
[ECA-278] - SQLException on MS-SQL
[ECA-283] - Web enrollment with Eracom HSM fails

EJBCA 3.2.1

New Feature

[ECA-263] - Alternitive way of checking end entity profile data


[ECA-139] - It is not possible to use a HSM to sign a pkcs10 req to an external root CA.
[ECA-259] - Exception when importing certificate signed by external CA
[ECA-264] - Remove field restrictions for QC statement
[ECA-273] - Jboss 4.0.4 throws tomcat clustering exceptions with distributable tag in web.xml


[ECA-265] - Allow ':' in username and DN
[ECA-269] - Web-encoded characters in spanish language file
[ECA-270] - Public web cert dist sensitive to DN order

EJBCA 3.2.0

New Feature

[ECA-89] - New LdapSearchPublisher, obtain LDAP DN from directory server, using UID attribute, with LdapPublisher
[ECA-179] - Support Qualified Certificate Statement (RFC3739)
[ECA-190] - LDAP search cababilities in AD Publisher
[ECA-192] - Support for Eracom HSM (now SafeNet)
[ECA-208] - Swedish Translation of Admin-GUI
[ECA-220] - OCSP extension mechanism
[ECA-221] - Possibility to run OCSP responder(s) separated from CA
[ECA-224] - Support for Informix 9.2 database
[ECA-225] - Chinese translation of Admin-GUI
[ECA-228] - Key Recovery of soft tokens should support reuse of certificates
[ECA-229] - Make OCSPSignerCertificateProfile Visible
[ECA-239] - possible to select if a printout should be "scaled to page" or not.
[ECA-245] - Utility script to initialize creation of administrator token
[ECA-195] - CLI function to activate HSM CAs
[ECA-216] - CRL in PEM format since OpenVPN requires PEM format


[ECA-66] - Certificate fingerprint (hex encoding)
[ECA-134] - Not possible to select 'no value' when a dn value is set in entity profile
[ECA-137] - AdminGUI not working on different machines in a multi-machine environment
[ECA-152] - ejbca-ejb.jar contains web.xmls
[ECA-164] - Spelling error in language file
[ECA-184] - EJBCA changed the order of issuer's subject DN when creating a certificate
[ECA-202] - Too long primary keys when using UTF-8 encoding in MySQL
[ECA-203] - Exception when accesing adminGUI due to duplicate log entries
[ECA-205] - server.xml contains some static fields that should be taken form ejbca.properties
[ECA-209] - Weblogic/Oracle needs special deployment descriptors for LONG columns
[ECA-210] - In edit CA page will 'Edit' and 'Delete' action generate nullpointer when spacevalue is selected
[ECA-223] - Links not URLEncoded on public page for downloading CA-cert
[ECA-227] - Testscript causes OutOfMemory exception
[ECA-230] - After enabling "issue hardware token" in sys config you need to manually reload menu-frame
[ECA-231] - Edit hardwaretoken is broken
[ECA-235] - ant deploywithjbossservices messes up EJBCA
[ECA-237] - Generate CRL on off-line CA gives exception
[ECA-240] - All hard token CAs are displayed as online after ejbca start
[ECA-241] - Userdefined text in enhanced eid hard token profile misspelled
[ECA-242] - getAllCACertificates fails when there are external CAs waiting for certificate
[ECA-243] - Install script error when JBoss runs on nonstandard ports
[ECA-247] - ejbca does not set a CA to offline when the HW has been reseted.


[ECA-83] - Upgrade to the lastest ldap.jar
[ECA-212] - Make database upgrade script for EJBCA 3.1.x to 3.2.x


[ECA-60] - Move CDP to CA.jsp page instead of Certificate Profile
[ECA-85] - Restructure source tree
[ECA-93] - link from admin-GUI to public index page
[ECA-158] - Wrong default CRL distribution point
[ECA-206] - Remove internal implementation of Hex and use only bouncycastle
[ECA-214] - Refactor addUser, changeUser to take UserDataVO as parameter
[ECA-217] - Change column type for extendedInformationData in UserDataBean table
[ECA-218] - Make pageEncoding in JSP pages same as web.contentencoding
[ECA-219] - Change BaseURL behaviour to work with multi-machine setups
[ECA-246] - Small fix to UserMatch, possible to search for subjectDN contains data from future webservice interface.

EJBCA 3.1.4


[ECA-193] - reentrant property of Entity beans is "false" instead of "False", breaks Weblogic
[ECA-194] - Fix deployment descriptors to work with Weblogic 8.1
[ECA-196] - wrong size of some PrimeCard printouts
[ECA-198] - Private fields in CMP beans are not cached in Weblogic
[ECA-199] - Weblogic/Oracle can not use DISTINCT in SQL with LONG columns
[ECA-201] - DataSource jndi name must be EjbcaDS not java:/EjbcaDS in Weblogic
[ECA-211] - Unable to reload existing session


[ECA-197] - Some entity beans does not define transacton settings in ejb-jar.xml
[ECA-204] - possibility to include classes for HW token in the ear file
[ECA-222] - Make installation done with ealy pre-release of nCipher support work out-of-the-box
[ECA-226] - Improved error logging for nCipher HSMs

EJBCA 3.1.3

[ECA-75] - SCEP not working with Hard token CAs (HSMs)
[ECA-107] - can't view logs using oracle due to column 'comment'
[ECA-139] - It is not possible to use a HSM to sign a pkcs10 req to an external root CA.
[ECA-141] - Unstable default idle-timeout for datasource
[ECA-144] - Scep not working with Cryptlib
[ECA-145] - Bug in hard token profile pages, Nullpointer when changing profile type or saving new pages
[ECA-147] - Star (*) not working in subject alt names
[ECA-148] - Scep not working with Cisco PIX
[ECA-149] - unstructuredName/address in DN does not work
[ECA-153] - cli not working on windows when java_home contains space char
[ECA-154] - install does not work when JAVA_HOME contain space char
[ECA-155] - OCSP using CA key does not work with HSMs
[ECA-156] - binary chars in ejbca-mail-service.xml
[ECA-160] - display of mail.smtp.host during ant deploy is wrong (cosmetic)
[ECA-165] - Not possible to remove UnstructuredName from entity profile
[ECA-167] - CN Postfix doesn't work if UID have the same value or DN is reversed
[ECA-168] - Hard Token SN search doesn't work with primecard 1.3 >
[ECA-169] - Hard Token Profiles cannot be cloned
[ECA-170] - Malformed SVG Template craches the Hard Token Profile pages
[ECA-171] - Typo in language file
[ECA-176] - Method CertUtil.getEMailAddress(X509Certificate certificate) hangs jboss
[ECA-177] - SCEP not working with Netscreen/Juniper boxes
[ECA-180] - Select, unselect javascript features doesn't work anymort

New Feature
[ECA-109] - Support RSASSA-PSS signatures
[ECA-140] - Add $UID as a variable to the SVG templates
[ECA-181] - Javascript checks use unicode for internationlized chars
[ECA-182] - Possible to select a subset of fields in DN and Subject AltNames in the certificate profiles
[ECA-186] - Possibility to specify the BasicConstraint path length

[ECA-127] - Add references of installations to EJBCA home page

[ECA-146] - Device schema for sun directory server missing X-ORIGIN
[ECA-159] - Not possible to view historical data in CertReqHistory
[ECA-161] - easy configuration of smtp auth
[ECA-163] - Describe how to install com.mysql.jdbc.Driver in the documentation
[ECA-178] - Better error messages when HSM provider not found
[ECA-183] - Possible to configure for different JBoss targets
[ECA-185] - new version of batik lib

EJBCA 3.1.2

New Feature
[ECA-46] - multiple instances of altNames in certificates
[ECA-130] - Implement new Scep mode using POST
[ECA-118] - Imported OpenSSL CA not working
[ECA-121] - Can not publish certificate with comma in DN to LDAP
[ECA-123] - Dash not allowed in username
[ECA-124] - User passwords leak into debug log
[ECA-125] - Admiweb too restrictive for estonian chars.
[ECA-126] - Some imported CA certificate contains the field "friendlyName" in PKCS#12 twice
[ECA-131] - Problem with certificate import CLI command
[ECA-133] - Single quote in DN does not work
[ECA-136] - senderNonce in returned SCEP messages longer than 16 bytes
[ECA-108] - Add changelog to ejbca web site

EJBCA 3.1.1

[ECA-113] - key Ids looks critical when editing certificate profiles
[ECA-111] - Remove obsolete cli commands
[ECA-114] - add CA id to 'ca info' cli command
[ECA-116] - Added caid to create certificate method

EJBCA 3.1.0

General (not from Jira):
- Usage of XDoclet to generate ejb interfaces and deployment descriptors. Lots of XDoclet tagging to simplify development and deployment.
- Changed packaging to avoid classes duplication between jars.
- Much improved configuration, installation and deployment, now there is a single point of configuration using a config file.
- Added French, Italian and spanish translations for the admin-GUI.
- Add parameter for jboss/weblogic to install.
- Changed database configuration to make it more flexible for deployment.
- BatchMake has been changed to support a dir (directory attribute). Default is still 'p12'.
- LDAP object classes for devices.
- New structure for the cli, it now lives in the bin subdirectory.
- Reorganization of documentation tree, new xml based web site for http://ejbca.sf.net/.
- New version, 1.28, of bouncycatle provider.
- Lots of minor and structural changes.
New features:
* [ECA-6] - Download certificate link in 'View Certificate' window
* [ECA-12] - CA keystore randomizer in the ant script
* [ECA-19] - Create Servlet for initial installation
* [ECA-45] - Add SHA256WithRSA as signature algorithm for certs
* [ECA-62] - Add Receipt and address templates
* [ECA-67] - Republish button in view certificate window
* [ECA-68] - CN Postfix in certificate profile
* [ECA-69] - Only domain used for UPN in End Entity Profile
* [ECA-70] - Key Recover button in view hard token window
* [ECA-86] - Javascript changed so all new small windows automatically gets focused.
* [ECA-87] - Added a new getCATokenStatus method in the IHardCAToken interface
* [ECA-90] - Support for nCipher HSM (sponsored by Linagora)
* [ECA-96] - Add importcert cli function
* [ECA-48] - make web page encoding selectable by parameter
* [ECA-56] - Bad error message when authorization fails
* [ECA-61] - Enable Advanced Profiles
* [ECA-73] - Add more information regarding Critical Extension
* [ECA-76] - Installation on JBoss 4.0.2
* [ECA-82] - Available languages (EN, FR, IT, ES) selectable by default in admin-GUI.
* [ECA-88] - Added a 'reuse old certificate' flag to the hard token profiles
Bugs fixed:
* [ECA-13] - Exception after editing entity profile
* [ECA-28] - RA Admin privileges don't work
* [ECA-34] - Multiple bugs in Hard Token Issuing handling.
* [ECA-38] - register users with int'l characters in dn does not work
* [ECA-39] - HTML error in view end entity jsp page when displaying subjectDN
* [ECA-43] - exception during CRL generation
* [ECA-44] - no key length selection for p12 generated server certs
* [ECA-55] - export/import profiles does not ignore fixed HARDTOKEN profiles
* [ECA-71] - CRL creation in batch mode is not possible if a CA is not active
* [ECA-72] - cmd-line not working
* [ECA-74] - CRLCreateService not working
* [ECA-77] - bug when signing certificate with "card CA token"
* [ECA-78] - CRLCreatService has no overlap
* [ECA-79] - View ocsp certificate not working (exception)
* [ECA-80] - wrong PIN type is stored in DB
* [ECA-91] - Bug in base64 decoder
* [ECA-92] - UserGenerated Certificates doesn't work with enhanced EID hard tokens and IE
* [ECA-100] - Subject DN with "'" (ASCII 27) displays as "\" in admin GUI.
* [ECA-102] - missing break; causes IllegalKeystoreException
* [ECA-104] - Handle language encodings in demo servlet
* [ECA-106] - non-superadmin cannot press cancel in my_preferences page

EJBCA 3.0.7

* [ECA-54] - HardCATokens goes off-line when bean gets passivated
* [ECA-49] - saving of generated request from CA fails on IE
* [ECA-50] - Key Recovery status and change password in Edit End Entity doesn't work
* [ECA-52] - In Create CA page should the CAToken authentication info be a password field instead

EJBCA 3.0.6

* [ECA-40] - defined hardtoken issuer and profiles disapears after some time
* [ECA-42] - <enterpris-beans> tag missing in xml fil

EJBCA 3.0.5

Added support for activation of hardcatokens in View CA Info page.
Added MS Template for DomainController functionallity.
Fixed Certificate upgrade problems.
SECURITY: Add checks in adminweb for illegal SQL chars in advanced modes in list end entities and view log.
Weblogic xml files for WLS 8.1 (still needs patch for complete function).
Possibility to set 2048 bit keys in Swedish hardtoken profile.
Changed error message when unlimithed strengh policy files not installed during install.
Handle double type encoding in install.en.properties for other languages.
Tested with JBoss 4.0.1.
Support for PostgreSQL 8.0 on JBoss 4.
Fix for 'rule' column name in config for MS SQL server 2000.
Fixed problem where requiring RFC822Name caused error when editing end entity.
Fixed bug with extra commas in publishers when selected DN components don't exist in DN.
Changed 'Batch' text in adminweb to be more descriptive.
Changed 'Use fields in DN' in adminweb to be more descriptive.
Added StaticRegistering to CA hard token manager.
Fixed error during install when CA-cert does not exist in java truststore.
Fixed weblink to force a browser type when using an unknown browser.
Added cli method to re-publish a CA and all it's users to ldap.
Fixed so EMPTY profile is not selectable for admin groups not authorized to it.
Fixed sending of notification messages not working on certain occasions.
Fixed cache control issues with download of ca cert and CRL from admin pages to IE.

EJBCA 3.0.4

Fixed integer overflow when setting CRLPeriod longer than 596 hours.
CLI command to import a CA from an existing PKCS12 file (openssl CA).
Fixed bug where own fp instead of CA fp was written to the database.
Fixed bug where an administrator could not use the admin GUI if signed by a CA using multiple DC attributes.
Fixed bugs with AD publishing, useraccountcontrol temporarly removed.
Changed the default extended keyusages for hard token profiles.

EJBCA 3.0.3

Fixed wrong encoding of BasicConstraints when false.
Fixed bug in CA functions page viewing certificates with intl chars.
Fixed bugg in the publisher page where the top publisher wasn't shown.
Fixed bugg in adduser page where email address wasn't saved when user existed.
Fixed bugg where IPADDRESS and GUID subject altname wasn't shown in certificate view.
Fixed email field check bugg in add and edit user jsp pages.
Fixed bugg in certificate profiles jsp page where critical extended keyusade couldn't be unchecked.
Added missing class in admin.jar for 'ca processreq'.
Fixes to demo servlet.
Fixed error message when enrolling with un-allowed keysize from browser.
Fixed minor error in authorization log text.
Fixed error for DATE var in notifications.
Fixed bug adding email and uid attributes in LDAP.
Added more extra attributes to LDAP publisher.
Make o,ou,st selectable as 'Use Fields in DN' for publishers.
Fixed publishing of CA certificates and CRLs.
Works with Java 1.5 and 4096 bit keys.
Fixed bug in webpage checking for revocation.
Added pageEncoding for jsp pages and removed explicit encoding tag in meta-inf for adminpages.
Fixed bug with republishing CA certificates.
Check execute permission on batch.sh from install script.
Many clarifications in docs.
Tested on MacOSX.

EJBCA 3.0.2

Removed writing of testfile foo.crt.
Changed version in web-GUI.

EJBCA 3.0.1

Fixed subject DN field removal bugg of UNSTRUCTURED IPADDRESS and UNSTRUCTURED NAME
Fixed bugg where PKCS7 header and footer always was generated when using manual pkcs10
Fixed warning in SSL deployment with JBoss 3.2.4.
Long timeout for ca creation in JBoss 3.2.4.
Fix for keystore path in Tomcat41-JBoss32.
Some doc and xml fixes.


Added unstructuredname, unstructuredaddress to subjectdn.
Cleaned system.out debug logs.
Digital signature in default key usage to make ocsp work out of the box.
Added support for iPAddress alternative name.
Added support for MS GUID alternative name.
Better check on altnames when adding user with cli.
Fix CRL import in Mozilla.
Allow . in usernames i webGUI.
SCEP GetCRL method implemented.
Fixed minor errors in deployment descriptors.

EJBCA 3.0 beta 3

Upgrade function from ejbca2 with MySQL.
Added password and extendedinformation to publisher interface.
Fixed CA renew bugg where new certificates wasn't published to publishers.
Fixed Hard Token Issuer authorization bug.
Fixed Hard Token Profile authorization bug when logging in as CA Administrator.
Fixed Authorizer.java so it doesn't throw NullPointerException.
Added initial support for HSM plug-ins.
Fixed install script freeze when installing adminweb. Added -noprompt.
Added Sybase as target for 'ant replaceDS'.
Support for JBoss3.2.4/Tomcat5.0.
Fixed bugg in Administrative deligations where a CA administrator could edit an superadmin group.
Changed so 'enable end entity limitations' is enabled by default.
Strip DN when creating new CAs.
Added test if strong crypto is installed in the install script.

EJBCA 3.0 beta 2

Made SUN specific algorithms and providers configurable, to be able to use other jvm.
Fixed serious bug that caused certs to be signed by wrong CA after ejbPassivate.
Made DN order configurable with switch in source.
Alias in PKCS12 is now CN by default and username if CN does not exist.
Added possibility to configure publishers (LDAP, AD) through administrative web interface.
Implemented more SCEP functions, tested with Cisco VPN client.
Compound primary key for HardTokenPropertyBean.
Added junit tests of entity beans

EJBCA 3.0 beta 1

Virtual CAs, run a complete hierarchy (or several) in one instance of EJBCA.
Easier installation and configuration with new install script.
Complete support for OCSP.
Added 'Authority Information Access' extension for OCSP service URL in certificates.
LDAP schema now correctly follows RFC 2256 and works with OpenLDAP 2.2.
LDAP Publishing controlled from certificate profiles.
Possible to configure autogenerated passwords in admin web gui.
Improved support for keyrecovery.
Improved configuration of administrative privileges.
Many minor fixes and enhancements.

EJBCA 2.1.3

Fixed a bug when applying with IE, wrong csp could be used.

EJBCA 2.1.2

LDAP schema now correctly follows RFC 2256 and works with OpenLDAP 2.2.

EJBCA 2.1.1

Improved error handing for batch generation.
Fixed some SQL for PostgreSQL.
Set Content-Type on OCSP responses.
Setup-adminweb supports JBoss 3.2.3.
For for internatinalization of admin-web with non ISO chars.
Minor debug cleanups.


Initial SCEP support.
Initial OCSP support.
Support for multiple CDPs separated by ';'
Removed unneded debug output of cert during creation
Fixed bug in setup-adminweb.sh
Fixed missing submit button with PEM/P12 users
New cmd line command to export/import profiles to XML files
Fixed bug in 'ca makereq' when rootCA has no CN
Added encoding=iso8859-1 to javac to fix compile on strange locales
Fixed API for active directory publisher
Support for more than two levels of CAs
Fixed small bug if using null revocation date
Default revocation reason to new reason NOT_REVOKED
Fixed utitlity method that returned wrong subject key id
Getroot cert in PEM or DER format
Fixed bug when saving system configuration in admin-GUI.

EJBCA 2.0.1

Java 1.4.x is now required.
Support for JBoss_Jetty and JBoss 3.2.x.
Microsoft UPN altName and smart card logon extended key usage.
Enrollment page can now handle both patched and unpatched IE



Added Hard Token funtionallity, EJBCA can now store store
pin/puk data in
Added email notification to added end entities.
Added Key Recover funtionallity.
Changed initial temporary super administrator from "CN=Walter"
to "CN=
Removed CA and ROOTCA types in "ra adduser" cmd, from now on use
Added allowOverrideKeyUsage in certificate profiles.
New fields in DN, givenname, surname, initials.
ExtendedKeyUsage extension (for use in OutLook).
New servlet in adminweb, AdminCertReqServlet that creates users
out of PKCS10-
Moved batch and deploy scripts into build.xml.
Moved external jars into ear-file.
Tested on Weblogic 7.1.
Lots of bugfixes and cleanups.

EJBCA 2.0b1

Moved to EJB 2.0 (JBoss 3 now required).
Enhanced database schema, for EJB 2.0 and the many new features.
Web GUI for administration using SSL.
Improved speed using EJB 2.0.
Type of signing device completely soft configurable.
New access control on method invocation.
Option to generate JKS or PEM keystores.
Added CertificatePolicies extension.
Return PKCS7 with full path to browsers.
New configurable certificate profiles.
More alternative names.
User profiles for administrators of different groups.
Improved serial number generation,
New logging mechanism.
Many small improvements.
Many bugfixes, and new bugs.


Fixed bug with case-sensitivity for column names in Sybase.
Fixed bug when rolling over subCAs without subjectKeyId in cert.
Fixed bug with using country=CN in DN.
Fixed encoding bug in CRL distribution points.
Fixed LDAP issue with email address.
Added method for easily getting certificates with different
Better separated and better looking web pages.
Deployed with EAR-files.
Architectural changes.
New version of Log4j, 1.2.
Tested with Orion app-server.

EJBCA 1.3.2

Fixed compilation error with JDK1.3.
Fixed bug where order in IssuerDN could be wrong.
Fixed typo in deploy.cmd/sh.

EJBCA 1.3.1

Fixed wrong template path for IE certificate enrollment.


Configuration howto/support for Oracle.
Tested on Weblogic.
Function to batch-generate PEM-files for Apache etc.
Function to rollover subCA with same key pair in ca.sh/cmd.
Function to change password for user.
Function to list certificates about to expire.
New version (112) of BC JCE-provider.
Architectural overview in documentation.
Better deployment scripts.
Sample Linux firewall script.
Added demo accept-all authentication module,
CA-certs can now be downloaded from webdist.
Lots of minor cosmetic, architectural, installation and GUI


Command for batch processing, and other batch fixes.
Better error messages when user applies for cert with browser.
Fixed bug where NextUpdate in CRLs were incorrect.
Fixed problem receiving certificate replies for subCAs.
Function to rollover Root CA with same key pair in ca.sh/cmd.
Listusers function in ra.sh/cmd.
Info function in ca.sh/cmd.
Minor improvements and bugfixes.


Tested with additional databases (mySQL, PostgreSQL).
The Datasource used is configurable.
New architecture for Publishers where certificates can be
published in addition
to the main database.
Change DN order to match RFC1779. WARNING! See doc/RELEASE_NOTES
for information
about upgrading from v1.0.
LDAP Publisher to store for certificates and CRLs in LDAP
Minor bugfixes.


Fixed bug with not returning correct content-length to browser
when returning
New version of BouncyCastle provider with minor PKCS12 fix.
Updated docs.
Added FAQ.

EJBCA 1.0b2

New version of Bouncycastle JCE provider.
Added and clarified some documentation.
New version of BC provider fixed compatibility of PKCS10
requests with KeyTool
and MS CA.
Fixed process of PKCS10 request from KeyTool (they use different
Fixed bug during key generation of CA that always generated 1024
bit keys.
Creates p12-files during test in real temporary dir.

EJBCA 1.0b1

Initial releaseEJBCA