EJBCA Documentation

The EJBCA documentation is the main source of information for the EJBCA software.

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For information on contacting the EJBCA team and contributing to EJBCA, refer to www.ejbca.org


Covers EJBCA terminology and concepts and describes common PKI architectures and also shows an outline of the internal EJBCA architecture.


Installation information on prerequisites, configuration and installation of EJBCA as well as upgrade instructions and application server configuration. The Installation section also covers installation instructions for running EJBCA as an External OCSP responder, and provides a step-by-step guide for a standalone Validation Authority (VA) installation.


Includes an EJBCA Concept Guide with information on how EJBCA is designed and how the UI corresponds to various PKI concepts, and a User Guide with information on how to perform day to day administrative tasks in EJBCA.

The Operations guide also includes sections on the new Peer Connector based External EJBCA RA, using EJBCA for setting up a complete PKI infrastructure for CVC CA, and information on EJBCA Audit Logging.


Covers information on getting started with EJBCA Development and includes integration guides such as Certificate Autoenrollment.