End Entities

An End Entity is a user of PKI certificates and/or the end user system that is the subject of a certificate, such as an e-mail client, a web server, a web browser, or a VPN-gateway.

End entities are not allowed to issue certificates to other entities, they make up the leaf nodes in the PKI.

Creating Users

To create users, add end entities either using the Admin GUI or the CLI.

Using the Admin GUI, select Add End Entity.

Using the CLI, run the following:

bin/ejbca.sh ra addendentity

The user's Distinguished Name (DN) is normally entered in the CLI as:


Note that if a comma ',' is needed in the DN the comma must be escaped using '\,'.

End Entity functionality is described in the following sections.

For information on creating and managing end entities using the RA Web, see EJBCA RA Management.