Legacy RedHat Linux Enterprise Quick Start

This section provides a guide to quickly get a test installation up and running using RedHat Enterprise Linux. For more information on configuration options etc, see Installation Instructions.

This Quick Start guide makes the same assumptions and uses the same procedures as the Legacy Ubuntu Quick Start.

  1. Install RHEL 7.2 x86_64, this guide used a DVD install disk.

    1. In the graphical installation selection, under Software selection, choose Basic Server.

    2. Under Add-ons for the chosen environment, choose Java platform.

    3. Ensure to Configure Network.

    4. Create a user (except root) to run JBoss, called user.

  2. Log in as root to complete the installation.

    1. Enable EJBCA ports in the RHEL firewall, ports 8080, 8442 and 8443:

      sudo firewall-cmd --add-port=8443/tcp --permanent
      sudo firewall-cmd --add-port=8442/tcp --permanent
      sudo firewall-cmd --add-port=8080/tcp --permanent
    2. vi /etc/yum.repos.d/install_dvd.repo:

      name=Installation DVD
    3. Execute the following to install OpenJDK and apache ant:

      mount /dev/cdrom /media/
      yum install ant
      umount /media

  3. Log out from the root account and log in as user in a new terminal ejbca.

  4. Complete the installation by following the steps 4-11 described in the Legacy Ubuntu Quick Start.

The installation is now done and it is highly recommended to secure your installation according to the Securing JBoss.