EJBCA User Guide

This EJBCA User Guide contains information on how to perform day to day administrative tasks in EJBCA. For Administrators responsible for configuring and maintaining EJBCA installations, see the EJBCA Concept Guide for information on EJBCA concepts and configuration.

EJBCA allows administration using the following user interfaces:

  • CA Administration Web: For setting up CAs and profiles.

  • RA Web: Covers all aspects of end entity creation and life-cycle management.

  • Public Web: Previously used for issuing and retrieving certificates for end entities. To be replaced by the external RA Web.

To go straight ahead and learn how to configure profiles and issue server certificates, see:

You can also administrate EJBCA using one of the Command Line Interfaces (CLIs) or use the EJBCA Client Toolbox to perform administrative tasks using Web Services. For more information, see Command Line Interfaces.