Renaming and Editing Users

Renaming Users

The username is used to for example bind issued certificates or key recovery data to a specific end entity. In case where the username has to be changed, this can be modified in the Edit End Entity view of the Admin GUI, or using the CLI with the following command:

bin/ ra renameendentity

Renaming an end entity this way will automatically update CLI administrators with this name and other internal database objects where this is used. This also means that unless you have added database indexes to CertificateData, CertReqHistoryData, HardTokenData and KeyRecoveryData or if you have a large number of pending publisher queue objects issued under this end entity, this operation will be heavy on the database and take a long time to complete.

Editing Users in the RA Web

Administrators can edit the status of an end entity using the RA Web. To edit a user in the RA Web, click Edit while viewing an end entity, select a status and enter a new Enrollment code.

Note that you as Administration needs to have permission to edit the end entity in order to the Edit button to be available. In addition, all EJBCA instances in the cluster must be running EJBCA 6.11 or later.