• To find cause and description of errors, refer to the JBoss server log. Using JBoss 7/EAP 6, the server log is located in standalone/log, and for JBoss 5, in server/default/log/server.log.

  • To view more detailed logging, enable DEBUG logging according to the Log4J configuration and check the log file. For system log configuration details, see Logging.

  • Do not get intimidated by long stack-traces but look for the message text and additional clues on lines starting with Caused by:

  • Double-check that your configuration is correct and performed according to every step described in the EJBCA Documentation.

  • Reproduce issues in a test environment with full DEBUG logging.

  • Find out under what circumstances the issue occurs: seemingly spontaneous or as a response to a certain set of actions or input?

  • Search for a solution. Perhaps someone else has had this problem and discussed it somewhere?

For more information on PrimeKey Support and Maintenance, see Support and Maintenance.